Things to consider before choosing your antivirus software


When Melissa says ILOVEYOU to your computer, it isn’t the best thing to have happened to you. In an era of cyber and malware threats, viruses have become a parasite that drains the blood of your system. Antivirus has turned out to be the boon as it is the primary method for protecting your computer from threats. But as the need increases, the number of solution providers competing in the market also increase. To figure out the best antivirus among the rest, one must keep the following in mind:

1. Real-time Information:

It is essential to have a real-time mapping of the malware that attacks your computer. Even if a program is running in the background, you download a particular file or access emails, an internet security software detecting malware on a regular basis is a necessary feature. It saves the time of booting up the software every hour. The antivirus software must scan and protect on a daily basis other than on need basis.

2. Script Blocking:

Many malicious codes from the web are wrapped in the script language. The antivirus must have the ability to detect, monitor and block these.

3. Quick Scan:

As the name suggests, another deciding factor is how quick the quick scan is. The pc security software must allow inspection in a moment’s time. It is a convenient option for someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the computer.

4. Free Trial:

One would want to consider an antivirus software online that provides a free trial. If money is to be spent on a particular service, one would want to take a first hand experienced before investing to buy antivirus software for an appropriate amount.

5. Compatibility:

A pc antivirus software might have specific features that are only accessible to a particular operating system. It is important to check the compatibility before you invest your money. When the operating system receives an update, the file structure is usually modified/updated. The antivirus must be equipped and compatible with these changes.

6. Privacy Policy:

While installing software, we tend to brush through the privacy settings or the terms and conditions in a hurry to finish the setup. It is noticed that the large manufacturers of antivirus and computer security services are also the sharers of personal information. An individual’s privacy must not get compromised. One must read the privacy policies carefully before agreeing to it. In the case of doubt, one can directly write to the company for any clarity.

7. Price:

The last and the most important factor is the price. The right features within the right price range should be perfect for finalizing the best antivirus for pc.


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