How To Search For A Word On A Web Page?

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page?

Do you want to know how to search for a word on a web page? Many people think that it takes plenty of time to search for the words on a web page. But, it is not so. You can search for a word and also, save your valuable time skimming through the web. 

Search for a Word on a Web Page:

Simple Way: Use the Find Tool to Search for a word on a web page Mac or Chrome:

Whether you are using Windows or Mac, nearly every web browser comes with a Find tool. Find tool is a good everyday search tool that eases your word finding job. This find tool allows you to search for specific words or phrases on the page, which means you can search on an open page.

You need to press Command+F (Mac) and Ctrl+F (Windows). When you click this option, a “find” box will appear virtually in any browser. This find command is also found in the Edit menu in Internet Explorer, or in the menu in Chrome and Firefox. Besides, in a mobile browser, it is usually found in the browser’s menu, known as “Find in Page”. 

Search for a word on a web page Mac or Chrome

Using the find command is the easiest and the most ordinary way for how to search for a word on a webpage. However, there are many more interesting and extraordinary ways on hand that help you in searching for a specific word, as well as phrase on the site.

In this blog post, you will learn about the simplest ways about how to search for web page on Google as well as on Mac. 

Let’s start with how to search for a word on a web page chrome:

  • Search a Word with Google:

To search for a word with Google, visit Google in your browser and use Google search engine to perform your search of specific words on a website. It will help you find the matching word on web page.

Search Word with Google

  • Enter Site Address with Google:

Enter Site Address with Google

For searching a word using site address on search engine like Google, you need to enter the site address, such as at the front of the search bar. This will ask Google chrome to search through web pages on that particular website. 

  • Enter a word to search for after the site address:

This is the great way that allows you to search not only for a word, but also, for phrases. When you use this way, you would be able to find the exact word or phrase, just surround it with quotes.

Enter a Word

In addition to this, you can also make use of advanced search operators available in Google to perform how to search for a word on a web page of a particular website. You can use this in conjunction with the Find tool to locate a word anywhere on the internet.

Well, it a universal truth that any information can be found on Google easily and all the relevant web pages can be brought before you on specific subject that you are searching for.

What to do if you are a Mac user and want to search for a word on Mac? Is it that simple like searching on Google? There are quick ways available that will help you find the exact information that you are searching in a certain web page. 

So, read about how to search for a word on a web page Mac?

  • Use Quick and Easy Keyboard Shortcut: 

Mac comes with a simple and easy keyboard shortcut to find a word on a web page. Firstly, press and hold the command that is located on either side of the space bar along with the key “F”. After which, you have to enter a word into the search box and then hit enter on your keyboard. Remember that you have to enter the exact word so as to find the exact word you are looking for.

Use Quick and Easy Keyboard Shortcut

  • Use Search Bars in Preview:

Method1:  you want to search for a word using Preview on Mac, you have to open the document in preview, right-click on it and choose open with Preview (default)

Use Search Bars in Preview


Method2: Another method to use search bars in preview is to make use of the search bar in the document’s top toolbar. It will assist you find out the preferred text section. 

Use Search Bar


How to search for a word on a web page is not that much typical that you might have thought of. What you need to do is just to follow these ways and surf the web. When you follow these ways to search for a word on a web page, it will save your many hours to fetch the exact details on the Internet. 

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