The Best free Grammarly Alternatives of 2019


Grammarly is regarded as one of the best grammar checking tools over the internet. It is widely used by writers to clear out the grammatical and spelling errors from their content. Grammarly is available both as free and as a premium grammar checking tool. Some individuals look up to the alternatives of Grammarly because they are not able to access it appropriately or may have other reasons. Here are some of the top alternatives to Grammarly that you will find in the market.

Ginger Online

Ginger online is a great tool for finding grammar and punctuation errors in your content. It resembles a lot to MS Word and has numerous useful features and options. The tool can make your life easy especially if you have English as a second language and want to use a reliable source for formatting the content and clearing out the grammatical issues. There are three pricing plans in place for you to consider.


WhiteSmoke is not only great for checking the content for errors but can also give you reports and reviews for the writing. You will have a rating for your writing by WhiteSmoke. There are six different categories in which the content would be rated which include sentence structure, words, expressions, voice, length, and redundancy. It will provide you with corrections for the text and also gives you suggestions for writing improvement.


LanguageTool is a standout from the competition because of the fact that it provides support for multiple languages. Not only English, but you can also check content written in other languages too. Also, a person would be required to download the software so that they may use it to its full potential. However, we suggest you check their trial version as trying it out would give you an overview of whether it suits your writing or not. There are three different types of downloads for you to choose from so that you can have a suitable solution for your needs.

SpellCheckPlus Pro

SpellCheckPlus is a decent grammar checker tool. It is available online and is crafted for non-native English speakers. The SpellCheckPlus has a different system of analyzing the text as compared to the other software. The free version is limited and as you are taking it as an alternative to Grammarly we suggest you to go with the Pro version. The SpellCheckPlus Pro gives you a chance for deeper analyzation of the content and you will have explanations for why the context is wrong.

Grammar Check

And lastly, you have grammar check which appears to be a simple tool and somewhat a traditional checker. However, its simplicity and easy to use features make it recommendable for many users. The software itself works well and assists you in clearing out the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors from your content.

Honorable mentions

Apart from the tools mentioned above, other great alternatives to Grammarly include Reverso, PaperRater, Hemingway Editor, and ProWritingAid. Also, After the Deadline and OnlineCorrection are some of the tools you may like to try out.


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