Secure your connected devices with cloud-based OTA software updates


As things have progressed, they have become a lot more complicated than they used to be, especially the technological advances. Many people find it hard to keep up with the technology and have to learn with time. With technology advancing at such a fast pace another primary concern that has arisen is of the cybersecurity. All the IoT we use are connected to the internet, and most of the IoTs are our daily drivers like washing machines, cars, smartphones, PCs, air conditioners, etcetera.

With such a vast use of IoT across the board it has become necessary to think how secure they are, because if any of them gets compromised, then it can take a toll on your daily life. It is crucial to secure your IoT devices as most of them do not come with any type of security protocols which makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The question is then how do we keep them secure? The answer to this question is using over the air software upgrades which would help in keeping the systems updated and patched with the latest security updates.

Now, what is OTA update? OTA update is a mechanism in which a server sends data (a firmware or software update) with the help of wireless mechanism to a device, this helps the user in many ways as the person does not need to visit any kind of store or download any application. OTA services are now used in many ways and mainly to update the IoT, they have made life a lot easier as compared to before which required the person to visit a store or to manually download the updates and install them. Some of the advantages of OTA updates are:

• Helps in Staying updated concerning security protocols – Security of IoT devices has always been an issue and it is vital to protect them from cyber attacks and hackers. Here is when OTA comes to the rescue of the IoT devices, as a person can receive security patches to their devices whenever and wherever. The easy accessibility to the OTA updates means securer IoT devices, and safer IoT means your data is safe.

• Right to Choose – With over the air updates you have the option of choosing when do you want to update your device, all the control is in your hands. If you do not want to update the device, then also you have a choice for doing so. You can download the update and install it later when it is convenient for you.

• Extensive Use Across the different types of Industries – The introduction of OTA has benefited many industries, earlier for different industries different platforms were used to roll out an update, but now only one platform or software is used to do so which is OTA. OTA has made once a complicated process an easier one.

• Safe and Sound – OTA is very safe to use when compared to any other platform, it offers tight security when it comes to releasing an update. You see every company uses OTA, but they have their own encryptions which make those OTA updates unique to them. This helps in protecting their OTA data and customer’s data.

Big players in the market like Samsung and Apple use the OTA services for different purposes, but everybody does not have the resources and money to start an OTA service. Small and medium-sized companies sometimes lack the ability to afford the development of these services which makes them hire companies who offer these services like CISCO and Harman who provide these services and even uses it for themselves. The world has advanced, and sometimes it gets hard to believe the technology around us, new forms have technology have arrived at our shores which have made our lives a lot easier, safe and reliable.


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