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How To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Android Mobiles




If you want to know how do I recover deleted videos from my android phone, then you have come to the right place.

All of us must have at least once had a harrowing experience of recovering photos after we accidentally deleted video on Android. It so happens that you are trying to delete some unwanted files quickly and how also selected the important ones and deleted them.

What do you do? Look for all the possibilities of finding them on your phone but to no avail. No matter carefully you try to use the phone, it will happen, one time or the other that you lose your important photos or videos and then never get them back.

Since Android devices do not have a recycle bin, data loss frustrates the users like anything.

However, even if you lose the files or permanently delete them, there is still a chance to recover them. The deleted files are not lost forever and there are multiple ways to get them back and recover videos from phone.

Read this post carefully and follow the instructions given and you will recover deleted videos Android data with ease. You will easily understand these methods about how do I recover deleted videos from my android phone?

Where are videos stored on Android devices?

Finding your downloaded and saved files in your own phone is easy as you are familiar with your device. There are two types of storage in your Android phone: phone storage and SD card. If you want to find to the files that you have downloaded, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to “Settings” on your phone
  • Search for device storage or file manager
  • Search your Phone’s storage and SD card storage
  • Check the place where sample videos have been stored

The saved videos are usually stored in the Gallery of your phone. However, if you want to recover deleted videos Android phone into your computer, make sure that you check the “Settings” as mentioned above.

How to recover deleted videos from Android phone?

Did you ever want to know about how to get back deleted videos on android?

It is very likely that at least once you have deleted your photos or accidentally deleted video on Android and could not find them anywhere. Also, often, when your phone’s storage is full, you have to delete the files and unwanted data from your phone and in this process, you also delete the important ones.

So, what do you do when you delete that much-needed file and want to recover videos from the phone? Probably feel left in the lurch? Allay all your worries because Android Recovery Software is at your disposal to help you recover your deleted files and retrieve deleted videos.

One such software is dr.fone-recover that will simplify extracting the deleted files from your Android phone.

dr.fone-Recover is basically an Android video recovery software which works with 97% efficiency and helps you recover deleted videos, photos, messages, and contacts. We have mentioned the instructions below to recover deleted videos Android.

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You just have to follow them and you are done. Let us see how to recover deleted videos from the android phone using dr.fone.

  • Open dr.fone on your computer and go to Recover
  • Under Recover, select Recover Android Data
  • Now, connect your Android phone with your PC and select the videos from the supported file types.

  • Wait for the software to scan your Android device.
  • The scanned files will start appearing on the screen. Select the video files.
  • Click the box below the videos you want to restore.

How to recover deleted videos and photos from the gallery in Android?

The best method to recover deleted videos Android and permanently deleted photos is using an Android Recovery Software. This is a very powerful method which will give back all your erased pictures from the phone.

The software is very efficient and it scans the entire device properly to dig out the deleted files.  Follow the below instructions properly and you will have your deleted file back.

Let us see the steps on how to recover deleted videos from gallery.

Step 1: Connect your Android phone with PC

  • The first step is to download the Android Recovery software and then select “Recover”.
  • Connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable. Make sure that you enable USB debugging before you proceed further.
  • Once your device gets connected with the PC, you will see the following image on your screen.

Step 2:  Select the file types you want to scan

  • You will see the data types supported by the Android Recovery software. Now, select the data types that want to recover.
  • If you have a rooted device, then the Android Recovery Software will display two options on your screen: Scan deleted files and scan for all files. If you select scan for all files, it will be a long but effective process.
  • Now, click on “Next” to proceed further.
  • Wait for the software to scan your device and retrieve deleted videos and other data.

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted data

After your scan is complete, you can check the preview option to see which data you want to recover. Select those files and click “Recover” to save all lost files on your PC.

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How to backup photos from Android?

Instead of having to recover the deleted files, it is better to create a backup. The backup saves your time in recovering the deleted photos and dispenses with the need of installing different recovery software.

When you have a backup, you have the easiest and quickest method to get all your files back. Therefore, make sure that you create a backup for your data every now and then.

