Minecraft: How to Make a Saddle – Finding a Saddle for Your Animal


Minecraft games are very popular nowadays. In this game, saddles are used to ride horses, mules, and pigs. The Minecraft gamers will agree that it’s not that easy game. Various things make this game a bit tough. Such as Finding a Saddle for Your Animal. Gamers might wonder, How to Make a Saddle or Finding a Saddle for Your Animal or how to make a saddle in Minecraft. Let me tell you Like many other things, you can’t craft a saddle but you need to find one. 

There are various ways to find a saddle. In this article, we are going to explain all the possible ways on How to Make or Find a Saddle in Minecraft? The best ways to get a saddle are like you can find saddles in the various chests, by trading with villagers, by fishing. There are few cheat options available in this game. Well, let’s begin with a briefing about each available option on How to Make a Saddle – Finding a Saddle for Your Animal? 

To Find a Saddle in Chests

Crafting a saddle in Minecraft is not possible. So, better if you start finding one. Keep opening and checking every possible chest you see on your Ventures. There are chances that you might find saddles in the chests.

  1. The best chance to find a saddle is in the dungeons scattered underground. First, you need to locate dungeons. You Might wonder how you are in dungeons. Well, typically dungeons have the skeleton, spider spawner, cobblestones, mossy stone walls, zombie and one or more chest. You won’t find any dungeon without a chest. 
  1. Next is to find a Nether fortress, the next possible spot where you might find saddles in chests. It is a dangerous spot. While you enter one be prepared. You are supposed to build a Nether portal frame. You can build one by using obsidian blocks. For detailed instruction, you can refer to “Make a Nether Portal” in Minecraft. 
  1. Another way is to look for a sand/desert temple. There is a possibility that the temple may be covered with sand either partially or fully. You can find such a structure in the desert biome. Once you find the temple, search for the blue clay block. You might find it in the centre of the floor. Dig it and you will see the secret chamber. This chamber will have four chests. Here are the maximum chances that you can find a saddle in any of those four chests. Entering the chamber is no easy task. Keep an eye for the TNT booby trap. First, you are required to break the pressure plate to dismiss the trap and to avoid any explosion. 
  1. In the village area, there are chances of a blacksmith living there. Blacksmiths are the next target to get saddles from. Blacksmith’s have a chest in their building. We already knew chests are the best spots to find saddle.
  1. You can also look in abandoned mineshafts and temples located in the jungle. You need to be alert as the chests in the jungle temple are protected by a variety of booby traps. On the other hand, the number of chests in abandoned mineshafts depends on the size of the mineshaft.

To Go For Trading For Saddle:

You can trade with leather workers in the villages or you can also trade items in exchange for emeralds if you’re playing in the console version of Minecraft. If you’re playing the computer or console versions of Minecraft, You get the opportunity for additional trades as you move forward. Do remember you cannot trade in Minecraft PE.

To unlock yourself to buy the saddle you have to have nearly 10-16 emeralds. Now, To purchase a saddle you also need additional 8-10 emeralds. There are various ways where you can find emeralds such as   

  • During Mining. You can refer to “Find Emeralds” in Minecraft for more details.
  • In the chest
  • While trading with other villagers in some exchange. 
  1. When you have some emeralds to open a trading window with leather workers you need to right-click on the leatherworker. To get the saddle in exchange of trade you have to create few trading tiers.
  2. You can purchase the leather pants in exchange for 2-4 emeralds. Here, you can close the trading window. This is how you have advanced the way of trading with the leatherworker for the next trading tier.
  3. Now, again open the trading window. This time you can purchase the leather tunic in exchange for 8-12 emeralds. To go to the next tier, make sure you close the trading window again. 
  4. The third time you open the trading window, you can see the saddle. Now, you can buy saddles for 8-10 emeralds from leather workers. Make sure you have enough emeralds to purchase a saddle.

To Go For Fishing For Saddle:

  1. While fishing, keep an eye on the saddles. Though chances are low, you should stay alert. This method is helpful only if you are more into fishing. Else go for other options.
  2. First, you need to craft a fishing rod. To make a simple fishing rod you can use two pieces of string and three sticks. The string can be crafted from spiders and sticks can be crafted from wood Planks.
  3. Once you’re ready with a fishing rod, go to any body of water. You can start fishing. The location of fishing does not matter. Too much fishing will decrease the durability of your fishing rod. For more chances to get saddle while fishing, try to fish deeply.
  4. Continue casting your line out to the water using the fishing rod. The bobber’s dip underwater indicates that you’ve caught something. Stay alert and reel in at the right moment. It will help you catch to come out of water. You can see your catch.

Cheat Options to Get a Saddle:

First of all, you are required to “Enable cheats” for your world. There are two ways to enable cheats. One if you have not created your world and others if you have already created.

  • If you are creating a new world, you can enable cheats right from the “Create World Menu”.
  • If you have already created your world. You can follow these instructions. Open the “Pause Menu”, select “Open to LAN.” Select “Allow Cheats ON”.

The simplest and easiest way to cheat to get a saddle is to open your world in creative mode. Now place a saddle next to your player. Below is “how to get a saddle by cheating”

  • Open your chat window ( Press T) and open creative mode (type /gamemode c). Now, you can select the saddle from the available list of items. Place it in the world. Now, switch back to survival ( type /gamemode s). Here, you can pick up the saddle to use it.
  • Now, open the chat window (Press T) and type the command /give playername saddle 1 to obtain a single saddle.

As you have seen How to Make a Saddle – Finding a Saddle for Your Animal, we are going to explain to you how you can use a Saddle. You can use a saddle for riding horses, pigs etc. Using and removing the saddle is easy. While riding a pig you do remember to kill the pig before trying to remove the saddle. Because you are not allowed to remove the saddle without killing the pig. Now, let us see how to use it.

  1. First, you need to approach a wild horse by taming with an empty hand. Once you will climb on it. You will feel like the horse is trying to throw you off. After some time, the horse will allow you to keep sitting on it.
  2. While riding the horse open your inventory which should have saddle already in it. 
  3. You will see the saddle next to the image of the horse, place a saddle in it. Continue riding around on the horse. Make use of the same controls which you use while moving normally. 
  4. You can also remove the horse’s saddle. To do so, select the horse and remove it. Place it in the inventory.

Wrapping it Up:

We hope you find this article helpful. Stay tuned for more updates related to Minecraft. Keep sharing your feedback. Your feedback helps us to improve and come up with up to the mark content.