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Download GBWhatsApp Apk 6.65 Latest Version (Updated) 2019




Well, the fantasy of using multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device aroused with the introduction of this amazing messaging app called “WhatsApp” in the market. Since we live the technological evolution each day this fantasy has been brought to the being.

If you aren’t aware of this fact, stick till the end and you will surely get the details of this fact and also a multiple WhatsApp account through GBWhatsApp on your device.

What is GBWhatsApp

As mentioned above, now we have various WhatsApp mods available in the market. One among the popular WhatsApp mods is GBWhatsApp 2019. It is an open source application that is free to download and comes with a bunch of amazing features and customization access.


Some of the amazing features of this popular GBWhatsApp free download are:

  • Provides 100+ language support.
  • Allows sending up to 90 images.
  • Video size of maximum 50 MB is shareable.
  • Allows hiding last seen, blue-ticks and even the “typing” state.
  • Provides various layouts and themes.
  • Allows copying other’s status to your clipboard.
  • You get many new emojis and more of needed privacy in this WhatsApp mod.
  • Allows sending broadcast messages up to 600 people at one time.
  • You also get an extension of character limits for group names and status.
  • Allows recalling the deleted messages

….and many more on the list.

These were few tempting and cool features of the GBWhatsApp latest version. Now, let’s proceed further on how to run the multiple accounts on a single device and how-to free download GBWhatsApp latest version and install them on different devices.

How to run multiple WhatsApp Account

Single device and multiple WhatsApp account are not anymore, a hush-hush affair, we find it very common these days. But many of us still couldn’t make it to this trend because of the lack of detailed procedure that explains how to install multiple WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Fret not, we got you the step-by-step procedure compiled for you to understand how to run multiple WhatsApp accounts. But before we move on, know that you will need new phone numbers for the process and if you don’t have a new number, you can use any of your family member’s phone number and it doesn’t require you to insert the sim in your phone.

You will just have to verify the OTP sent on that phone number.  Alternatively, you can also get the disposable phone numbers from the online services.

Let’s get started with the process:

Step 1 – Download and install GBWhatsApp latest version or GBWhatsApp 2019

Firstly, download and install the GBWhatsApp free download on your device and verify with your phone number. Make sure to not use the same phone number you use for your official WhatsApp account. You may face issues otherwise.

Step 2 – Download and install YOWhatsApp

Download and install YOWhatsApp on your device and verify the YOWA with a new phone number that differs from official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp.

Step 3 – Download and install WhatsApp Plus APK

Now download and install WhatsApp Plus APK on your device and verify it with your number. It is just like any other WhatsApp Mod.


Note: A single device can accommodate 10 and sometimes more WhatsApp accounts. All you require is the new phone number each time you create a WhatsApp account.

So, we are done with how we can run the multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. Now, let’s learn how to download and install the popular GB WhatsApp on different devices like Android, PC, Mac, iPhone.

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Free download GBWhatsApp latest version and Installation on Android

Though the GBWhatsApp is an Android WhatsApp mod, the process of installation of GBWhatsApp APK download for Android latest version is little different from the process of installing the regular Android Apps.

Since it is a third-party application, you will first need to enable the unknown sources (navigate from settings-security-unknown sources).

Well, this application works on both the rooted and non-rooted Android devices. So, let’s get started with the installation procedure of this amazing WhatsApp mod on your Android device.

Here we go:

Step 1 – Firstly find the GBWhatsApp app download APK on the browser and download the GBWhatsApp APK files from the browser and make sure to download the latest version of WhatsApp GB.

Step 2 – Install the app by navigating to your file explorer, search the APK file and tap on install.

Step 3 – After the installation process is completed, enter your number for the verification process and verify it by entering the OTP you received on your device. You can receive OTP by either an SMS or a call.

Voila! You got the GBWhatsApp installed on your device and you are all good to use the fantastic features.

Note: You may find the GBWhatsApp app download APK on the browser. This app is also available on Google Play Store and you are required to update the app every month to continue enjoying the features of this app.

Download and Install GB WhatsApp for PC

Well, you must be aware of the fact that you cannot install the APK file on PC, and to do so you will an Android Emulator for Windows PC.

Below is the step-by-step procedure of installation of GBWhatsApp latest version on PC:

Step 1 – Firstly, get an emulator for your PC. The bluestacks is common and recommended one if you anything superior to it. Install it.

Step 2 – Download the GBWhatsApp latest version Apk and start the installation process. Make sure to download GBWhatsApp 6.70, the latest version.

Step 3 – In case you couldn’t find the working link for GBWhatsApp form the browser, install Google Play Store on your emulator and now select the download GBwhatsApp APK.

Done! You can now enjoy the amazing features of GBWhatsApp on your Windows PC.


Note: For successful installation of GBWhatsApp Apk on your Windows PC carefully follow the steps.

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Download and Install GBWhatsApp for Mac

The installation process of GBWhatsApp on Mac is similar to the process of installing the APK on Windows PC. You will need an Android emulator here as well.

Step 1 – Download the GBWhatsApp APK file, the latest version is recommended and save the app on a certain location you can remember.

Step 2 – Now download and install an Android emulator for Mac.

Step 3 – Now open the GBWhatsApp Apk file using an emulator. Make sure to grant access to the emulator for smooth running and quick accessing of App.

