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Today about 80% of netizens complain about their internet speeds and superfluous usage of internet, and if you are riding on the same boat then you are in a dire need of a tool, technically an app that can help you get off this issue.

There are a lot of applications available in the Play Store for Android users to block the extra usage and increase the speed of the internet. And your search for internet speed increase apps ends here. Below, we compiled a list of top 10 apps to increase internet speed in Android.

Top 10 Apps to increase Internet Speed on Android

1. Free Internet Speed Booster

If you are looking for how to boost internet speed or how to increase the speed of internet without you having to spend a penny then Internet Speed Booster is the right tool you can have to increase your Internet speed by 40-80%, or more based on the device.

Under the Hood:

  • It cleans the DNS cache and improves the latency that will increase the ping speed.
  • It adjusts the parallel connections in order to optimize speed.
  • Ceases unnecessary background tasks and increases the available bandwidth.

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2. Internet Booster & Optimizer

If you have a little insight into the internet background then you may know that the internet speed is determined by the Internet Service Provider and is invariant. But there are many aspects that affect the speed and Internet Booster & Optimizer is intended to enhance the browsing experience.

Under the Hood:

  • It flushes out the cache memory, RAM memory, DNS and ceases the secondary processes.
  • It Automatizes a series of commands and optimizations that will hold that will help the browser become a top priority on your Android System.
  • It boosts overall speed and improves pings.


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3. Internet Speed Meter Lite

The visual stats of every process and regular monitoring access is satisfying always and thus the Internet Speed Meter Lite displays the internet speed in the status bar and shows the data in the notification pane and allows you monitor the network connection and usage by apps.

Under the Hood:

  • Updates real time speed, daily traffic usage in the status bar and notification.
  • Separates the stats of Wi-Fi and Mobile network for efficient monitoring.
  • Battery efficient and monitors the traffic data for the past 30 days.

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4. Faster Internet 2X

Still on the oldie network speeds? Gone are those 2G, 3G, and 4G speeds. Now, is the time to race ahead with Faster Internet 2X. It helps you increase the internet speed up to 2 times its normal speed. It is the fastest internet speed app for Android and among the best internet speed app for android.

Under the Hood:

  • It uses the specials scripts to boost the speed of the internet.
  • It enhances the signal reception.
  • Works well with both non-rooted and rooted phones, but works best with the rooted phones.

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5. Internet Speed Booster

Sometimes that low Wi-Fi networks can be annoying, and it is when you will need an excellent application that optimizes the internet connection all for free like Internet accelerator. This net speed booster for Android is simple, and useful tool that flushes out the superfluous applications and helps the user enjoy browsing with great Internet speed.

Under the Hood:

  • It adjusts the average parallel connections to optimize the Internet speed.
  • It cleans the DNS cache and enhances latency.
  • Ceases the unnecessary background tasks and optimizes the bandwidth.

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6. Network Master – Speed Test

An application that can optimize your Internet speed while occupying a less storage space can be the ideal one like the Network Master. The Network Master is a fast, small and free app that can maximize the network speed for videos and games. This internet speed booster app features app ceasing functionality and helps in analyzing the network.

Under the Hood:

  • It monitors all the devices (Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, PC) connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot and protects the online security by detecting DNS hijacking, SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing in order to avoid insecure public Wi-Fi or phishing hotspots.
  • It detects and ceases apps from using the Wi-Fi network or cellular data in the background unauthorizedly or secretly.
  • It views the app network usage in real time.


Download it Here

7. Speedify – Faster Internet

If you need a more reliable tool to enhance your Internet speed or networks then you can turn to Speedify. It is the most favorable internet speed booster and reliable tool that can easily combine the cellular and Wi-Fi connections for bandwidth.

And, it switches you to cellular having you seamlessly browsing when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Under the Hood:

  • It optimizes the connectivity for all the apps and most favorably it works behind the scenes.
  • It lets you have a seamless activity switching form connections.
  • It prevents costly carrier data overages by keeping tabs on your usage and setting daily and monthly data caps on the connections and networks.


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8. Opera Max – Data Manager

A smart Assistant for your Android device like Opera Max, now known as Samsung Max can help you in the best way to save the data, shield the security and manage the apps, it is one among the best net booster apps.

This app also notifies you about the apps which are consuming extra data and limiting the speed of browsing.  This tool lets you pick the apps and uninstall or force stop them.

Under the Hood:

  • The detailed data and privacy risk reports give the smart assistance and power over the management of apps.
  • It offers a tailored savings tool for the Social Media giant Facebook, to keep you engaged for longer with the world without wasting the data plan.
  • Its data compression tool extends the time on Instagram, YouTube and more. This makes it a perfect data management and net speed booster for android while traveling and also in daily social life.

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9. Network Speed Booster

The Net speed booster app accelerates the Internet speed by about 25-50% and detects, scans all the applications at the background. The tool detects such apps and disables them to prevent the heavy usage of data.

The app is considered as the bets net booster app and an ideal tool to accelerate your internet speed or browsing speed.

Under the Hood:

  • The Net Speed Booster app scans the applications running at the background and stops the ones using a lot of data.
  • Helps in speeding up the internet effectively.

10. NetGuard

You will require a firewall app to disable the background tasks from using the internet and prevent from extra usage. The NetGuard is a firewall app, which is one of the best no-root apps among firewall apps for Android users and also a fast internet speed app for android.

Under the Hood:

  • The app is free to download and doesn’t need a rooted android device.
  • It is among the best Android firewall app.

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Bottom Line

The low internet speed can be really annoying especially when it comes to traveling.

So, let’s hope you found your way out for “how to boost internet speed”, or “how to increase the speed of internet”, these best internet booster for android apps can really help you with the managing of your internet data usage and internet speed.

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