Best 15 Free Live Sports Streaming Websites of 2020


There are millions of sports fans from all over the world, and that’s why they are looking for some best sports streaming sites to watch games anytime, anywhere.

The New Year awaits new sports events! 2020 is going to be the year of sports tournaments and events. It’s going to be an extremely thrilling year for all the sports lovers out there. 

All thanks to the readily availability of internet, that everything and anything is just a click away. Today, one can easily get the game schedules, current live games, and sporting discussions. There’s no scope of missing onto anything. One can watch their favorite player playing the game whenever they want. But with our hectic schedules, it becomes really daunting to keep up with the sporting world. 

With so much advancement in the live sports streaming arena, more and more people are restoring to live-streaming of sports online than watching them on mainstream media.

If you are someone who understands the pain of missing a crucial game; someone who believes that the real joy of a goal is in experiencing it than listening about it, then you are a true sports fanatic. We bring the top 15 free sports streaming sites for all the sports fanatics. With this, we wish to make your 2020 more exciting and thrilling.

Free Live Sports Streaming Websites

1. Streamwoop


This is one of everybody’s favorite free sports streaming sites. Very popular among North American viewers, this website has an abundance of American sports like NFL, NBA, and NHL. 

The user interface is extremely easy to understand and access even for a new user. The tabs are simply labeled and neatly place, making the entire website looks clean and properly designed. The interface includes tabs for trending events, replays, live competitions, and today’s games. 

Not just that, Streamwoop knows how to keep the users engaged – it provides a social element through its chatroom. You can also share game streaming experiences and concerns with the forum and get timely assistance. 

Sports available on Streamwoop: Tennis, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, and football. 


  1. The user interface is extremely simple 
  2. It’s absolutely free
  3. A rich variety of sports
  4. No signup and registration 
  5. Powerful search engine tool for finding matches
  6. A community forum for timely assistance 


  1. Not great for European leagues
  2. Not available for all countries

2. MamaHD


If there’s one best site to watch live champions league, then it has to be MamaHD. This website is extremely popular with European League sports as well as North American sports. Hence, it is highly admired in the UK and the USA with 40 percent of its 5 million monthly visitors.

The MamaHD website not just connects you with great sports activities and events; it also enables you to converse with millions of sports fans across the globe. The only negative part about this website is that it is not mobile-friendly, therefore, it gets a little difficult for the viewer to watch live streams while traveling. 

Sports available on MamaHD: Horse racing, cricket, live boxing, UFC, WWE, college basketball, soccer, NFL, NHL, tennis, and gymnastics. 


  1. Great variety of sports
  2. Presentable graphics
  3. Free of cost. No registration, no sign-up. 
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Broadcast links allow jumping between the working links to continue streaming


  1. The live chat option is unreliable. It disconnects after some time. 
  2. Rare offline moments



Though the interface of this website is not that attractive, this is one of the most outstanding free sports streaming websites. The website’s simple UI is attributed to its use of complex CSS and animation effects, but for streaming online sports there is no better website than 

Just one thing you should be taking care of while streaming on is to browse through the list of broadcast links before the game begins and check whether they are working or not. 

This is indeed the best website for all the Manchester United matches. 


  1. Wide variety of sports streaming options
  2. Nicely organized & user-friendly interface
  3. No registration or sign-up


  1. UI is less stylish and attractive
  2. Not great for finding smaller games and competition

 4. VipBox


This is another amazing website for free sports streaming. The best thing about this website is its smart & appealing UI layout. Moreover, its multi-lingual support makes it a popular sports streaming website. 

The five-year-old platform is gaining over 20% more visitors each month. One more thing that we love about this website is its stable broadcast links. So, when you are streaming your favorite sports on VipBox, you don’t have to worry about switching tabs to watch the same game. 

Sports available on VIP box: Soccer, Gaelic, Field Hockey, Swimming, NCAAB, College football, F1, AFL and more.


  1. An appealing layout of the website
  2. Clearly defined search bar
  3. Reputable soccer streaming website
  4. The most reliable and stable live streaming links


  1. Hard to keep us with the location as the site often changes domain name.

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5. Myp2p


This is one website that has evolved with time. Initially, Myp2p was more like a blog, but now it’s a different world of online entertainment. This website has metamorphosed from a blog to one of the most popular sports streaming websites. The website pages update every five minutes to make sure that you are streaming the latest game. So, when you are on Myp2p, forget the F5 or refresh button.

Sports available on Myp2p: Ice-hockey, cricket, football, champions league, UEFA, and many more.


  1. It is a prime website for streaming American football and soccer
  2. Super-fast loading of the pages
  3. Auto-refresh keeps the stream updated


  1. The simple and less appealing UI design

6. Feed2All


This website has one of the simplest user interfaces among other free sports streaming websites. The simple UI allows users to readily access the latest games and competitions. Also, this website is extremely easy on the eyes because of the absence of glare. Therefore, you can happily enjoy your favorite game in a dark room without stressing your eyes. 

Sports available on Feed2all: Live boxing, UFC, WWE, Cricket, F1, MotoGP, and snooker. 


