How to Change Minecraft Name or Username

how to change name in minecraft

The gaming industry is booming at its full pace. Minecraft is one of the many most famous video games. The monthly active users are in millions worldwide. The credit of game creation is given to Markus Persson, who is a Swedish game developer. This game was later developed by a leading game developer Mojang. It was first published in Sweden. 

Gamers do not give a second thought while buying gaming essentials. Gaming essentials such as Game screen recorders, microphones for live commentary and chat, Advanced monitors etc. have gained popularity. This game has many advanced features which makes it the most exciting game across the globe and a famous game among players. The most exciting feature of the Minecraft game is multiple game mode. This game invites creative minds to explore more creativity while building 3D structures.

In this article, we are going to elaborate “how to change name or username in Minecraft?” Before going to this part, first, let us know the importance of username. An avid internet user must be aware of the importance of user accounts and usernames. 

As we all know, the username is nothing but it plays the role of our identity on the internet and on one particular platform too. Sometimes, you must have wondered why some people use some dynamic name as their username and do not use their real name. Well, username indirectly reflects their personality. It might happen that sometime later you want to change your username. Nowadays we are surrounded by so many social networks across the internet. Some platforms allow you to change your username and some might not permit you to change the username. While some platforms allow you to change your username only once. Well, Minecraft also has some limitations when it comes to changing username. But no need to worry. 

While changing your Minecraft username, a few questions may strike you. Few of those are:

  • What if you cannot find your desirable username?
  • What if you want to retrieve your previous username?
  • What to do if the username is not available?
  • How many times can I change my username in Minecraft?
  • How to change your name in Minecraft?

This article will help you to find the answer to all of your questions. Minecraft allows you to change your username multiple times but it has some limitations.

First, let us see what are limitations in Minecraft related to username.

Lock-in Period:

Minecraft has a 30-day lock-in period, which means once you change your username in Minecraft, the username change feature becomes disable and does not allow you to change your Minecraft name or username for the next 30 days. It is the same for both old and new accounts. So if you are thinking of changing your username in Minecraft frequently, then we feel sorry to let you know that you cannot change the username in Minecraft more then once in a month. It is against Minecraft’s gaming policy.

Username Availability:

Though, the option to change the username in Minecraft comes with a lock-in period. But there is one more problem which is username availability. Every time you intend to change your username, it is a matter of availability. If your desirable username is not available you have to think of some other username for your Minecraft username.

Retrieving Old Username:

This limitation in Minecraft comes with 7-days window. Once you have changed your username in your Minecraft account. But you could want to use your old username. Or you might consider changing Minecraft username as a mistake and want to retrieve your previous username. Here, comes 7-days window which means that Minecraft allows you to go back to your previous username within 7-days of the change you made in your Minecraft profile. After 7-days even if you badly want to use your old username, Minecraft’s policy won’t allow you to do this. After 7-days your old username will be available for others to use but not for you.

Now, let us move on to the requirements of username. As we all know every social media has some policy related to username also. Minecraft too has the same policy. Before switching on “how to change your name or username in Minecraft?”It would be better if you know while choosing a username what all things you need to take care of.

Your username must have 

  • Minimum Characters permitted 3
  • Maximum Character Permitted 16
  • No space is allowed
  • Characters – A to Z (Both upper and lower case)
  • Special Character allowed: (_) Underscore Only

For a Minecraft gamer, steps to be followed to change Minecraft username, are given below. You just have to follow the steps accurately and you can easily change your username in your Minecraft account

To Change Username in Minecraft follow this Step-by-Step Guide: 

  1. Go to Mojang official website. (
  2. Click on “Sign-in
  3. Type your “E-mail id” and “Password” and login into your account.
  4. Now, you will see that you’re redirected to the “My Games” section, it displays a list of your games on Mojang. 
  5. Under “My Games”, you will see your current username for the games on your list.
  6. Click “Change” (On Right Side of the Minecraft username)
  7. Here, you are redirected to the “Rename Profile” section. You find it somewhere in the middle of the screen.
  8. Type your desirable username 
  9. Click “Check Availability”, grey button on the right side of the profile name.
  10. If the username is available, it will be updated to your profile
  11. You are required to verify the changes by re-entering your account password.
  12. Enter “Password”
  13. Click “change name” button

Happy now!! You are all done here with username change. You have successfully updated your username in Minecraft for the next 30 days at least. After the 30 days, you can again change your Minecraft Username. In case you want to use your old username, make sure this thought provokes you within 7-days of username change. One more thing about Minecraft name or username change, if you change your in-game username, same does not imply to your Minecraft website profile details. 

Thank you for reading the article. I hope this article served you better and now are clear on how to change the name in Minecraft. Keep Exploring!! Keep Learning!!