Top 10 Best Alternatives to Primewire


What is Primewire?

PrimeWire is a site that offers incredible and comprehensive choices of movies and TV shows to users from across the world. The feature of Primewire is that it does not upload its own file, in fact, it gives the links from here you can stream the movies online.

Regrettably for the enthusiasts of this accepted streaming link site, Primewire ag has become totally unusable after each single movie and TV show on the site began to link to phishing sites. However, it has been banned in a few countries and considered as an illegal site for movie streaming. The blocking of the site has left its fan disheartened and they are searching for the best alternatives to the Prime Wire.

Here is the list of top 10 best alternatives to primewire, which you can use for online streaming of your favorite movie or video series.

Best Alternatives to Primewire

1. GoMovies 


GoMovies is a reliable streaming link site that provides free movies and TV shows in high quality to users. Users can watch the latest blockbuster hits and doubtful indie flicks too. However, you need to be sure that you must install a high-quality pop-up blocker prior to visiting the site. It will save you from the annoyance of pop-ups after every click of button and link on the website. With GoMovies, you can apply different search filters and thus, find the most relevant content available on the site. The community after GoMovies runs a blog where they publish the lists of movie and TV show suggestions.

2. MovieWatcher


If you are looking for the movie streaming service that can offer you watching movies and TV shows, then MovieWatcher is the right choice for you. On MovieWatcher, you don’t need to register for watching your favorite movies! The unique thing about MovieWatcher is that the website service does not host any content. It is completely legal as well as legit. Here, you can search movies and TV shows by its name, genre, rating, release year etc.

The best thing about this site is that all movies on MovieWatcher are available in either 720p or 1080p. This demands highly secure and swift Internet connection.


3. 123Movies

123Movies is one such Primewire alternative that you should not overlook. You should be familiar with the fact that 123Movies is not new in the market where you can watch online movie and TV serials.

123Movies is a well-liked free online movie and TV shows streaming site. This streaming site has minimalistic user interface that provides easy to navigate web pages. Easy navigation of the site attracts the attention of many people and thus, made 123Movies as the best alternative to

On 123Movies, you can sort out movies and TV serials in an alphabetic manner. Also, you are allowed to have a look on the IMDb wise list of serials and movies. After this, you will have their most likely genre filter which is based on action, comedy or romance too.

4. Popcornflix


Do you love to go through new content every time you scream online? If yes, then you should bookmark the most popular streaming site – Popcornflix. Popcornflix is a famous and extraordinary streaming site that was designed and developed by a community who really enjoy great movies and TV serials. This site has an amazing and eye-catching design. It puts movie and TV show posters front and center, which makes it quite easy for users to spot fresh content and choose something exciting.

Here on Popcornflix, you can search for movies and TV shows through its name. You can also browse through all the common categories, such as action, romance, horror, comedy, thriller, drama and many more.

5.AZ Movies


Are you looking for an online video streaming site with simple design and excellent choice of movies? You should go for AZ Movies.

AZ Movies is a streaming site that magnetizes people and movie lovers with its simple design and a great selection of movies of almost all genres. Contrasting to other streaming sites in this list, be aware that AZ Movies will not provide you links to any TV shows. The reason is quite straightforward; AZ Movies fully focus on the movies and makes it easier to find the latest movie that you are searching for.

6. Niter Movies


Niter Movies is the first website that is similar to PrimeWire. This website contains a huge library of almost all types of movies that you can watch online. The great thing that attracts users towards Niter Movies is the simple and user-friendly interface. You should know that its interface is somehow similar to that of Netflix.

Niter Movies have capability to display all the newly added movies that are shown on its home page. It also enables users to find movies by different categories including the genre and year. Using this site, you can also get the movie’s brief synopsis along with its trailer and IMDB rating.

Nonetheless, this streaming site also contains some ads and pop-ups that might interrupt you in watching movies in continuity. So, the paramount way to make use of such sites after you install ad-blocker software! This will allow you to enjoy watching movies and shows without any difficulty.

7. Coolmoviezone


Another popular alternative to primewire is Coolmoviezone. Coolmoviezone is a website that comes with a complex user interface but with the highest quality videos. Using Coolmoviezone, you don’t need to worry about the link failure or broken link on the website. It provides many external links in case of any link failure. You are allowed to download a movie in just a single click on this streaming site.

This website also facilitates users to download a movie in different formats including 3GP, WMW, MOV, FLV, and MP4. The best part is that it would not show many ads and pop-ups on this website, which in turn, increases its revolutionary demands. 8. Vmovee:


Vmovee is one such streaming site that is available for free video streaming services. This website has a neat and clean user interface that catches the attention of many movie lovers and TV enthusiasts.

On Vmovee, you can easily search for your favorite movie on the basis of greatly designed and well-organized categories. All the movies and TV shows that you can watch on this site are available in high quality. The only annoying factor of Vmovee is the display of unnecessary pop-ups and ads while watching your favorite show.

9. Putlocker


Another top streaming giant is Putlocker. Having all the options to watch content similar to primewire, Putlocker has a huge library of TV shows and movies.

Here you can search for movies through its year, name, genre, artists, recently added and so on. This website has quite a clean user interface. With this, you are allowed to watch movies in high quality as well as you are allowed to download it in high definition quality.

The only thing that might frustrate users on Putlocker is the ads and pop-ups while watching any movie online.

10. Solar Movies


Solar Movies is another popular site on the web that offers watching online free content. This site is very useful to movie and TV lovers as it has a neat and clean user interface.

You can find movies and TV shows very easily due to sleek UI so consistently.  The best thing about Solar Movies is that you can take advantage of different types of filter such as release year, genre filter and so on.

Wrapping up,

This is the best compiled list of top 10 alternatives to primewire. All the above alternatives are available in the year 2020 to watch movies and TV shows without any hassle.

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