How Digital Healthcare is revolutionized with IoT


Internet of Things has granted the potential to gather, share and access information through cloud computing. People across boundaries can share data, records and analyse new data streams faster and more accurately. Owing to the easy and effective it is bringing in every sphere; the healthcare sector is also one of the primary domains it is serving.

IoT has made it possible to widen the scope of healthcare by making it easily accessible to the people. This sector can leverage IoT driven data system that essential to develop an embedded system. These advanced systems have the ability to collect patient data remotely. With the help of microcontrollers, this data can be fetched by different medical practitioners across the world who have the access. The data can be used to analyse and device remedy to the medical condition. The pool of specialised doctors can look closely into the problem area and communicate wirelessly.  Here are some of the ways how connected health services have revolutionised the healthcare sector:

  • Clinical Workflow:
    • Interconnected devices have made it simpler to locate the staff and patient in real-time.
    • Regulate the temperature and environment as per every patient’s comfort
    • Ensure accuracy, speed, and power-efficiency
  • Patient Experience:
    • Patient’s health can be tracked, and medication can be managed in real-time
    • Intimates the doctors before the situation is out of control
    • Record and generate Patient-Related Data (PRD) to map with patient history and document the current situation for records
  • Wearables and Medical Devices:
    • Wearable devices record patient data
    • Relay patient’s medical condition to the healthcare provider
    • Early diagnosis to improve the quality of care extended
  • Surgery and Operation
    • sensor and connectivity technology
    • interact in the form of rich graphics and multimedia channels
    • augmented reality and virtual reality combined to create real-time simulations while operating

It is evident that however intelligent the machinery will become, it cannot overpower the accuracy of the decisions made by experienced professionals in this field. Yet, connected health technology has the power to bring the people close to best-in-class experience thus reducing the healthcare expenses incurred by the hospital and the patient. It has eliminated the hassle of arranging medical aid, managing logistics for the doctor, etc.

The advanced trends bring sensory mechanism to lights that can be monitoring people’s behaviors and gauge what is right and what is wrong in the system. Apart from the comfort, it extends to the patients; the hospitals benefit from achieving the lowest cost of treatment and efficient power management. From the past few decades, IoT is bringing out significant elevation in the healthcare landscape making an institution’s internal systems easy to use, manage and procure. With overall developments and advancements in healthcare, people involved in each step are leveraging happily connected spaces.


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