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Top 8 Best Tech News Apps for Android in 2019



best tech news app


Technology has got the world on its tips. From video chats to shopping apps to even booking flight tickets, everything can be done over the internet. Previously, there was a website where you had to sign in and create an account to access service and information.

However, with the evolution of smartphones, everything has changed. Now, we have mobile apps for almost everything.

Apps have changed the way we view news as well. All the leading newspapers and magazines have their apps. Some require a premium membership while some are free. Also, a lot of digital mediums provides with the news.

News has become very focused and targeted. There are apps for fashion trends, movie gossips, and even tech news. Android phones support a lot of different tech news apps. If you love technology, then read on to find out the 8 best technology news apps.

Top 8 Tech News Apps for Android in 2019

1. News Republic

The News Republic was launched in the place of a tech news app called the Appy Geek. It was totally focused on technology. However, the makers discontinued that app and launched the News Republic. This particular app is equally good and in fact, it covers broader topics as compared to Appy Geek.

best tech news app

The homepage has a scrollable bar where you will find the tab of technology. It is the best tech news app as it has a lot of different sources to choose from. It is possible to follow all of them or filter them based on your interests. This technology news app also has a video bar for people who do not enjoy reading.

2. Feedly

It is a different kind of tech news app as it is an RSS reader application. Users will have to subscribe to different technology blogs. So, the next time you open the app, you will see content from different blogs that you followed on your feed.

technology news apps

With this technology news app, staying updated with tech news will be very easy. You do not need to open the browser and check each site. All the latest news will be updated automatically.

It is the best tech news app because it has a reader mode, light mode and dark mode for better customer experience.

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3. Drippler

It is undoubtedly the best free news app for Android. The app is so smart that it will detect the model of your smartphone as soon as you open it. It usually suggests trips and games that you can use on that particular phone.

Other technology news apps usually focus on broader topics. However, Drippler shows tech news and content focused only on you. It is one of a kind apps, as it gives tech news about the products that you are using.

4. Medium

It is a great platform and is considered to be the best technology news app. Medium focuses on broader topics but it also contributes largely to different tech news. It is one platform which allows everyone to share their views on different topics.

best free news apps for android

Lots of bloggers also publish their blogs on Medium as it is a great source of traffic for them. Thus, as a reader, you would get to read some of the best tech blogs as well. In spite of not being solely a tech news app, it is recommended by a lot of users as it provides information on gadgets, science, and technology.

5. Hacker News

It is the best technology news app because a lot of people prefer using it. All technology enthusiasts praise it as it is designed like a social media site. A lot of entrepreneurs and investors use it regularly to stay updated.

best technology news app

The interesting part about this tech news app is that each article can be voted and commented upon. The discussions are worth going through as there is a lot of information there as well.

However, Hacker News does not support android directly. You will have to download an app called Materialistic- Hacker news which will let your phone consume all the data of the app.

6. Tech News Tube

Tech News Tube is also almost like an RSS reader app. It helps you subscribe to all the different technology blogs. Once you have followed or subscribed to a blog, all the updated articles will start reflecting on your feed. It is one of the convenient tech news app.

The interface of this technology news app is clean and very easy to use. It also offers additional features to its readers in the form of dark mode which works more like a reading mode.

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7. Beebom

Beebom is the best tech news app as it focuses completely on the current news and trends around the tech world. The best part is that they cover all the trending news stories in just 200 words. Thus, you can stay updated and browse through quickly as well.

best technology news app

Beebom is also the best free news app for Android as it makes a lot of video content also. You will have to choose relevant categories based on your interests so that, the targeted content appears on your profile.

This technology news app is not only free but, it is also ad-free. Most of their competitors have ads running in between different contents.

8. TechCrunch

As the name suggests, it is a technology news app only. It does not cover any other topics. However, apart from gadgets, it has stories of venture capital, start-ups and much more. The mobile app is designed in a very unique way.

It allows its users to choose topics and categories based on their interests. In this way, the tech news app will show stories related to your interests only.

tech news app

It is also the best technology news app because it gives tailor-made alerts of new stories and trending topics. A very convenient and user-friendly app for people who are just interested in technology news.


The technology field is growing with every passing day and thus, staying updated with every piece of information can be overwhelming. However, with these 8 technology news apps, it becomes easier and faster.

