How cloud infrastructure services can help in achieving business transformation


An extended and distinct period of history has witnessed the growth and decline of the major economies of the world. There is not a single economy that has not suffered in the past century, trades have flourished and have even suffered, it all depends on what is the state of the world and the major economies. If one major economy suffers others follow it, but businesses have existed for thousands of years now and so the way of how it works. Earlier enterprises used to store their data in files and in cabinets, but then a time a came when all of that shifted to storing the company’s data on computers. A time came when data on computers was not considered safe due to the rise in cybercrime and this is when cloud infrastructure solutions were introduced.

Now you might ask what is cloud infrastructure? Cloud infrastructure is primarily a server and has a lot of functions, without cloud infrastructure our IT sector cannot function as it is the backbone of it. Cloud Infrastructure ’s most crucial role is storing files and servers, connecting the IOT (Internet of Things), and using the software. Cloud infrastructure services are not everything virtual; instead they are based on hardware, you see to set up a cloud you need some physical drive connected to the internet all the time which contains all the data, and these are called databases.

As mentioned before, cloud is the new norm and is the backbone of everything in the It industry, without it nothing can function, everything is based on the cloud. Most of the major giants in the IT world have their own cloud services whereas small companies rent cloud infrastructures for themselves. Cloud infrastructure and services are interdependent, without a cloud infrastructure no services can operate over a network and vice versa. Services depend on the cloud infrastructure as without a proper cloud infrastructure the services also might not be able to function correctly. Start-ups and new companies need cloud services to work and setting up cloud infrastructures can become quite costly so to solve that problem companies like Google and Harman (a subsidiary of Samsung) offers cloud infrastructure as a service. Harman’s and Google’s such an offering can be a big help for those companies who don’t have the money to spend on setting up servers and cloud services as they can be rented on a monthly basis.

Companies who are following the same old-fashioned style of storing files and data should opt for the cloud infrastructure services, doing so will benefit them a lot as it is more secure and can be accessed any time at any place in the world. The most significant advantage of cloud infrastructure service is its easy accessibility, it can be easily accessed at any time and at any location around the world. It is effortless to migrate to cloud-based services, companies which offer these services even help you in migrating to these services.

Another thing that has been transformed because of cloud services is how we live our daily lives, all our home appliances and cars are now connected to cloud infrastructure services through which they connect with each other, and anything which is connected to the cloud infrastructure is called smart. Life has transformed a lot because of cloud infrastructure services, a decade ago no one thought that everything will be stored on a database and you will need it for work and home. How exciting it may seem, but life has transformed at a pace nobody even imagined of, it has become a lot more complicated and easier at the same time. It would be fascinating to see what future awaits for us and our future generations, as the current pace of growth makes it difficult to say.


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    I want to know how it can help in storage of data in mobile using cloud.
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