Step 4 – Complete the procedure of installing the app on your Mac and go back to your app menu and use the app on your Mac iOS device.


Note: you can use GBWhatsApp’s latest version on your Mac device if you follow the steps properly and install the app.

Download and Install GBWhatsApp for iPhone

Sadly, the iPhone users cannot find this Android WhatsApp mod in their APP stores. The developers are still working to launch the GB WhatsApp latest version and GBWhatsApp free download for iOS devices.

But until then, you can follow the below steps to install the GBWhatsApp on your iPhone and use it:

Step 1 – Find the Android Emulator for the iOS device on the browser and install it.

Step 2 – Now download and install the GBWhatsApp APK free download on your iOS device.

Step 3 – Open the app using the Android emulator and use it to the fullest.


Note: The iOS devices are soon getting the GBWhatsApp APK launched until then you can follow the above steps to install this WhatsApp mod and use is cool features.


The GBWhatsApp latest version or GBWhatsapp new version APK is completely free to install and provides a bunch of features and layouts to customize the appearance of the WhatsApp like the way you want.

The ultra-cool features that come with this GBWhatsApp free download for mobile and PC will take your WhatsApp experience to a new level and you will surely love it! Give it a shot!

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5 Steps: How to Download Music from Google Play to Your Phone



download music from Google Play


Google Play Music is like a treasure trove of your audio files. Users who have subscribed to Google’s service get access to Play Music’s humongous assemblage of songs. What’s more? You can also upload 50,000 of your own tracks.

In this post, we will learn about google play music upload and how to add music to google play. You will also know about how to download the music to your phone.

Keep reading further to find out the marvels of Google Play Music.

# How to Download Music from Google Play

Sometimes you like a particular music band and want to download music of their particular album or you want to have one of the playlists, then the best way is to use the official Play Music Android App.

The process is very easy and all you have to do is follow these instructions to know how to download music from google play:

  • Open the App and go to the music or song you want to download.
  • You have to tap on the album’s name or a playlist. This will open the context menu.
  • Once you open the context menu, tap Download.
  • After your download is complete, you will see the notification.

There is another feature that allows you to see what songs you have saved via Google Play Music App. Click on the three horizontal bars displayed on the upper left-hand corner, where you will see “Downloaded”. Toggle into the “On” position.

convert google play music to mp3

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# How to Download Streaming Songs from Google Play Music?

Wondering about how to download music to your phone?

The music available on Play Music through a subscription of $ 10 per month cannot be downloaded legally for free. But users can download the music for listening to it offline. This means even if you have lost your data signal, you can still listen to your favorite music.

Just follow these steps to download the music to your phone:

  • Tap on an album, playlist, or radio station you want to listen.
  • Now tap the three vertical dots and select “Download” from the popup menu.
  • Now, return to the app’s home screen to check what songs are being downloaded.
  • Tap on the vertical horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner and then go to Settings > Manage downloads.

how to download music from google play to mp3 player

# Use Google Play Music Manager

The Play Music web player offers a drag-and-drop option using which you can upload your songs, However, there is a better alternative to this interface which using the official Music Manager app.

Apart from uploading music, the Music Manager app can also download your music from the service without any restrictions.

So if you want your entire music library to have MP3 versions, then the best way is to download them from the Music Manager app. Once you have downloaded them, you can send them onto your phone using a USB cable.

how to download music to your phone

For downloading the songs, you have to open the desktop app and go to Download > Download my Library. The Music Manager app for google play download music is available on Windows and Mac free of cost.

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# How to Download All the Music You Own on Google Play

You might wonder if there is any way out for downloading all the music you bought and own on Play Music. Can you download every song you have uploaded? What can do to google play download music?

The process of downloading all the files and each every album will be very taxing and you might even skip some files. Unfortunately, there is no “Download All” button on Google Play Music. You will have to return to the web app and do the download again.

You will have to create batches of playlists and each of the playlists will have 1000 songs. You cannot have more tracks on Playlist in Play Music.

how to download music from google play

The Play Music web app is available at

These are the steps to make a new playlist in the Play Music web app:

  • Go to Music Library > Playlists
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines displayed on the top right-hand corner.
  • Now, select the large Plus icon and name your playlist and if you want you can give a description.
  • Drag the first 1,000 songs in your collection into the list.
  • Repeat the process.

# How to listen to your downloaded songs

Once you have downloaded music to phone, the process is not over yet.

After you have to download music to phone, you can listen to your music only via the Google Play Music app. More so, you cannot even access the original MP3 files without a rooted phone. If you have a rooted device, you can browse to Data > > Files on your device’s storage.

Use a Different Service

One of the most amazing features of Google Play Music is that its upload limit is 50,000. You can’t upload music to google play more than that. But the process to convert google play music to mp3 or getting the MP3 files is very hard.

Therefore, you can always opt for a service that doesn’t alter your files when you first upload them. For instance, you can use OneDrive and Dropbox spring to mind.


In this post, you learned how to download music from google play to mp3 player and to convert google play music to mp3. You just have to follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy your favorite music on Google Play.

The service is exceptionally amazing as lets you learn how to upload music to google play and how to add music to google play via an easy user interface. You will get the hang of all the features in just a few clicks.

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