WhatsApp To Get These Ultimate New Features in 2020


Whatsapp is one of the best mediums to keep in touch with your friends and families. In 2019, Whatsapp is going to come with a lot many interesting updates. You all must be really excited to know how WhatsApp is going to change in 2020 and how these changes will benefit you. But for those who do not already know what Whatsapp is, here is a little information.  WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that allows its users to exchange messages for free. It does not cut through your pockets because unlike the regular SMSs that eats up your talk time-balance, WhatsApp feeds only on your regular internet data plan. Its compatibility with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and other “not so famous” brands and mobiles, makes it a flexible technology.

WhatsApp in itself is a complete networking platform. You can call, text, send audios and videos, share location, group chat, etc. without shoving any money. It is WhatsApp’s entirety that makes it different from other messaging platforms. It is whole! It is complete! WhatsApp is now even being used by more and more companies to stay in contact with their customers. Although it has been WhatsApp’s policies to stay extremely vigilant about companies trying to promote themselves on the platform, yet it is giving leverage to Airline companies to keep their flyers posted about the schedules, departures and timings of their flights.

So now that we know how important WhatsApp is let us talk about the new features WhatsApp going to roll out in 2020-

1. Universal PiP Mode

This is one of the latest and most talked about feature of WhatsApp 2019. This feature allows a user to watch a video shared on WhatsApp through youtube and facebook, on a small window gloating in the app. With the help of this new WhatsApp feature 2019, you do not have to close a chat room to watch the shared video. You can simply click on the video and it will start playing in the first half of the screen. For this reason, this new feature in WhatsApp 2019 is called picture in picture mode.

2. Fingerprint Lock or Unlock

Another major feature in WhatsApp 2019 is fingerprint authorisation for the app. Earlier, anyone could have accessed your conversations if they got through your mobile password. But now, with fingerprint lock authorisation, they would have to know your WhatsApp password as well in order to crack your chats. This is one of the best WhatsApp new features in 2019 as this feature makes the entire application more user-friendly and dependable.

3. Dark Mode

Just like the dark mode available in reading applications, WhatsApp 2019 will soon release a feature called dark mode that will allow its users to dim the background light to reduce the strain on the eyes. This new WhatsApp 2019 feature is pretty good as it will help keep the user’s eyes’ safe even when chatting for long periods of time.

4. Media Preview

Here is another new WhatsApp feature that is not just good but is brilliant. With the help of this new WhatsApp feature, you can preview the media files right from the notification tray. You no more have to open the chat to see the image sent by your contact. With this new WhatsApp feature, you can check it without them knowing. Earlier, you had to open the chat to see whatever has been shared. Now with the help of media preview, you can see even those images simply by extending the notification previews.  

5. Consecutive Voice Messages

Another new WhatsApp update is the automatic playing of the audio clips. Earlier you had to play the audio clips one by one to hear them out. With the help of this new WhatsApp update, you will simply have to click on the play button once and WhatsApp will by itself play all the consecutive voice messages in a go. This new WhatsApp update feels almost like talking over the phone minus the hassle of replying immediately.

6. Sticker Search

Earlier you could look up the emojis simply by telling your mood. With this new WhatsApp feature rollout, all you would need to do is tell what kind of sticker you are looking for. This new WhatsApp 2019 feature will let you find a sticker based on your demand. All you will have to do is write what it is you are looking for. Based on your text WhatsApp will find you a sticker from its huge collections. So now, you no more have to rely solely on emojis to tell your friends about your mood. With the help of live stickers, you can express yourself and your moods even better.   

7. Group Video Call

This new WhatsApp update is the most sorted after. Group video call allows more than two users to video call one another at a time. The feature is already available to certain users at certain regions. You should check your WhatsApp to find out if or not this new WhatsApp update is available to you. This functionality can even help students learn together even when they are at different places, simply by connecting with each other through a group video call.

These are some of the WhatsApp features that have come or are going to come in 2019. Looking at the updates that WhatsApp has already made, it seems like WhatsApp is working very hard on technology and can be by the end of the year one of the best apps ever made in the world. WhatsApp is giving its users all new ways of interacting and sharing information. In modern times, it is one of the influential technologies.  

WhatsApp’s singularity lies in its being a central messaging app for every device. Some people have iPhones while others have either a blackberry or an android. Everyone, however, seems to find WhatsApp’s interfaced quite easy and handy to use. Because of it’s easy to use nature, people from all age groups are gravitating towards it. From parents to children, everyone understands WhatsApp and knows how to work it out.   


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