How to Delete All Photos from iPhone But Not iCloud?

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone But Not iCloud?

There are few Easy Ways to Delete Photos from iPhone But Not iCloud. You might have heard people asking how to free up space in their iPhone? Is deleting photos from iPhone can help in freeing up some space? How can I save photos in iCloud and delete all photos from my iPhone? The answer to all the questions is Yes!!Photos can be deleted from the iPhone gallery and can be saved as a backup in iCloud storage. This way you will end up having your photos and some free space on your iPhone.

One might also want to know, How to delete all photos from the iPhone?  How to mass delete photos from iPhone? You can delete all photos from your iPhone but save them in iCloud. You can delete all photos in one go from iPhone, to do this you only have to select all albums from your iPhone and you can delete them all in one go.

Well, technically Apple’s iCloud allows you to share and backup photos across all iOS devices which are linked with the same apple account. Sometimes you could want to delete photos only from your iPhone, but they will get automatically deleted from your iCloud as well. However, sometimes you may want to delete photos off your iPhone to free up some space, but want to keep them in iCloud as a backup. Here arises the question in your mind. Is it possible to all delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud?

Apple does not provide the direct way to delete some photos from your iPhone yet preserving the same on iCloud. But there are always some workarounds for this. The solutions which we are going to explain here will help you to do the task most easily without disobeying any rules and protocol. In this article, we will show you all possible simple methods to delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud so that you can still have those photos and use the pictures whenever you need the same. To accomplish this, you will have to separate your iPhone’s photos from your iCloud account. Now, let us talk about the simplest methods to do this.

1. To Disable iCloud Photos on Your iPhone

Here we will explain in simple terms “how to delete photos from iphone but not icloud”? If you want to delete iPhone photos only, then you are required to separate your iPhone’s photos from your iCloud account. To accomplish this, you are supposed to turn off “iCloud Photo Library” on your iPhone.

First, let us understand the role of iCloud on the iPhone.The sole purpose of designing iCloud Photos is to sync all your pictures and videos related data among your iOS devices with the same Apple Account. Once you activate this feature in your device, all photos on your iPhone are synced to iCloud and other iOS devices or Mac that are signed with the same iCloud account. This is the reason, you don’t find the same photos in your iCloud account as well which you deleted from your iPhone. Deleting from iPhone means deleting from all the storage’s which are linked with the same Apple account.

So the basic and shortest key to delete photos from iPhone but not from iCloud is to turn off iCloud photo sharing. Turning off iCloud Photos on an iPhone means that it will stop syncing the media files only on the iPhone. The synchronization will continue among your other Apple devices. All your photos and videos that have already uploaded to iCloud via syncing media files will remain in iCloud server without any damage or losing the same until you access your cloud storage limit or re-enable this feature again.

To do this follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, check and make sure you have signed in with your Apple ID.
  2. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone.
  3. Click Apple ID > iCloud > Photos
  4. Then turn off iCloud Photos.
  5. Then go back to the “Gallery”.
  6. Now, you can delete unwanted photos from your iPhone and the same photos will remain in iCloud photos.

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

Congratulations!! Here you deleted all photos from the iPhone but not from iCloud in the easiest way.

2. Use other Cloud Server and not iCloud for Photo Backup

Use other Cloud Server

From other cloud servers here we mean iCloud substitutes such as Google Photos, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. You can upload your photos in any of the cloud storage. The photos will be safely stored and then you may delete them directly from your iPhone gallery. Here, you are not required to iCloud settings. This is also a good option if you are facing storage issues with your iPhone. To free some storage you do not wish to delete your photos permanently, in that case, this can be the best solution. 

You should be knowing that your iPhone photographs will consequently sync up to iCloud when you turn on iCloud Photos, and you have the access to synchronized photographs from various iOS gadgets that are marked in with a similar Apple ID. That is the reason, in the event that you remove photographs to free up iPhone stockpiling, they will get naturally removed from iCloud and all different iOS gadgets simultaneously. Here, you can reinforce your iPhone photographs with iCloud elective, so that you don’t have to stress over losing them after deletion. 

Here we will talk about Google Photos as a substitute to iCloud storage to show you how to use some other cloud server than iCloud for photo backup. You can proceed with the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. On your iPhone, go to the App Store
  2. Download Google Photos App.
  3. Open the Google Photos app.
  4. Allow it to access all your photos.
  5. Sign in to your Google account. 
  6. Tap the menu icon select Settings.
  7. Then tap on “Back up & sync” to turn it on.
  8. Google Photos will save all the photos you take on your iPhone. Now, you can delete photos from your iPhone and they won’t be deleted from Google Photos.

3. Sign out of iCloud Account and Sign-in into Another One

Sign out of iCloud Account

Another practical method is to sign out of your current iCloud account and then sign-in into your iPhone with another new iCloud account. After uploading your iPhone photos to iCloud that is integrated into the old Apple ID, you may sign out of this account and sign in with another new Apple ID. Then you may delete all photos from your iPhone without getting them erased from your former iCloud account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. scroll down to the bottom and click on `Sign Out”.
  3. On the pop-up window, enter your Apple ID password.
  4. Click on “Turn Off” to disable Find My iPhone.
  5. Go back to Settings 
  6. Tap on the Apple ID, then sign-in back with another iCloud account.
  7. Now select all the photos you want to delete from your iPhone albums and delete them. This way the photographs remain in the former iCloud account.

Here, one thing to be Noted is that if you sign back in your former Apple account, iCloud will automatically start sharing your pictures with the device again.

To sum up

The above-discussed methods are easy and simple which will help you to delete photos from your iPhone but protect them in your iCloud account. These methods are way too simple and to apply these you don’t need too much technical knowledge. This way anyone can easily follow the steps even if you are a new iPhone user. 

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