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Mobile App & Web Design News and Updates

Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android in 2019 That Actually Work




Smartphone performs all types of functions nowadays. It is not only used to make calls but can be used for various different functions like listening to music, watching movies, using social media, browsing on the web and checking work emails.

Thus, there is a lot running in the front end as well as the back end of the phone. Most of the apps that require the internet to run, quickly drain the battery of the phone.

So, it is wise to download the best battery saver app for Android to help save your mobile’s battery. There are a lot of such apps available on the Google play store, but only a few of them deserve to be called the best battery saver for Android given their performance.

Many people believe in using the Doze mode for their Android smartphone. For the uninitiated, Doze was introduced to put the Android device in sleep mode which means that this mode ensures that the battery is not drained, while the phone is sitting idle.

Doze is an in-built battery saving app in the Android smartphone. Only phone calls, text messages, and high alert notifications run in this mode.

However, to use the Doze mode, your screen needs to be turned off. The phone cannot be connected to a charger and the screen should be still. It means that the mode will not be enabled if the phone is in your pocket or purse. Thus, it works with conditions and hence, cannot be called the best android battery saver.

Hence, your Android smartphone requires some battery saving apps that actually work. Read on to find out.

Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android in 2019

Greenify is the best battery app for android. It not only optimizes battery but also improves the overall performance of the smartphone. It is designed in such a way that it protects your phone from battery leeching.

It also has a system in which you can immediately stop the selected applications from running in the background, with just a few taps. However, you need to select the particular app manually.

It is the best android battery saver because it immediately stops the selected apps from running in the background as soon as the screen goes off. If the app starts working when the screen is off, Greenify stops it immediately.

This battery saver for android comes with ample of different features. It has a wake-up tracking, doze on the go, aggressive doze and hibernation. The app is totally free.

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Brevent is another best battery saver for android. It can totally prevent apps from running in a long time. It also does not require root access. Well, in that case, you will have to connect your phone to the computer and run adb commands. You will also have to switch off or restart the phone after this.

For using the best battery saver app, you will have to have root access in order to avoid the adb command. In this case, you will have to use the experimented root. The app is totally free and has an open source.

Avast Battery Saver can be legitimately called the best battery saver app for android 2019. The user interface of this particular app is very minimal. Avast had originally launched an antivirus app for Android. That app was equally successful. They have been doing some wonders with the battery saving app as well.

The app does everything for you in the background. You will just have to tap on the stop running apps button and the app will take care of the rest. With the best battery saver for android, you can also whitelist or blacklist apps from running in the background, from the settings panel.

Avast Battery Saver has a very smart profile. You can set specific battery optimizations depending on your usage. For example, you can set a different optimization for home and a different one for your office. It is completely dependent on your usage. The best battery app for Android also helps you set and change the emergency profile. The profile is usually activated when the battery is below 25%.

It is a simple and efficient battery saving app. The basic version of Avast is completely free with ads. They do have a yearly premium membership. However, the free version has enough features and it will surely solve your purpose.

With this particular app, you can quickly optimize the unused app and service running in the background. It is the best battery saving app for Android because it has a broad range of battery services like Wi-Fi, GPS, system update and cellular data. This Android battery saver also lets you know the exact time left for the battery to drain.

The app also provides a survey of various sources that are ruining your battery life. Thus, with the help of the survey, you can optimize those apps. It also shows the battery percentage left to charge with the uptime and battery zones. Also, this battery saving app is totally free.

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It is basically a root only and open source app. It is the best battery saver app because it works by controlling the number of times your device wakes up. It basically identifies all the apps working in the background and analyses them. After that, it optimizes the apps that prevent the device from going into sleep mode.

Amplify is the best Android battery saver because it gives detailed briefs for all the apps that you use. In that way, you can take an informed decision of stopping a particular app or not.

Although, the app is optimally configured out of the box. You will have to use the recommended settings to avoid glitches. The basic app is free. For advanced features like controlling services and alarms, you will have to use the premium version.


These are the best battery saver apps for Android 2019. They will help your battery last longer and you will not have to carry the weight of the portable chargers while commuting.

However, make sure that you keep the brightness low and your location turned off. These two things drain the Android battery like no other. Keeping a check on these will help the battery last longer.

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