Kickass Proxy/Mirror Sites to Unblock Kickass

Kickass Proxy/Mirror Sites to Unblock Kickass

Who doesn’t love watching movies at their comfort space without having to spend a penny? Yes, we all do and all thanks to the torrents. Torrents have always had our back to enjoy our weekends in our cozy places. Since, the introduction of torrents, many sites emerged that feed torrent websites.

Among them, the Kickass managed to stay ahead and also gained a lot of followers. The rivalry between the extra torrent and kickass already made big waves and turned many heads.

Well, many of these torrents faced a ban, charged for piracy and received notice from the government bodies. Due to which, people are facing difficulties in accessing the torrent sites like Kickass torrent. So, if kickass torrent was once your savior too, and now the consequences are leading you to find a kickass proxy or an alternative to it then stick till the end and you will surely find your way out. 

Here in this article, we will learn about accessing blocked kickass services through different methods. But before that let’s uncover the reason behind why you are not able to access the Kickass torrent.

Why aren’t you able to access the Kickass Torrent?

Firstly, you should know the threats and risks that follow up when you download a file from the Kickass torrent sites. Firstly, these sites are open source with no strict rules. These sites allow anyone to upload anything with fake names, which leads to a very high risk of a virus entering your system through these files.

Also, you will find a lot of illegal and pirated files on this site like the latest films. Because of which these sites face a ban by the government bodies. Well, you can find much reason for it, however, we listed out a few of the popular reasons for why you are not able to access the Kickass Torrent. 

  • The very first reason can be the ban on the torrent site in your country. If there’s a ban on torrent site in your country then no one from your country can access the kickass torrent.
  • Second, comes the ban on torrent sites by the internet provider. There are few internet providers that restrict our access to such sites like Kickass torrent for security reasons. 
  • If you have a firewall or antivirus installed on your system, then they can also be a reason for blocking your way to access the Kickass torrent.
  • The next reason can be the site shuts down either for a temporary period or permanently. 
  • The last one could be an incompatibility with the browser. 

All these listed reasons can help you find out where the problem lies, among these reasons the last two reasons have the lowest probability for your problem. Most of the times the first reason is behind the inaccessibility. This is where you need a kickass torrent proxy or kickass mirror sites.

There are a lot of ways to have your kickass unblocked, let’s have a look at a few of them.

Ways to get to Kickass unblocked or access the Kickass Torrent

Here, we have compiled a list of methods to help you access the Kickass torrent. Let’s get started!

  • Through Mirror sites

If you want to access the Kickass Torrent through your mobile then mirror sites can be of great help. Few of the mobile browsers are unable to download the torrent files from kickass proxy as they might not work in your country. So, here is a list of Kickass mirror sites you can look up to. 

  • has the best speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now

Through VPN

Well, VPN is considered to be the best option to break through the restricted areas online. So, VPN will help you access the Kickass Torrent without any hassle. All you need is to find the best VPN server through Kickass unblocked reviews available online.

It will help you access any website from any geographical location. With this, you don’t need the help of kickass torrent proxy. Just the internet connection and VPN server there you go!

  • By disabling the Firewall and Internet protection

If you are sure that your geographical area doesn’t fall under the areas of ban then you don’t have to use the kickass torrents proxy, but can directly access it by disabling the firewall and internet protection.

But for your information, the Kickass torrent is blocked globally now and you cannot access the server directly so you will need the kickass torrent proxy to have your kickass unblocked. 

  • Through Kickass Proxy

Now that we are coming across the Kickass torrents proxy, let’s understand what kickass proxy is. It is a server that acts as an original kickass torrent. Although it gets your kickass proxy unblocked by accessing the content from the central server, it basically is a mirror to the original Kickass torrent.

These proxies will unblock the kickass server successfully and help you access the content through links. 

So, when you are looking for the kickass proxies then it is important to choose the right one to access the kickass server. All the kickass proxy servers vary in their speeds and you need to pick the ones with the best speeds.

Here we have compiled a list of few of the best kickass proxy available on the internet. 

  • has a very fast speed and is available now
  •  has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now
  • has very fast speed and is available now

So, these were the methods you can have your kickass server accessed through, but if you are seeking one best alternative for kickass or one best kickass proxy then here you go.

Best Kickass proxy or Kickass alternative

The Pirate Bay – It is still the best torrent downloading site. When it comes to the kickass proxy, it can be the best option you can find. Even the Pirate Bay faced a ban in all the countries, but still, you can use the TPB mirror to access them. 

Disclaimer: As all the threats and risks of using torrent sites to download the files are already mentioned above, the whole purpose of this article is to provide information only and not support any illegal content or copyright infringement. 

Final Words

So, let’s hope the above article helped you out with your issue of accessing the kickass torrent. The kickass proxy unblocked sites mentioned above will definitely help you to access the content of kickass torrent without any hassle.


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