To back up the data from your phone, follow these instructions:

  • Connect your Android phone to the PC via USB cable and copy all your files to the PC.
  • You can use Google Photos app or any other such app that allows you to save unlimited photos without any data loss and offers easy restore.
  • You just have to Settings > Backup & Sync. Here you will be asked how often you want to back up all your photos.
  • You can also make use of cloud storage space like Google Drive, Dropbox, and smartphone’s cloud storage like Mi Cloud, Samsung Kies, etc.
  • There is another method of backing up your files including photos via a backup software.
  • Android Data Backup & Restore is one such that we have discussed above. This software aids in backing up all your essential data and restores as and when you want.

Things to remember to recover deleted videos Android and lost photos

  • The first thing is that you must stop using your phone after you have suffered data loss. Any further operation on the phone will add new data or deleted data will be replaced permanently. Therefore, avoid using your phone immediately after you lost your files.
  • Turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi as this may also download any new data and further hamper the process of recovering deleted data.
  • Search for robust data recovery software that helps you restore the lost data of Android phone.


We hope the post helped you in understanding how to get back deleted videos on Android. These methods are very easy to follow and will help you get back your files in little time.

Once you have understood how to restore deleted videos in Android phone, start the process of recovery and you will fear of losing the files again.

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How to Message a Person on WhatsApp Who has Blocked You



blocked on WhatsApp


Have you ever been blocked on WhatsApp? If so, we are very sure that you would have searched for ways to contact that person through hook or crook. What happens when you block someone on WhatsApp? The person who has been blocked will not be able to send a message to you.

Many times, when a person blocks you WhatsApp, you tend to reach out to that person but to no avail! Then what is the way out? In this post, we will learn about how to text someone who blocked your number on WhatsApp.

Ways to message a person on WhatsApp who has blocked you

There are two methods to message a person by whom you have been blocked on WhatsApp. The first method is by creating a new account and second is by sending a text message. Let us discuss these methods in detail.

# Create a new account on WhatsApp

When someone has blocked on WhatsApp, you can try this easy method. WhatsApp works on your phone number. It relies on your phone number to add the contacts and message them.

Also, WhatsApp will show you contacts that use WhatsApp based on your contact list that is stored in your device. So irrespective of the phone number that is registered with the WhatsApp account, you can message the contacts stored in your phone.

If you want to know how to text someone who blocked you, create a new account with another phone number. So long as that person’s contact information is saved in your phone, you will be able to message him or her with your new account. You must also be able to sign up for Google Voice.

Google Voice is one such application that gives you a new or temporary phone number. So, when you sign up on Google Voice, you are given a new number on the basis of your location.

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But the problem is that at present, Google Voice can be registered from the US only. However, there are several guides online which provide you access to Google numbers outside the US. They would also give you alternative number services on the basis of the country of origin. There are numerous sites online that give access to secondary number service if you are not able to use a VPN to use Google Voice.

Once you have got the new number, log out of your WhatsApp account. You can also uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it again on your device from the App Store or Play Store. After the installation is complete, WhatsApp will ask you to login to your account by entering your secondary number created from Google Voice. After you have entered the number, click on “Next” and WhatsApp will verify the number.

blocked on WhatsApp

Then, WhatsApp will prompt you to detect the verification sent through SMS on your phone. Though WhatsApp does it automatically, make sure that you do not allow it to do that. The reason is that the text will be going to your Google Voice Number and not your SMS inbox and therefore, WhatsApp will not be able to detect it from your phone.

So, click “Not Now” to send the code. After this you will receive a six-digit code in your alternate inbox, enter them into the field required. This will complete your verification.  You will then be required to enter your name for the new WhatsApp account. Once you do this a new WhatsApp inbox will be opened on your screen.

# Send SMS to the person who has blocked you

We know what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp? If you want to know how to text someone who blocked your number, then the first thing you must try is sending SMS.

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Sending SMS to the person who has blocked you on WhatsApp is the first common and obvious alternative. However, many users forget about the fact to text someone who blocked you. While we have replaced the SMS service to contact our friends or family with WhatsApp, Android phones still provide the option of SMS service.

Use your device’s messaging service and send a text message to the contact that has blocked you. It is easy because if you have them as your WhatsApp contact, you will have their phone number also. But if the person blocks you out on both WhatsApp and Text messages, then you will not have the alternative of sending a text message.


This post must have answered your query of how to text someone who blocked you on WhatsApp. We have learned two methods to text someone who blocked you and these are helpful at times of exigencies. With these methods, you will be able to put across your message even after getting blocked on WhatsApp.

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