TamilRockers Proxy to Unblock Tamil Rockers

TamilRockers Proxy

Nowadays, the government, along with the cyber security systems, have been very strict over the issue of internet piracy. It has proven to be very challenging for the public to find any working website to download Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Bollywood movies as well as some web series after the blocking of the website tamilrockers.bx. Many of the users have been wanting the officials to unblock tamilrockers, which have not let to any outcome yet. The government and the cyber crime officials are however right in their decision to block off these websites as these are highly responsible for the losses suffered by the entertainment industry.

On the current date, there are many torrent websites that has been banned by the government as they too served pirated movies and videos to the audience. Some of those banned websites are – TPB, 1337x, Eztv and Extra torrents. Just like these websites, the tamilrockers.bx is also blocked now. Tamil rockers, however, is the most famous movie downloading website in India and thus there are many people who wish that the officials unblock tamilrockers. The main reason behind why the government and cyber-crime section blocked off this website is because it has also leaked several movies before they were even released.

After the tamilrockers became inaccessible to the Indian users and also among the users in the other countries, most of the websites have started using mirror sites, which are also often called proxy websites. In the meantime of tamilrockers being blocked in India, several other websites arose that have been serving as the tamilrockers proxy. From these Tamil rockers proxy websites, which have risen after the blocking of the tamilrockers website, users can easily down any movie or show that they want. These tamilrockers proxy websites allows the users to download any show they want, including the most recent episodes of the web series as well as the movies that they want to watch. It is because of these tamilrockers proxy sites, that the audience can go on downloading the shows or movies they want instead of hopelessly waiting to have the tamilrockers unblocked.

Tamilrockers Proxy Websites

There are actually more than one proxy tamilrockers websites which are currently working and providing entertainment to the audience for free. Mentioned below is the list of all the tamil rockers proxy websites.

  • TamilRocker Unblocker
  • TamilRocker Proxy site 2
  • TamilRocker Mirror Site
  • Best TamilRocker Proxy Site 2
  • Tamil Rocker Mirror Site 3

These websites work with a very rapid speed and they are almost always working. If you open one of the tamil rockers proxy sites, there is a chance of nearly 99 percent that the website would work and that too at a rapid speed. Using these proxy sight makes it easier and more convenient since the users don’t wait to wait so that they can find tamilrockers unblocked, but, one negative point is that it becomes important that the user has those ads blocker plugins installed. In these websites, there are a large number of pop up ads that capture the screen anytime, sometimes even during a show or movie, so many people like to have adblocker installed so that they can get rid of these advertisements. Finally, it should also be noted that these websites are refreshed twice or maybe even thrice before they finally open.

About TamilRockers

Tamilrockers was one of the best websites that had been founded in the year 2011. Down the road, this website earned itself the name of one of the biggest websites in India to serve movies and web series to their audience. The users of this website can easily get their hands in any pirated entertainment material, be it music, videos, television shows as well as movies. The website of Tamilrockers mainly focuses on providing Bollywood, Tollywood and even some dubbed Hollywood movies to its users but here, the users can also get their hands on some leaked movies, leaked videos and other similar things. For the dubbing files, the English audio of those files might also be available if the user wants to watch them in their original language. The website is famous and majorly used to download such contents that are protected by copyright via torrent files as well as some magnet links. Because of this reason, after the banning of tamilrockers website, the proxy tamilrockers websites have gained even more users.

Why Did the Government Ban TamilRockers?

There is a high chance that the government might never unblock tamilrockers. This is a huge step to be taken against any website and for the users who want the website to be back in working again, it is important that these people get to know why exactly the website has been blocked. The tamilrockers website took the responsibility of providing their users with every kind of pirated things like movies, songs, videos et cetera to the users, it has also at times published movies which has not even been released yet. Even though this helped in providing their audience with entertainment, the revenue of the creator of these contents was affected badly. As a result, it was decided by the government officials of most of the countries to ban the tamilrockers website. As a result of this blocking, most of the users of Tamilrockers now use tamil rockers proxy websites, or other mirror sites and also take the help of VPN to access the content of these websites after they have gone through the proxy tamilrockers proxy sites. This is similar to the other proxy servers of torrent and thus it makes it difficult to stop piracy of the content.

Can Government Ban the TamilRockers Proxy Sites too?

It is not possible even for the government to ban all the proxy sites as every other day new proxy sites are coming up. The case is also the same about the proxy sites tamilrockers. Everyone that was once a user o the tamilrockers now uses the proxy tamilrockers websites. even if one of the proxy websites become unavailable because of the intervention of the government, there are several other proxy tamilrockers websites that the users then refer to in order to get the content that they want. There is very little or absolutely no difference at all between the main tamilrockers website and the proxy websites. As a result, the users don’t have to wait in the hopes that one day the government might unblock tamilrockers and use the proxy websites in its absence.

VPN to Unblock TamilRockers

Virtual Private Network, also abbreviated as VPN, is one of the safest and most secure ways to get access to the websites that have been blocked by the government. It helps in keeping the internet activity concealed from the Internet Service Provider. In this way, you can get access to the websites even if they don’t unblock tamilrockers. With the help of the VPN, you can easily gain access to the Tamilrockers website without facing any complication. There are several steps that one needs to follow to use VPN for Tamilrockers –

  • Download the best VPN available and install it on your device.
  • Enable the VPN kill switch.
  • Connect to some VPN server. It would be preferable if you connect to the server in a country that is P2P friendly.
  • After the establishment of the connection, you can search for the tamilrockers website and use it to your heart’s desire.

Unblock Any Blocked Site With The Help Of Tor Browser:

The best way of unlocking any website that is banned is to use the Tor browser. The Tor Browser can be considered as one of the best browsers which enable the users to get access to the internet anonymously. It takes the help of the method called onion routing to route the access request through several locations by following the below-mentioned methods, you can easily gain access to any blocked site.

  • Download the Tor web browser.
  • After the download is finished, you have to remove the zip file.
  • Go on clicking the next option so that you can install it.
  • Once it is connected, you can get access to any website you want.


There are more than just a few countries which have blocked the tamilrockers website. As a result, it has proven to be very difficult to gain access to the website with the help of direct links. This problem can be solved with the help of the proxy site tamilrockers, and mirror sites of tamilrockers. You can also use the VPN app to get unblocked access to this website.