What to do, when your wireless connection is slower than average?


In the 21st century, it is hard for humans to live or even imagine a second without internet. None of us can live with a slow internet connection. Having a below average internet connection affects the download and upload speed, streaming quality and causes unnecessary buffering.

If you also face a similar situation of the slow wireless internet connection many times a day, then you must read the below-mentioned points :

1) Check your speed

Sometimes your internet is slow because of the plan you have adopted. Log on the provider’s website and check the speed of your plan. Then head on to Speednet.com to check what actual speed you are receiving. If the speed matches the speed mentioned in your plan, then the network is working fine and the slow speed might be because of some connection error or could be a temporary thing. But, if the internet speed doesn’t match your plan, then you should consult your internet service provider.

2) Troubleshoot your router

Before you go on cursing your internet service provider, check your router services. Give your router a quick reset and see if that helps. Check all the other devices and see if the internet is working in them. If only one device is facing this issue, then the problem is with the device and not the internet. Check the router to understand whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem. Fix your router, and you will start getting the same speed as before.

3) Optimize your web for slower connection

Troubleshooting a slow internet connection might take some time. But if in that time you need to browse still, then it is time to optimise your web for a more gradual connection. Use mobile or HTML versions of your favourite sites, disable images automatic download and use features like Opera Turbo. If you can then set up a second browser on your laptop to divide the load, that will work like a charm. In fact, Google has its own data server extension, which employs the company’s serves to compress browsing data before it reaches you.

4) Turn off the bandwidth for the applications running in background

File syncing apps like Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive might be moving files in the background which can eat up a lot of your bandwidth and make your connection even slower. Close these moving files if you find them and save upon data.

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