  1. You can select your specific time zone and kick-off time is displayed appropriately
  2. Keeping a track of upcoming games is easy as they are highlighted with an illustrative logo
  3. The UI is simple and user-friendly
  4. Less or zero ads to interrupt your stream


  1. The updating of new games is slightly slower in comparison to other free sports streaming sites

7. Live Soccer TV

This is the platform that offers a wide range of sports disciplines to its audience. The website has a wide range of sports, replays, current live games, live streaming, and much more. 

The user interface is most intuitive and easy to access. It is properly divided into different categories – one is for live scores and the other is for archives. So, whenever you miss a game, just watch the recorded game on Live Soccer TV. 


  1. Attractive yet easy interface
  2. Real-time updates and alerts 


  1. Limited access in some countries like the UK

8. Cricfree


If you are looking for a free sports live streaming website that is simple yet extremely user-friendly, then Cricfree is the one. The landing page of this website has a clearly defined schedule with the present hour, following hour, and coming weekend – this allows you to check the availability of your favorite sports game beforehand.

Cricfree also has stable and dependable broadcast links. 


  1. User-friendly and easy interface
  2. Stable and updated broadcast links


  1. Notably poor visibility on social media

9. Batmanstream


This is one of the best places to watch sports live for free. There are approximately 15 million monthly visitors on this website. 

Batmanstream gives you access to a wide range of sports. Moreover, you also find a friendly chat widget where all the heated debates take place regarding the latest events. 

Sports available on Batmanstream: NHL, NBA, Rugby, Football, and many others. 


  1. Access to a wide variety of sports
  2. Stable and update broadcast links
  3. Website is always online with an uptime of 95%


  1. Limited access in some countries

10. WatchESPN


WatchESPN is one of the most popular websites for free HD sports streams. It has one the largest collection of sports games and the interface is extremely easy and user-friendly. Offering both free and premium packages with the free sports available to watch without having to sign-up or register. Whereas, the premium games available on the website require you to log in. 

You can stream your favorite game whenever and wherever because WatchESPN is available on the web, Android and iOS platforms. 

Sports available on WatchESPN: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Cricket, Horse racing, and others. 


  1. Simple, clean and easy interface
  2. High definition video streams


  1. Not available in all country 
  2. Not all sports are available due to copyright issues
  3. Not completely free

11. Hotstar


The Star Networks owned site, Hotstar offers free live sports streaming for a variety of sports in the world. There are several sports that can be streamed in HD quality by Indian users who are accessing the content free through Hoststar’s mobile application. However, the content available on Hotstar’s web portal is not free. 

If you are sitting outside India, and you want to access content for free, then you require a VPN. Hotstar is available both in Android and iOS applications. 

Sports available on Hotstar: Cricket, Athletics, Kabaddi, eSports, Golf, F1, and many more.


  1. Great streaming quality
  2. Simple and easy UI
  3. Interruption free streaming


  1. Limited to just Indian users

12. Sony LIV


If you love watching soccer matches, then this is the best website for you. Offering HD quality sports, Sony Liv is completely free when it comes to streaming sports with premium packages for entertainment and movie channels. 

The website has a page dedicated to displaying upcoming game schedules, highlights, talk shows, etc. You can access Sony Liv anytime & anywhere because it’s available both on Android and iOS applications. 

Sports available on Sony Liv: Cricket, Tennis, UFC, WWE, Redbull Air Race, NBA and more. 


  1. Wide range of content
  2. Simple and easy UI
  3. Entertainment content is also available


  1. Restricted in some countries
  2. Majorly Indian content with no subtitles

13. Laolal.TV


Austria based sports streaming website is extremely popular in Germany. Offering sporting content in two different languages – Germany and English, is gives nothing short of HD live streaming experience for all the available sports to its users.

You also get the option to record any match and watch it later while you are offline. You also get a chatting forum where you can talk about any sports that fans are into. is also available on Android and iOS apps.

Sports available on Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Handball, Beach Volleyball, and others.


  1. Global availability 
  2. Available in two different languages


  1. Google Ads available

14. Stream2Watch


The US popular live sports streaming website is one of the best websites for indoor viewing. Stream2Watch gathers streams from various other sites making invasive and misleading pop-up ads a command thing on this website.

The interface is dark-clad. The best part about this website is its multiple mirror links and fast streaming speed. Unfortunately, the site is not mobile-friendly. 

Sports available on Stream2Watch: Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Darts, Cycling, Golf, American Football, and many more.


  1. Fast streaming speed
  2. Easy access to the wide range of sports content


  1. Misleading and intrusive pop-up ads

15. LiveTV

The multi-lingual live streaming makes this website one of the best free sports streaming sites. The live-streaming cater to a diverse global audience. The content is available in four different languages – Spanish, Italian, Russian and English.

The interface is great and is divided into three subsections. LiveTV is also available both on Android and iOS.

Sports available on LiveTV: NBA, NHL, NFL, Basketball, Soccer, and others. 


  1. Multi-lingual support
  2. Simple UI which is easy to navigate


  1. Not available globally
  2. Misleading pop-up ads 

These above-mentioned websites will ease the daily struggles of sports fans that are looking for reliable and good sports streaming sites. With new IPL season around the corner, get your hands on these websites and watch IPL live stream for free. 

Keep watching, keep playing!



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