How to Play Games without Graphics Card


A lot of people struggle with their computers or laptops when it comes to playing games as not all machines come preloaded with the graphics card. When it comes to gaming, your laptop, if it isn’t one of those high-end ones, might face a lot of compatibility issues with games made with better or almost life-like graphics.

However, if you do not use your laptops beyond word files and internet, it would be pure stupidity to invest more in your machines just to play games. That said, we still understand a man’s need to play games and therefore, have come up with multiple solutions to run a game without a graphics card.

So the question you might ask is, “is it really possible to play high graphics games without a graphics card?” Well, the answer is as simples as, “Yes, it really is possible to play high-end games without a graphics card”.

In this blog, we will tell you the different ways you can put into use to play high graphics games on your low-end computers without a graphics card. What usually happens is, people, do not save or load games over their computers because they feel that it will affect the speed and performance of their systems. But, after going through this article “how to play games without a graphics card” you will be once again connected to the world of gaming and will be playing games with the best graphics without any issues or worries.

Look at the below-mentioned methods to save yourself from spending a fortune over buying and installing a graphics card.

#1- 3D Analyze:

If you would like to play DirectX games you would need a window device with the DirectX API. But if you do not have the DirectX API you can still play the DirectX games simply by using an application called 3D Analyze, which could be installed from the internet for free.  3D Analyze should be used in cases where your computer doesn’t support the video format and displays issues regarding running the game.

How can you use 3D-Analyze to make the trouble vanish?

a. The first step would, of course, be to download and install the 3D-Analyze app.

b. Click on SELECT, wherein you will find an option to choose the .exe file of the game you want to play.   

c. As you will apply the .exe, there will be options for the graphics card, including their names, the device ID and the vendors’ names. Choose any one of them.

d. Thereon, on the lower left-column, you would be asked to enter the vendor ID and the device ID.

e. Once you have entered the above-mentioned details, click on RUN and play the game.



Another method to play games without a graphics card is to use WISE GAME BOOSTER. As the name suggests, the application helps boost your system, allowing you to play your favourite games without any need of a graphics card.

How to go about installing WISE GAME BOOSTER:

a. Download the WISE GAME BOOSTER on your windows. Just like the 3D Analyze, WISE GAME BOOSTER too can be downloaded from the internet for free.

b. Once downloaded, run the software and click on “Scan for Games”.

c. There, in the “My Game” tab, you would find a system optimizer that will help optimise the performance of your computer for the games you are willing to play.

#3- The Razer Cortex Boost:


It is again one of those brilliant software apps that help to improve the performance of your system. It helps by freeing up space in the RAM, making the experience of gaming faster and without glitches. Using it is simpler than any of the above-mentioned methods. All you got to do is install the Razer Cortex Boost and activate it by creating an account with it.

#4- SwiftShader:


SwiftShader works very much like the 3D Analyze. It basically is dependent upon a modular architecture which supports multiple programming interfaces at one time: OpenGL ES2.0 and DirectX 9.0 to name a few. OpenGL ES2.0 and DirectX 9.0 are APIs that are functioned to develop existing games and other applications. With SwiftShader just like the 3D Analyze, you do not have to change or tweak the source code but can simply integrate the SwiftShader into games applications, to make them run better.

These are a few methods that you can use or apply to your systems to improve your gaming experience. Hope, from now on, you wouldn’t spend a fortune to make your computers gaming friendly. You can simply use our tips to play games on your computers without a graphics card. These applications will not just make gaming possible without a graphics card but will also boost the overall performance of your computer.


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