Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020

Einthusan Alternatives

The entertainment industry is continuously and rapidly evolving since a human has evolved. Entertainment industry includes Acting, Dancing, Drama, Live Stage Performances, Mimicry, Stand-up comedy, Laughter shows, Singing, Stage performances, etc. Out of all these Dancing, Drama and Singing were the very first attempts of mankind in the field of entertainment. The Entertainment industry is all about showing talent. In recent times, the entertainment industry has grown very fast. The love for Indian movies is ever-growing. People want to watch movies in their leisure time.

Einthusan is one of the most popular movie streaming sites. It is the best free movie streaming site across the world. Besides movies, it also gives you access to watch web series, TV shows. You can download in HD quality your favourite movies or TV shows from Einthusan. If you feel irritated or annoyed by the pop-up or in-stream ads, you can get rid of it easily by opting for the premium version of Einthusan.

Similar to torrent or any other illegal movies downloading websites, Einthusan keeps changing its domain name. Earlier, to get movies, web series or TV series we needed to visit but now it’s domain has been changed to This website provides an extensive range of Einthusan Tamil, Einthusan Hindi Movies and Einthusan  Telugu movies. On this portal, you can find any underrated or latest movie/film that is not much popular and also not available anywhere else on the internet. For sure, you will find that movie on Einthusan.

Einthusan Hindi has an extensive Hindi movies collection. Einthusan is more famous for its enormous South Indian movie collection. Here, You can watch and enjoy movies for free, though, you will experience many interruptions by the ads that may ruin the experience for you. So, to avoid that you may go for the premium membership.

So, if you are a true lover of Indian movies, but unfortunately Einthusan movies are banned in your country, then this article provides you with Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020.

What Do You Need to Know About Einthusan?

Einthusan is no less than a treasure for those who are looking for a free movies download site. Before moving ahead, we would like to tell you more about Einthusan 2020. You should be knowing that this website has been accused of piracy issues and promoting copyrighted contents even though this website claims “Our library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional languages of India.” Still, the website has been banned in multiple countries including India. If you are a resident of India and want to visit Einthusan website, you can make use of VPN technology. The latest or working website is

We all are well aware that Einthusan is not the only website to download movies in HD quality but there are many similar websites out there on Google. With the revolution and rapid growth of the internet around the globe, nowadays, almost all of us are currently using free online movie streaming sites.

In this article, we have got you covered everything about Einthusan. We will also tell you about top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020.

What is Einthusan?

Einthusan is a website like a torrent. This website lets its users watch and download movies and TV series online for free. It provides movies in HD quality.

What Made Einthusan So Popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of Einthusan is that it provides movies in multiple languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu etc. It is also a huge collection of South Asian movies which you can watch anywhere and anytime. You just need to have a good internet connection.

How to Login Into Einthusan?

While Login into Einthusan, you are not required to submit any private or confidential information or directly purchase a premium subscription. Just visit the latest domain website of Einthusan and sign up as you do for sites like torrent. It is just with the premium subscription you have to watch movies or TV shows with ads.

What About Einthusan App?

Though einthusan website is a user-friendly website. Einthusan had an android application to watch movies and TV series. But unfortunately, Einthusan app has been removed from the Google Play store and now it is no longer available for download.

Likely, the Einthusan owner will soon launch an official version of Einthusan app. So, stay tuned!!

What About the Legality of Einthusan?

The website has been banned in India but you can access the same in some other regions across the globe. Nothing is confirmed as of now. As per the reports, the website has been banned for piracy issues and for promoting copyrighted contents on their portals. Einthusan is claimed to have legally licensed over 5000 movies to avoid any legal trouble in their growth.

How to Watch Einthusan Through VPN?

As we have already mentioned that the website is banned in India. In case, you still want to go to this platform, you will have to use a VPN. Through VPN you can open any site anywhere anytime irrespective of whether it is legal or not.

You only have to enable any VPN connection to your device. Now, set the location for which the Einthusan isn’t blocked. Use the VPN device and then you can watch all the movies and TV series for free anywhere.

Top Six Einthusan Alternatives 

1. YouTube

If you are using the internet continuously, likely, you would come across the YouTube platform. It is very difficult to avoid the world’s largest video sharing and searching portal. As it allows its user to be entertained with billions of videos free of cost.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the biggest and best video streaming portal around the world. You can see many free movies downloading sites on Google but nothing can beat YouTube. On this platform, you can use various popular short movies also. 

