Reasons behind the revolution in electric vehicles


Research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance show that 35 per cent of the new cars sold by 2040 will be electric vehicles, i.e. it is bound to hit 41 million. These numbers have marked a revolution for the government and the oil companies. To comply with the upcoming automotive market trend, a mass reduction in battery prices will be observed by 2020s. It is because electric vehicles are bound to become a more economical option than gasoline or diesel cars in most countries. A pure electric vehicle is zero-emission and runs entirely on a chargeable battery.

It has been observed that motor vehicles were a threat to the environment. With urbanisation, the lifestyle of the people is upgrading, and owing to this, the number of motor vehicles per household has increased. In this scenario, there is a very high probability of exhausting fossil fuels and natural resources earlier than estimated. “We must at some point achieve a sustainable energy economy, or we will run out of fossil fuels to burn, and civilisation will collapse.” – Elon Musk. Moreover, it was coming up as a threat to the environment as the emissions by motor vehicles creates a disruption in the ozone layer and the green belt.

The car industry trends make it possible for the people to experience environment-friendly driving experience with electronic vehicles. With extensive research in the automation industry, people are introduced to the concept of Human Machine Interface in the cars. These cars come with OEM fitted head units which offer the driver all the HMI services needed. Earlier only high-end cars used to provide these services, but now with passing time and technology reaching masses, this is now available in budget cars too.

This technology has marked the commencement of new auto industry trends of machine learning by powering HMI. It has enabled the cars to take commands, process them by translating simple language into coding language and perform the required action. Owing to this, communicating with cars has become a lot more intuitive and more comfortable. Another major reason behind this revolution is the fact that the hub or connected car platforms notify the emergency services in case of accident thus, helping the passengers with necessary help.

As the electric cars have voice assistant, that let you control the functions of the car by just talking to the while keeping the hands on the steering wheel, and this would reduce distraction and eventually reduce accidents. It is operated with the help of a mobile app that gives you hands-on, easy access to the controls. It means one can start the car and even get it out of the garage on the driveway using just an app.


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