5 Easy Ways to Compress a Video File on Mac

How to Compress a Video File

Video file is comparatively too large to send and it needs to reduce for avoiding the problem in uploading and hosting video online. How to compress a video without losing its quality? Unless you require the high definition resolution possible, making video files smaller is superior choice for everyone. It reduces bandwidth usage and uploading time, and there’s less buffering on your viewer’s closing stages.

But how do you easily reduce the size of a video? Read the blog post and find out 5 easy ways how to compress a video on Mac on different systems such as Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

How to Compress a Video File on Mac

  • VLC Media Player:

Among many popular media viewing and editing apps available these days, it’s no wonder that VLC is a good choice to compress video with an ease.

Step1: Firstly, download VLC in Mac version, install it and click media > convert/save.


Step2: You need to click add and choose your video file that you want to compress.


Step3: Press the button “Convert/Save” and bring up conversion options. Then, a profile drop down window will appear; you require choosing the conversion type that you want.


Step4: VLC doesn’t display estimated file sizes, you’ll require guessing at which level of conversion to be valid. Opportunely, VLC has recommendations for various sorts of videos. You can change the resolution of the video if you want to reduce the file size further.


Step5: Once you complete these steps, click Save. You will require mentioning destination location, filename, and clicking browse to specify them.

  • Shotcut: 

Shotcut is an extraordinary alternative for people searching how to compress a video file without spending much time. It comes with plenty of advanced functionality to edit your videos that is intended more as an editor than viewer.

Step1: The very first step is to download Shotcut and then click button “open file” to open the video. After that, you require to export video in a new format.


Step2: In general, using H.264 Baseline Profile is an excellent choice. This format will likely help you how to compress a video without sacrificing on quality aspects. Also, you are allowed to adjust the video size by altering the Aspect or Resolution ratio fields.


However, it’s imperative to be acquainted that you have to adjust the corresponding options manually. If you alter the horizontal resolution, you would have to compute the proper vertical resolution to ensure you don’t end up with a haggard video. You can also make use of the export window to modify exporting choices and get exactly the form of file that you want.

  • QuickTime Player:

When it comes to explore how to compress a video size on a Mac, you should try QuickTime player. QuickTime player is the most favorite and default media player used for Mac system. It provides different preset formats with diverse resolution. You can prefer a suitable one to trim down the video size.

QuickTime Player works as a decent video editing tool with support for the feature to decrease the size. Furthermore, there are various preset formats available with varied resolution and device supports that facilitate altering the video size.

Step1: Open the QuickTime player app from your applications folder and click File to open the specific file to load your video.

Step2: To start making your video size smaller, you have to click file and then click export as. You will see options such as 480p, 720p, 1080p options.

  • VideoSmaller:

If you don’t like to download or use an application on your personal computer, there are plenty of websites have been developed that will allow you to upload a video file and compress its size. The reliable web service is none other than VideoSmaller. It is the simplest and easiest way to compress the video size online.

All you need is to access www.videosmaller.com and there you need to upload a video, tweak certain options and you are all done.


Here, once you upload the video, you will get a first option to make use of a low compression level that results in high quality compressed video. Another option is to scale the particular video that results in lower quality output. But, this second option is worth the tradeoff in size when you compare other choices for how to compress a video.

  • iMovie:

iMovie is an amazing video editing software that with the Mac operating system. It helps you rapidly trim down the large video size on Mac.

If you want to know how to compress a video using iMovie, read the steps given below:

Step 1: Open iMovie and click projects.


Step 2: You need to click the + button and then, click Movie option. Remember to choose no theme, again click create and type a new file name.


Step3: You need to open the specific folder that contains the video file to be trimmed or reduced.


Step4: You have to drag the video file into the iMovie window’s timeline.


Step5: Click the File menu, select Share, and then, select File.


Step6: Click Resolution menu and select a minor resolution, reducing the actual size of both the video frame and file size.


Step7: Click on the quality menu and choose low quality. This will decrease the visual video quality and will result in a smaller file size.


Step8: Click on the compress menu and select smaller file for better resolution video.


Step9: Then you are asked to click next.


Step10: Give a file name and click save.

Here, you will all end up with the steps to reduce video size on Mac using iMovie.

Wrapping up how to compress a video, 

There are several ways exist that help you how to compress a video on Mac. In this post, the best and easy ways are mentioned that can meet all your requirements to reduce the size of a video.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for exciting updates. We will keep updating the articles.


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