How to Factory Reset an iPhone and iPad Touch Without Losing Your Data?



Are you scared after just reset the iPhone to lose valuable iPhone data? After resetting your iPhone, you need backup copies and restoring backups to your iPhone. Effective solutions are now available with us to reset iPhone without losing data. Just read the article below to find your own answers!

Many of you must have various questions such as: So how can reset/reboot iPhone just without losing any data? Know how to reset your iPhone? Is it necessary to reset the iPhone and fix the problem of iPhones low speed?

And, think if your iPhone has a problem connecting to WIFI, and if I use some new apps with it, it runs slower. So just wondering if your iPhone can be reset to get a faster speed and without losing any data? This article will be a one-stop solution for all the above questions.

The reason users need to reset their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is usually due to short battery life, Wi-Fi connection problem, low running speed, stuck iDevice, or internal bugs. So how can iPhone or other iDevices be reset?

It indicates you first create backups before resetting your iPhone so you can select backup and restore important personal data to iCloud after resetting your iPhone. Follow next tutorial solutions to fix problems with iPhone reset.

So, for the biggest question: how to factory reset iPhone? How to reset iPhone 7? How to reset iPhone 8? How to reset iPhone 7 plus? How to reset iPhone 6 plus? How to reset an iPad mini? Factory reset iPad mini? How to factory reset iPhone 8? Factory reset iPhone 8? How to reset settings on the iPhone? How to format the iPad? Steps to reset the iPhone without losing data?

The following are the steps to solve all your problems:

Step 1: Before resetting just backup important iPhone data

While you have to reset your iPhone to gain faster speed or greater efficiency, your personal data, such as with contacts, photos, videos or emails you have received, is also crucial. I recommend that you back up iCloud data that is safer than iTunes data backup.

You may also be able to erase iTunes data when you reset your iPhone. Let’s see how you can easily back up iPhone and other iOS device data to iCloud:

  1. Connect your device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) to WiFi.
  2. For iOS 8 or any later iOS, click on Settings > iCloud > Backup.

For iOS 7 or any earlier, click Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

  1. Ensure to turn ON iCloud Backup.
  2. Click on Back Up Now.

You can select contacts, photos or videos to back up to iCloud in this process. Stay connected to WiFi until completion of the process. You should follow: Settings > iCloud > Storage > Storage management and select your device to check whether or not all of your data has been saved.

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Step 2: Now easily reset iPhone 7, Reset iPhone 8, iPad or iPod

You have to be very cautious when rebooting your iOS device in this step: go to Settings > Tap General > Reset > reset mode: reset all settings

Do not tap all content and settings to be erased. Or you will erase all your personal settings, apps and data. You can then restore your backups back to your iPhone after all settings are done.

You could either restore the iCloud backup to your iPhone directly or use iPhone data recovery software that helps you. These will certainly restore your own backups because sometimes iCloud may not work at all.

Step 3: Restore iCloud backup after resetting iPhone

The iCloud backup recovery jobs can be done by two methods for you: restore iCloud to iPhone directly and restore an iCloud backup via iPhone data recovery software. Let’s see how iCloud backups can be restored now:

Method 1. Restore iCloud backups to iPhone

How can iPhone 8 and iPhone 9 be reset? For devices iOS 9 or iOS 8: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Storage > Tap iCloud Backup > Select backups to restore. How can iPhone 6 or earlier be reset? Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Choose your backups to be restored on iOS 7 or earlier device.

When preserving iCloud backups to your iPhone, you have to be patient. If you find some data or text messages not being restored to your iPhone, try following the next steps of the tutorial to restore all data from EaseUS using iPhone data recovery software.

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Method 2. Restore iCloud backup systems with iPhone software for data recovery

EaseUS MobiSaver can be freely downloaded and Connect iPhone to PC. Follow next steps to restore backups for iCloud now.

  1. Start EaseUS MobiSaver on your PC/Laptop.

Pick recovery mode on “Retrieve from iCloud Backup” and sign in iCloud.

  1. Inspect the iCloud backup to extract all the data

Simply select your backup file for iCloud and patiently wait until all your data is found and displayed by the app after the iCloud has been scanned.

  1. Restore and Preview data from iCloud backup to PC

To preview and mark the files you want, click the correct file type on the left and click the “Recover” button to get them all back once. To save all iCloud backup data to your PC, specify a folder on your computer.

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