Also, nowadays YouTube is being used as a learning site. You can watch videos related to education, art and craft, dance, music, painting and many more in various languages.

Although YouTube does not have an enormous collection of Hindi or South Indian movies, however, various channels on YouTube offer free and legal live movie streaming. YouTube provides you the option to choose the quality of videos as per your requirement.

YouTube is free. Its interface is so simple and user-friendly. Creating an account on YouTube is also not necessary. You can watch any series or movie without logging into YouTube. It is very easy to use and also, it does not require any paid subscription. You might have to watch in-stream unskippable ads which at times become irritated.  

2. Hotstar

When it comes to the Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020, Hotstar is bound to top the list. So, If you are looking for an Einthusan alternative, you can pick Hotstar. It offers an extensive range of HD quality videos and movies for free.

Hotstar has become popular in India and the courtesy goes to Indian Premier League (IPL). Apart from sports events, Hostar offers hundreds of Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and English movies free. There are some movies or web series for which you need to have its premium membership.

The best part about Hotstar is that it only offers legal video or movie content. You do not have to worry about any piracy issues. If you want to enjoy watching your favourite movie or series on the go, then you can download Hotstar iOS and/or Android app.

Hotstar also offers Hindi TV series, shows and live TV to its premium subscription members. To enjoy watching movies or TV shows endlessly, Hotstar has iOS and Android applications for mobile users.

3. Netflix

Netflix has managed to capture the entertainment market by extending its wings worldwide including India. Since Einthusan is not accessible in India, you can use Netflix as one of the Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020.

Nowadays, Netflix India is producing several movies and series specifically for the Indian audience. Few of the popular series include Delhi Crime, Little things, Sacred Games etc. This streaming site provides a one-month free trial to its users. For further use, you need to pay the charges monthly or yearly as per your suitability or you can check Netflix Membership plans here.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most popular visited portals. It has gained popularity not only in India but also across the world. There are various popular series which were launched on Amazon Prime Video, one of them is Mirzapur. It became famous in India ever since it launched its original and most popular web series Mirzapur.

It is said that Amazon Prime Video is the cheapest video streaming platform in India. It has a large number of subscribers and people are liking it very much. You can also download Tamil movies for free via Amazon Prime Video portal.

The platform offers a variety of Documentary, TV shows, Short films, Movies, Web series. To know about subscription click here. Various telecom operators provide access to Amazon Prime Video free of cost for some limited time. For a better streaming experience, you can download its iOS or Android application available on iStore and google play store both.

5. ZEE 5

ZEE5 is one of the best online streaming platforms. In case, you are looking for some bold content or some latest movie you should go to Zee5. It’s iOS and Android application is also available.

The application or website is owned by Essel Group via its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). The application or website was launched recently. Still, it has managed to grab people’s attention due to its amazing and appealing contents. It is one of the Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020. To know about its subscription plans click here.

6. ALTBalaji

ALTBalaji is also one of the Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020 to explore movies and various TV shows free. This online video streaming platform is majorly known for sensual contents.

The website or application is owned by a subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms Ltd. The website was launched 3 years back and over two-three years, ALTBalaji has become a household name in India.

ALTBalaji is currently available in various interfaces for its users. The company claimed to be having the largest content database bank that any Indian online streaming platform has ever produced. Also apart from movies, it has many comedy and laughter shows in various languages. To know about its subscription plans click here.

To Wrap It Up!!

Being a piracy content website, the legality of Einthusan is still having a big question mark. The fight between Einthusan’s fans and opponents are like cats and dogs. Fans are not ready to accept that Einthusan is illegal. At the same time, Einthusan’s opponents never miss an opportunity to come up with points that prove that Einthusan is entirely illegal.

So, we cannot commit whether or not Enthusian is purely legal. Also, this platform is banned in several countries, including India. Here, it raises more questions about the legality of Einthusan. Although all of the above mentioned Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020 offer an amazing experience. However, if you want to have the ultimate Einthusan experience, then you should go for subscriptions. You may also have to opt for more than one Top Six Einthusan Alternatives with Guaranteed Zero Downtime in 2020 to enjoy watching the best and latest movies, series, and live TV experience.

There are many negatives of the movie industry as Movie Piracy is one of the major issues nowadays. 

We TechStoryNews, neither we support nor we promote piracy as it is an illegal and punishable offence as per the Anti-Piracy Act.



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