Top 18 Best Shows and Series on Netflix Right Now in 2020

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Not one of those movie buffs? If movies don’t enjoy your propensity and you find watching movies to be a futile task, then the TV series is probably your thing. People have now made a beeline for Netflix day in day out to watch some amazing TV series and we are sure you can join the bandwagon too.

With a myriad of amazing genres and star cast, you will get addicted to what is streaming on Netflix. Check out the best TV shows and series on Netflix as well as the best Netflix shows India below and we know you wouldn’t be able to call it a day! Bet?

Top Best Shows and Series on Netflix in 2020

The Crown is a real blockbuster series running on Netflix that has kept the viewers riveted to the show. The series throws light on the reign of Elizabeth II right from the days of her blooming youth to being enthroned after the sudden demise of her father.

The Crown shows the private lives the Royals in the most humane fashion with an amazing star cast bringing life into the regal characters.

Touted to be one of the biggest hits on Netflix, this show is exactly what one would surmise after listening to the name. Narcos showcases Mexico’s intermittent drugs wars in the most phenomenal performances of Wagner Moura who portrays an indispensable Columbian cocaine dealer-Pablo Escobar.

Viewers who like this genre have eulogized this Netflix new shows as one of the most remarkable makes on drug trafficking.

This is one of the Netflix new shows on satirical animation that weaves a story around a super spy who has some mother issues. The show is said to be one of the most amazing modern comedies in the animation genre and also otherwise. Archer keeps the audience tied through its diverse humor for size.

Searching for a Netflix series to watch?  Believed to be the Netflix’s most costly projects, Altered Carbon is the Classic Richard Morgan Novel culled out as one of the most intuitive shows. The show is set up in a futuristic cyberpunk where the affluent class lives forever by inducting their consciousness into new skins.

Takeshi Kovacs who is a detective and his grappling with his past is hired to disinter the murderers of a super-wealthy industrialist.

Glow is one of the best Netflix series to watch. This is a comedy-drama which takes inspiration from a real-life all-women wrestling league. Ruth Wilder is an actor who is fighting her spells of misfortune and her desperation ends her up signing a wrestling competition.

The show also has the singer, Kate Nash as one of the members of the wrestling league and is a character which is best described as larger than life.

Love is an original sitcom on Netflix that spills the beans on what dating is all about in the 21st century. The show stars Gillian Jacobs and stand-up comic Paul Rust as they try to make their relationship, pitted against a chalk-n-cheese difference, survive.

The sitcom shows the feeling of new love, the stage of growing up, and the sundry phases of a new relationship in the most hilarious manner and is the best Netflix series to watch.

This is Netflix’s original animated comedy which is about a down-and-out celebrity horse who wants to restart his career. The show begins with a dismal setup and by the finale, it evolves into a sad and comedy combo where you will enjoy hearty laughs at depression-ridden pop culture.

The show features the top-notch celebrities lending their voices to the characters of Bojack Horseman i.e. Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, Will Arnett, Aaron Paul.

Maniac is a strange sci-fi series which is inspired by a Norwegian TV show of the same name. The show is about two strangers, Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hills) who meet each other during a bizarre pharmaceutical trial.

Though Dr. James K. Mantle Ray has concocted the pills to solve mental illness and heartbreak, the undertone sounds a bit menacing. This is currently one of the best Netflix tv series for the audience that likes sci-fi genre.

Orange Is The New Black will be streaming its Netflix new shows as the sixth season and has been hit show focusing on the life in a women’s prison. It is said to be the most watched series on Netflix and the sixth season is going to be the last one of the lot.

The season will showcase the bleak picture of the life of the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary as the problems of the US prison system have surfaced.

The much-awaited season 6 of House of Cards is in the offing to be streamed on Netflix. Since Kevin Spacey is charged with assault and harassment allegations, the show has shifted its focal point on Robin Wright’s character, Claire Underwood.

Viewers are dubious about the shows fate without Frank Underwood and all eyes will be on Wright to pull off this amazingly best Netflix tv series.

Bob, the dad (Mr. Incredible); Helen, the mom (Elastigirl), their teen daughter, Violet; her little brother Dash; and the baby, Jack-Jack are back in the latest series on Netflix, Incredibles 2.

But the show now has centered around Elastigirl who will be portrayed as a supervillain. We will also see friend Frozone and the droll spandex guru Edna Mode.

Bureaucratic red tapism can really get into your nerves but seldom it cannot be a pain in the neck. In The Good Place, Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself on the good side of the paperwork after she dies and discovers herself in a placid neighborhood.

The latest series on Netflix unfolds in the most comical manner and its surprise-packed plot has set the yardstick to measure other sitcoms.

Master of None is the latest series on Netflix and is a story about Dev, a 30-year old actor who is trying to make both the ends meet as he battles whatever adulthood is throwing upon him.

The show is a real treat for all those looking for repartee, relatable characters, and twisty storyline. The show is created by Aziz Ansari who also stars as the protagonist and the story is said to be based on somewhat his own life.

The plot of this British Comedy series is quite hilarious. The story goes like this, Otis lives with his mother who is a sex therapist and he plans to tie up with a rebellious character Maeve to establish create a sex clinic for the school’s sexually frustrated students.

The show is a perfect blend of comedy and deep plot and offers an uncensored view of teen sexuality.

Arrested Development is about a well-off family which loses everything and is surviving only to lose more. The story revolves around the Bluths who lose their wealth after George Bluth is sentenced to imprisonment and leaves his middle son to look after the family.

The show is loved for its funny characters, heartfelt script, sharp dialogues, and jokes galore.

Looking for Netflix India shows? Sacred Games has seemed to jump the bandwagon of the Netflix euphoria and is one of the best series on Netflix India. Shows, trailer and trailers have surged the excitement as well as its popularity among the audience.

With Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane at the helm of the storyline, and stars to the likes of Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Radhika Apte, you will never get over Sacred Games.

The genre of this superbly best shows on Netflix India 2020 is crime thriller which unveils underworld as a breeding ground of corruption.

  • InsideEdge

Wanna watch Netflix India shows? Inside Edge is another one of the best series on Netflix India Starring Richa Chadha, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani and Vivek Oberoi, the show is believed to be one of the most watched Amazon Originals.

The story is about a fictional T20 cricket Team called “Mumbai Mavericks”, where everyone fends for himself. You will find every aspect of a dramatic show in Inside Edge ranging from sex, money to politics in this Netflix Indian series.

  • Official CEOgiri

Those waiting for Summet Vyas on Netflix India shows have got their prayers answered as he will be seen in new series titled Official CEOgiri which is the second season of their original web series Official Chukyagiri.

The story is probably the best series on Netflix India and moves around the corporate life from the CEOs. This Netflix Indian series has hints of office politics, romance, and drama being portrayed on different echelons.

Official Ceogiri will make one of the best shows on Netflix India 2020 for its star cast and story.


Choose anything from the above list and you have planned an entire week schedule. With hundreds of genres on Netflix, you will be spoilt for choice.

Though we brought you our handpicked series, you can explore more on the official site for best Netflix shows India and let your binge begin.

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