Technological Boom Is Here: What Novelties to Expect in 2020?

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What’s the best part of living in the 21st century? No doubt, it’s technology!

All innovations make our lives simpler. Today, we can freely communicate with the help of portable gadgets. We can solve various daily tasks with the help of technology as well. Even studying has got much easier with the introduction of educational innovations and smart services for students like EssayPro. What else can we possibly crave for?

We had a chance to observe rapid technological progress for many years in a row. Now, it may seem like there is nothing else in this world that can surprise us. However, the world of tech doesn’t stand still, and 2020 will definitely bring in something new.

What can we expect to see in the upcoming year? Traditionally, most companies wary about announcing their new products in advance. However, there are some innovations coming our way, that’s for sure. Here are some things to be looking forward to:

What Novelties to Expect in 2020


Most of us have been waiting for a 5G connection to arrive in 2019. However, though the quality and speed of cellular connections kept growing, it didn’t happen yet.

Although 5G is technically possible already, flagship smartphones released in 2019 were all supporting 4G only. But, we expect the situation to change in 2020. It is expected that new gadgets that will be introduced next year will support even faster connections.

With the support of 5G, it is expected that the coverage, speed, and responsiveness of wireless networks will increase by 10 to 100 times. Also, it is promised that new devices will connect to the network in literally milliseconds, which sounds pretty impressive.

Tesla Cybertruck

Technically, it is already here. Recently, we’ve seen a presentation of Tesla’s new model that looks much different from everything the company has done before. However, we didn’t get a chance to experience it yet, and this will definitely happen in 2020.

Next year, we can probably expect to see Tesla’s new car become a new mainstream. And we can’t wait to learn what else the company is preparing for us!

Services Delivered by AI

The idea of advanced artificial intelligence has been around for quite a while. However, we didn’t yet see it evolve into something a regular person could experience, but this will likely change in 2020!

AI services are not new. Even now, there are some providers that offer certain services with the help of this technology. However, it is expected that next year AI can be finally brought to masses.

Global Internet

Elon Musk’s global Internet project has been introduced a while ago and caused a real big bang in the whole world. It is promised that the company’s satellites will provide global coverage reaching the most distant areas. Those will provide everyone on our planet with a stable and high-quality connection to the Web.

In 2019, SpaceX made several big moves to bring closer the introduction of the global Internet. This May, the company has launched the first 60 Starlink satellites to test how they work. A bit later, there’ve been a few more launches.

So can we expect the global Internet to become a real thing in 2020? Though there have been no official statements yet, the company plans at least nine more launches in the upcoming year to ensure continuous coverage.

iPhone 12

Every year, people from all across the globe hold their breath and wait for the launch of new gadgets presented by one of the world’s most popular manufacturers. We can predict that 2020 will be no different.

Some things we can say for sure about the next iPhone is that it will have even more advanced features, even more unique opportunities, and things to surprise us with. There are also some rumors regarding it having four cameras with a much bigger zoom lens. 

However, whether it is true or not, we will see somewhere in September 2020. We all know how careful Apple has always been about pre-announcing things.


Half-Life is one of those big games that people around the world know and love. Luckily for all fans, the PC gaming company Valve has officially announced the launch of new series. We have been waiting for this since 2007, and it will finally happen next year.

You may wonder how the launch of a new game relates to the technological boom. Well, hold on until you hear the best part of it – the new Half-Life will be played exclusively in the company’s VR headsets. We expect this to make a big boom in the world of gaming.

On the Last Note

Every year brings in something new and innovative, and 2020 shouldn’t be an exception. While we keep doing our business, large corporations are doing their best to prepare new products that will surprise consumers.

In this article, we’ve tried to list the most expected things people anticipate in 2020!


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