Top 10 Best Sites to WatchCartoonsOnline for Free 2020

watch cartoons online free

One such prominent name that gives us the chance to watch our favourite animated shows is WatchCartoonOnline.

Entertainment is a very important aspect of each person’s life. It gives a break to the mind and helps you relax. After the evolution of the Internet, a lot of content is being made. There are different forms like cinema, television and online websites and apps where you can view various programs.

Kids and teenagers mostly enjoy watching animes and cartoons. There are a lot of different cartoons which do not air on television. Thus, kids turn to the internet. Also, with the help of the internet, dubbed cartoons and animes can be watched from any part of the World.

Websites are a good option, as you can watch cartoons online free. You cannot only watch the latest episodes of cartoons but, also watch the old classic ones. Read on to find out the best sites to watch animes.

Top 10 Best Sites to WatchCartoonsOnline for Free 2019


This is the best cartoon streaming site available online. It contains a collection of all the well-known cartoons from popular studios. Some of them include Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and various others. It is also the best site to watch animes.

The website is made properly and is highly responsive. The best part is that it works well with all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

You can watchcartoonsonline free with the direct links available on the website. The amazing part about this website is that there are no unnecessary pop-up ads in between the episodes. The collection is huge and thus, episodes can be searched with the help of a search bar.

Cartoon Network

Almost everyone is aware of this network. It is a popular channel on television. Cartoon Network has aired some of the best cartoons over the years. The best part is that it has an online website as well. You can watch free cartoons online on this website.

watch free cartoons online

It is the best cartoon streaming site as it provides cartoons like Bear Killers, Power puff girls, etc. The website also offers an amusing option of playing games related to the cartoon and its character.

Anime Flavour

This is the best site to watch anime. It has a great collection of animes and cartoons. The website has an easy interface which makes it very user-friendly. Many people wonder where to watch cartoons for free.

Well, there is no better site than Anime Flavour. They have a wide collection with smooth streaming of the videos.

The sidebar of the site also consists of a list of the characters. You can pick a character and watch cartoons online free. The website works properly on all the different devices.

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The name itself suggests that it provides the benefit to watch free cartoons online. This site is very popular and highly recommended by its users. It has a great collection and the interface is pretty simple. You will be able to find any cartoon video on this site. Thus, it is one of the best cartoon streaming sites.

watch cartoons free online

Apart from cartoons, it is also considered the best site to watch anime. It has some nice movies like Uncle Grandpa Season 2, Teen Titans Go, Clearance Episode and many more. However, there is only one drawback on this website, which is pop-up ads.


Do you still enjoy watching the old cartoon classics? Then, ToonJet is undoubtedly the best option for you. Watchcartoonsonline free on this site. You will find access to cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Popeye the Sailor Man and Looney Tunes.

It is the best cartoon streaming site because it is smooth and the user does not need to sign up before viewing videos. However, the signing up procedure has some additional features like the Profile page which helps in accessing videos in a better way. The website is very responsive and looks good on all the devices.


KissAnime is a site like Kisscartoon. It has more than a million people visiting it because of the availability of multiple cartoon series. It is one of the oldest and the best site to watch animes.

With this site, you can watch free cartoons online. The site has great quality and flexibility as it uses Google to host its services.

websites to watch cartoons

The best part about this website is that it has high-quality videos with great server connections. In addition, it has early updates of new cartoon episodes and anime series with various options to choose from. It is a nice option to watch cartoon movies free online.

Disney Junior

With Disney Junior, you can watch cartoons and animes in a legitimate way. Again, it is a site like Kisscartoon. As the name suggests, the site is owned by Disney. Hence, you can watchcartoonsonline free from the original source itself.

The website has a lot of options of anime series which are owned by Disney. The series is available in the high-quality format as they are streaming from the original source.

It is a great website to watch cartoon movies free online but, it also has an option of premium membership. The paid membership has some added benefits compared to the free version.

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The cartoons and animes available on this website are limited to Nick cartoons only. However, the website is very popular among teenagers and is considered to be one of the best websites to watch cartoons.

best cartoon streaming sites

They have a huge collection and the series or movies are categorized on the basis of characters. Viewers can pick from characters like Square-Pants, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron and many more. There is no problem while streaming videos online because the server is good.


YouTube is one platform which has a lot of different video content available. One of them is also cartoons. You can watch free cartoons online from anywhere on this platform. With YouTube, you can upload, download and even share all kinds of cartoon videos with your friends.

watch cartoon movies free online

It is a great website to watch cartoons as there are hundreds of options available. You can find your favorite show by just typing its name in the search bar. However, website banners and pop-up ads to appear on YouTube all the time. Apart from that, it is a free cartoon website.


It is also a popular site like Kisscartoon. With Toonmania, watch cartoons free online. It is also possible to download videos from this site and watch it offline. The site has a simple interface which attracts a lot of visitors towards it.

However, it has a unique way of presenting cartoon series to the audience which makes it a favorite site. This free cartoon website will offer you a lot of options for movies and animes of your interest. The site also has high-quality videos and streams effortlessly.


These are some of the best cartoon streaming sites available. People prefer to watch cartoons free online because they are convenient and can be watched on any device. Also, it is important to remember that the quality of the video depends on the site and your device both.

If a format is not supported by your device, then the quality will hamper. With this list in hand, you will not have to wonder where to watch cartoons for free.

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