Best 5 Free Audio Editing Apps and Software for Android In 2019



Technology has advanced a lot. It has, again and again, proved its potential to the human race. With the launch of Android OS, possibilities started expanding and growing. Now, you can record an important college lecture to refer to the important points later on or showcase your singing and dancing talent without going to a studio.

However, Android mobiles do not have inbuilt audio editing apps but you can always download them from your play store. Below is the list of the best audio editor for Android OS.

Best 5 Free Audio Editing Apps and Software for Android

  • Voice Pro

Voice Pro is one of the best audio editing apps with a bunch of features. It is basically a voice editing app for Android and it lets you record your voice in 100 different formats. The voice can be recorded up till 320 kbps bit rate and up till 4800 HZ sample rate.

In fact, it is also an audio editing software because it can encode the audio file in 8 or 16 bytes. After that, it registers them in Mono and Stereo formats. It also contains an ability to add real-time background score to your recordings, merge recordings and mix.

To use Voice Pro, you need to pay $12.99. However, if you do not like the app you can return it within 2 hours of purchase and get a refund according to the Google Play Policy.

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  • Pocket Band Pro-Social DAW

It is a great audio editing app for Android. You can make high-quality soundtracks with this app. If you are in the field of music, you are going to love this music editor for Android. You can make a sequence of loops by mixing synths, drums, analog modulators, samplers, and audio recordings.

Apply FX to all the channels and export it via ringtones or MP3 player. You can also publish, play and remix in the apps’ own community. This audio editing app for Android is fast and completely free.

  • Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

The interface of this particular App resonates with a good audio editing software. It has some amazing features which make it the best audio editing app for Android. You can do some advanced audio editing like multi-track audio recording, sample rate conversion, MIDI sequencing, and latency correction.

It is a great audio editing app as it gives you the liberty to import and export files in different formats and it can also create separate audio files from different audio tracks.

You can also connect to the USB interface of this music editing app for Android and record or edit audio files from there. A free trial of this app is available with limited functionality. If you want to use all the features, then it will cost you $6.99.

  • Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis is one of the best audio editors for Android because of its amazing interface. The interface contains waveforms, sliders, and upfront options panels. It is very easy to record and edit files with this particular App.

Everything is done in just a few taps. The app does not offer very complex audio editing options but it is perfect if you have simple editing needs.

With this music editor for Android, you can cut, copy and paste different streams. You can also delete or insert new streams. Apart from that, it is also possible to reduce the noise, normalize the track, add fade in and fade out effects, change pitch and tempo and mix a current audio file with another audio file.

It is possible to also import video formats like MP4, 3g4 and 3g2. This audio editing app for Android is totally free, but it restricts you to export in MP3 format. To avoid that, you will have to make an in-app purchase.

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  • MP3 Cutter

It is yet another amazing audio editing app for Android. It is a very simple and convenient tool for editing music and audio files. This music editor for Android also supports merging two different audio files. With this application, you will have fun editing music.

The app has ample of features which makes it very easy to edit the files. The app is free to download and comes with ads as well. However, it has various in-app purchases.


So, these were some of the best audio editing Apps and software for Android. Check all of these properly. Use the trial versions of the audio editing App in your Android mobile phone and see what you like.

Proceed with the Apps that seem easy and convenient. Some of the Apps replicate audio editing software as well. Thus, it is easier for you to edit or record anything on the go.

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