Digital Transformation Trends for High Tech Industries and Business in 2020


With industries heading towards automation, traditional business practices have now become obsolete. The changing global trends can be met only if the business eyes at exponential growth in their verticals of design, development, production, etc.

The number of digitally powered brains and technology dependent population has demanded a digital transformation in the way how businesses operate. The business owners and executives have realized how the integration of automation, machine learning and data can change the dynamics of the current running business. If such advancement is not introduced in a business vertical the same as the one you are operating in, it is definite to get the first-movers advantage. Giving birth to a new business pedagogy will not a farsighted dream. The digital transformation solutions have covered all the possible operations of departments in a business venture.

This year calls for implying the research held for digital business transformation in different business verticals

Big Data Analytics in enhancing Supply Chain Management

The pace at which operations are expanding demands high-level user-oriented approach. Supply chain and logistics industry will now use big data to understand the demands. The correct recording and computation of the data available give them the advantage to leverage. Technology undoubtedly has the potential to transform supply chains. With an efficient data analytics system, the existing insights can be used to understand the industrial trends and reflect upon them while strategizing for the business. This has helped in better understanding of the market and expansion across boundaries. The supply chain industry will go up to 161,000 in 2021-22 from 145,000 people in 2016-17. The year 2020 will be a benchmark in reaching the heights as eyed for 2021.

Marketing & Customer Experience

The year 2018 was based on user-oriented marketing and the coming year eyes to continue with the same trend. The strategies formulated and the planned roadmap of the companies continue to follow the consumer-centric approach. This means that the focus remains at experiential marketing that fetches in customers. There is transformation when considering marketing function and the way companies are channelizing their approach. Digital transformation clearly aims at the customer-first approach and covering digital touchpoints.

Paper and Packaging

The paper and packaging industry is set to face a major boom with robotics being introduced in this sphere. It has a lot of efficiency and flexibility to offer in the production or assembly chain of the pant. The advanced robots can be programmed with a fresh set of control instructions to perform other tasks or iterations in the current task.

The digital transformation trends are indefinite as evolution is constant. One of the renowned names in digital transformation consulting and implementation sphere is HARMAN Connected Services. The company is constantly developing practices and technology that enhances one’s digital experience. Their aim is to ensure that the company going through transition shall be smooth.


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