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Top 8 Best Hacking Tricks & Tips For Android in 2019



We have come with new hacking tips & tricks for android 2019 to make your life easier and your user experience smoother than ever before. The best part is that knowing these small yet meaningful hacking tips will help you finish your jobs faster and more efficiently. Of course what we are going to tell you is no secret, yet, not many people know of these tricks and remain unsuccessful at finding the best use of their phones.

Earlier, mobile phones were used only for texting and calling. But now, with the advent of social media and online marketing and investing, this world of smartphones has become more of a reality. Now everyone wants the internet to feel their presence and the stronger your online presence is, the stronger is your credibility. Of course, some of the androids tricks are too complicated for everyone to follow, therefore, in this post Hacking tips and tricks for android 2019, we have come only with those that could be easily followed.

After all, in today’s world, if you got to be smart in reality, you need to be virtually smart as well. We are mentioning these tricks & tips to save you time and to make sure that when it comes to technology you do not have to make things happen in loops when they could be done in minutes through a single swipe on your Smartphone.  So here are the hacking tips & tricks to follow in 2019 to make the best use of your smartphones-

1. Turning on the guest mode

You must be tired of those friends who take your mobile only to check right and left to learn everything about your personal life. Now, with the guest mode on, you can give them your cell phones without a care in the world, for then they would not be able to access any other app than the one you have given them for use. The best part is, even if they are accessing their facebook accounts through your mobile, they can easily click a picture and post it online using the multiple applications function built in the guest mode.

2. Making your fingerprint scanner accurate

This is one of our favourite hacking tips of 2019. We all have been tired of our smartphones’ inability to take our fingerprints in the first time for unlocking the device. However, with the help of a little trick you can make the fingerprint scanning work just fine. All you got to do is go in the settings options in the phone and there in the fingerprint passcode you add your fingerprints in all the five sections by slightly adjusting your finger each time. This way your lock will open through fingerprints no matter how you keep your finger tip over the scanner.

3. Typing by gestures

Did you know you can type simply using the gestures? I bet you didn’t! Well, that is a fact! To be able to type using gestures you need to first go to the setting options and there in the language and input option you would need to tap on virtual keyboard.  In the virtual keyboard section you can use Gboard. Now, once you are in the keyboard settings, you can use the option called glide typing.

4. Bypassing Android security Safety

Firstly go to settings and then click on Security & lock screen. There you should tap on smart lock feature where you will be asked about your smartphone pin to allow you to continue. Here, you can add a trusted place for your smartphone. By allowing your maps to pin down a trusted place for your mobile, you will be saved with the hassle of unlocking your phone using a password again and again.

5. Keeping the phone unlocked only for you

If you are working on something important and you do not want it to ask you for accessibility permission again and again, you can simply keep your phone on body detection option through advanced security option. This way the phone won’t lock as long as you are carrying the phone.

6. Typing using one hand only

Imagine it is cold and you would rather have one hand outside your pockets than both. What do you do now since typing one-handed on your android phone through keyboard is pretty difficult? Well, simple! You can using this simple Android trick & tip 2019 type easily with one hand. First you need to access the G-board and then press and hold the return key until a small hand icon is visible. Click the icon and you will now see that the keyboard has squeezed to the right side of the screen so you can easily access it using one hand only.

7. Controlling notifications

You no more have to be stay drowned with notifications if you would like to go on do not disturb mode for a while without really switching off or turning down calls. However, now you can control the notifications by simply going to settings and tweaking the notifications as you wish. You can keep those applications that you want to see notifications from while keeping the notification from other devices shut.      

8. Opening your favourite Apps

You can make shortcuts of your favourite applications on the main screen so you can access them whenever you want from the main screen directly and without having to find through tonnes of other boring applications. So if you are fond of news and politics, you can simply have your favourite reading apps shortcuts on your main screen to access them in no time.

These are some of the best hacking tips and tricks for Android 2019 that will keep you afloat in life. Although learning these tricks won’t take much time, yet, it is hard to know them unless you have read about them or somebody’s shows you how to do it. This is why you should keep up with our blogs as we always keep you updated with the latest stuff going on in the world of machines and technology.

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Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2019 You Must Know



iphone secret codes and hacks


iPhone is the most loved phone in the World. Many people prefer using this device as it is user-friendly and convenient. iPhone is also considered as a status symbol by many people. It is merely because of the high prices of the phone.

Now, there is something called the iPhone secret codes. If you are wondering, what exactly are iPhone secret codes, then read on. These are basically USSD codes which bring about some information when you dial them from your iPhone.

Each smartphone comes with its own set of codes which are derived by the manufacturer. Hence, it can get difficult if you want to track them.

However, iPhone secret codes and hacks work universally on all the iPhones. Read on to find out the iPhone codes list.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2019

  • Field Test Mode

Code: *3001#12345#*

This particular code gives information about the technical details of your network. The code triggers the field test mode in your device. This iPhone secret code helps you get a closer look at your network’s signal strength.

You need to just dial the code and you will be redirected to the field test page. You will find various network details there. Then, hold on to the power button until the slide to turn off option appears.

When you reach the power off the screen with the help of this iPhone secret code, then hold the home button. This is the time when you will be able to see your network signal strength in decibels.

iphone secret codes unlock

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  • IMEI Number

Code: *#06#

IMEI Number is a unique identification code which is different for each device. By dialling this iPhone code, you can get information about your SIM and provider network.

Always check the IMEI Number and write it down in a book. It helps with tracking your phone. In case, if you lose your phone or it is robbed, IMEI Number can help you trace it to an extent.

  • Call Waiting

There are secret codes for iPhone that help with a lot of different things. If you know about them, they can make things easier for you. There are two different iPhone codes for activation of call waiting and deactivation of call waiting.

Code for activation: *43#

Code for deactivation: #43#

Also, you can check the call waiting for status with the help of iPhone secret code and hacks.

Code for checking the status: *#43#

secret codes for iphones

This iPhone codes list comes in handy if you just cannot find the call waiting for options in your phone.

  • Hide Caller ID

Code: *31#mobile number

This code is only applicable if you have a carrier that supports hiding your caller ID or you have a carrier unlocked iPhone. In both cases, this secret code for iPhone would work. This iPhone code would work if you want your present caller ID to reflect as unknown.

However, there are classifications here. The secret code for iPhone differs from country to country. Thus, you will have to check on that before using it.

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  • Check the SMS center

Code: *#5005*7672#

Did you know that every text or SMS that you send from your iPhone go to a designated server or SMS center! The center then sends it to the number you sent the SMS to. Thus, if you have been facing any issues regarding the SMS sending, then check with the SMS center.

Thus, this secret iPhone code helps with that. All you need to do is enter the number in the dialer and press call.

  • Call Forwarding

There are a different set of iPhone secret codes unlock options available for call forwarding. This iPhone secret code and hack will help you forward your call on another number or a voicemail.

Code: *21#

This particular code is used for enabling or disabling the feature of call forwarding.

You will have to add another iPhone code after enabling call forwarding if you want to forward calls to another number.

Code: *21mobilenumber#

Apart from that, there is one more iPhone secret code to check the status of your call forwarding.

Code: *#21#


So, these were some of the really cool secret iPhone codes which can be used for different procedures. All these codes work for all versions of the iPhones. So, what are you waiting for? Try them and see what happens!

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