10 Best ROM Download Sites 2020 (Latest Collection)


Who doesn’t crave to play their childhood retro video games? We all grew up playing our favorite games from the NES and Atari generation. Back in those days, we loved playing these games on our classic consoles and handheld devices.

If you want to relive those beautiful memories and if you are searching for websites from where you can easily and safely download ROMs for playing those games, then this article will definitely help you a lot. Here’s a list of the 10 best ROM sites. These 10 websites will provide you with several ROMs for all your favorite childhood games. Moreover, the websites are absolutely safe and authentic.

Best ROM Download Sites (Latest Collection)

Vimm’s Lair

This website has to be on top when we talk about the best places to download ROMs. The 18-year-old website, Vimm’s Lair is all dedicated to giving us  classic ROM and Emulators.

You can find almost any game title which has been released in the US for more than 10 different classic game consoles. The user interface of Vimm’s Lair is extremely simple yet very attractive and the ROMs are well categorized – making it very simple for the user to search for the desired ROM.

Vimm’s Lair provides Emulators for platforms like WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX, and ANDROID.


On Gamulator you can find game ROMs for more than 20 different game consoles. This is one of the newest ROM and Emulator downloading websites. The best part of this ROM downloading website is that they keep expanding their game list on an everyday basis.  The website is well structured and you can find the ROM you are looking for both by category and tags.

Gamulator is also a very good, safe, and working alternative to Emuparadise.


DopeRoms is an interactive website for video games which also allows you to play backups. This is one of the great ROM websites with the best collection. The quality of ROMs and Emulators that are hosted on this website is amazing.

Currently, they have over 171,589 ROM files that are available for you to download for your 140+ consoles. In such huge a collection, you are most likely to find the most unique & classic ROM.

This ROM downloading website also provides you with tips & glitches which give you different advantages and cheat codes for over 9000+ ROMs.

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The Eye

This one ROM downloading website where you can find ROM files for almost every available console. From Atari Console to Nintendo Switch, they have ROM for any & every console. The best part about this website is that is absolutely advertisement free. Yes, you read that right. The Eye is an archival site that hosts content from ROMs and all over the internet. Currently, this website holds ROMs for more than 60 consoles which are equivalent to 3.1TB of storage.

The website is easy to navigate and content can be easily found using the sitewide search tool.


This website is not like the other ROM websites; Nicoblog is a blog-like website which provides ROMs of the popular console. Providing full ROM sets for consoles like Sega, Atari, NES, and many more, Nicoblog also has ROMs for tough to find consoles like PS Vita, ps3 & Wii.

They do not host any content on their servers but they do provide you with reputed and fast download links like Mega and Mediafire. Nicoblog also has tutorial videos and posts about how to fix some of the common errors with Emulators and ROM files.


CDRomance is one of the best sites for ROM. On this website, you can find all kinds of ROM – from fan-made ports to original ports. You can also find hacks and mods on CDRomance. The website also gives you recommendations for the Emulators basis the device that you are using.

The download page of CDRomance is embellished with the original artwork of the game and some gameplay screenshots. On the same page, you can also find details like Game Release Date, and Region of the ROM file.

If you ignore the pop-up ads, this website is great to download ROMS for consoles like GBA, GB, SNES, and many others.


If you are looking for one best place to download ROMs, then Romulation it is. Currently, this website hosts almost 28,000 ROM files; all of them being nicely organized and place. The site is extremely easy to browse and one can find any ROM that they are looking for. Moreover, Romulation claims to have stable and safe ROMs.

On Romulation you can find ROMs for various consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii, Gamecube, GBA, Dreamcast, and many others.


If you like a website that is simple, less-cluttered, and ad-free, then ClassicGameRoms is the perfect website for you. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have a search button, but still searching for your favorite ROM is not that a task – all thanks to the neat design and their Find and Replace button.

This website is absolutely malware-free as they provide Google Drive link for downloading ROMs. So, when you are using ClassicGameRoms be worry-free about getting a fake extension file or malware.

On this website you can find game ROMs for Atari, Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony Consoles.


Are you itching to find a site that has ROM for all your old school console titles? If yes, then MyAbandonware is a superb ROM site to download all your old school console titles at absolutely zero cost.

You can download safe ROMs form this website. Moreover, there are no restrictions or costs attached to download. You can find all the information like release date and year, platform, region, game theme, etc.about the ROM file that you are downloading.

On MyAbandonware you can find original ROM copies for different consoles like SEGA, DOS, Atari Amiga, Genesis, and others.


This is one of the latest entrants in the list of best ROM sites but in no means less than the older websites. Romsmode has a good collection of ROMs; you can find ROMs for some of the most popular classic consoles and handheld devices.  You can find the list for the same on their homepage.

The search bar makes it very easy to find ROMs that you’ve been looking for. The Emulator section on their website can be used to look for all the emulators you require to run a game.

On Romsmode you can find ROMs for GB, GBA, PSP, and others.

Now that you have a list of safe and reliable ROM downloading websites, make sure you never trust a website that asks you to install some software on your system in order to download ROMs. Also, please do not download links that have “.exe.” files.

Start rejoicing your childhood games once again and beware of the frauds.


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