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Bookzz | 6 Best Alternatives to Download Free eBooks



If you are a book lover and you are struggling to find a good websites to download books, then you are going to discover some of the best alternatives to download eBooks for free in this article. After announced its official shutdown in May 2017, we know millions of heart broke that day. Unfortunately, Bookzz had lost their domain and needed to move to another domain which was later called as

Reading is one of the best hobbies anyone can ever have. Reading is an amazing way to exercise your brain, and it also promotes cognitive mental stimulation. Moreover, reading develops our thoughts and gives us endless knowledge. It improves our vocabulary, our thinking ability, and so much more. There are so many books out there. Libraries big and small, bookstores big and small are filled with thousands of books. People who are fond of reading will appreciate these places, while those who aren’t much of a book lover don’t understand the purpose or importance of such places.

In the internet world, where information is abundant, reading books is the best way to be informed about anything and everything. There are plenty of websites on the internet today that give you access to their huge library. Here are the top 6 Bookzz alternatives that you can use to download eBooks for free.




As the name suggests, this is a great website to download expensive digital books at almost no cost. The collection that they have is truly insane. Name a genre, and they have it. You can download books and articles of any genre basis your interest.

And in case, you are done reading everything that was on your wish list, they have a solution for that too. Not just that, you can also download audio-books. So, now when you are too tired to read a book, just plug in your earphones and enjoy the book as the entire book is narrated to you.

Here’s a link of Get downloading now:




This is a Russian based website which has the most extensive collection in its database. There are close to 1.5 million of non-fiction books and an equal number of fictional books as well. The best part is about Library Genesis is that you can easily download these books at no cost. Yes, all the books that are available on this website are absolutely free.

Their search engine is extremely good and easy, as the search fields are easy to understand. Not only this, Library Genesis even gives you free access to scientific articles, fiction, comics, standards and magazines.




As the name itself suggests, Open Library is an open and editable library catalogue building towards a webpage for every book ever published. It’s an online virtual library that houses some millions of books. This website is definitely one of the best alternatives to

The Open Library website looks extremely premium, minimal and user-friendly at the same time. All the books are nicely categorized within different categories like science, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and many more. One more fantastic thing about this library is that it lets you read many old books whose physical copies are not available. All of this and much more at absolutely zero cost. Yes, you read that right. This website is 100% free.

Start downloading:




Book Boon is amazing with regards to features and availability of books. Their website is very user-friendly and has excellent retention properties. So, once you visit their site and start using it, you will get comfortable within a few seconds. Moreover, you also get access to all the gimmick features and other uber-cool things at zero cost.

If you are an avid reader or a student, then Book Boon is perfect for you. No matter what branch you are studying, you will find the books here for free. This website is widely used by students all over the world to download free eBooks and textbooks in different languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and many more.

If you start following them on Facebook, you get a daily new free eBook notification on your Facebook profile.

Here’s a link for you:




This is another excellent site which has technical and non-technical books and articles. It is the world’s largest scientific article store with more than 50,000,000 free articles. There are around 2,784, 195 books that are available and some 52, 429, 917 articles for free.

Famous for its massive collection of books on the topic of religion and culture, this is one of the best alternatives for Bookzz. This website is a heaven for someone who is really interested in research and other scientific topics.

Their huge collection of books is not categorized into different categories; instead, they provide you with a search bar which is easy to use and understand. But if you are not able to decide on what to read, you won’t get any suggestions on this website. Their focus is on minimalism than any other feature.

To visit BOOKSC click here:




This is one website which has over 230 billion web pages searches on the Internet today. That says a lot of the website. Isn’t it? Internet archive is one of the most popular & preferred websites when you talk about eBooks.

This website alone has more than 50 million books which are available for download. Not just that, Internet archive has over 12 million text files and much more. It offers over 20000000 downloadable books which are free of cost. There is also a collection of 1 million modern eBooks that you can borrow. Internet Archive also offers free universal access to books, movies, & music.

Check this website and download the book you like now:

So, now that you know about these free eBook downloading website get binge-reading your favorite authors and books. Some of these websites also have audiobooks – you can even download them and listen while you are traveling for work or going for a morning walk.

Sit back and relax with your favorite book. Have a joyful reading

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How to Choose the Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds



Noise-canceling earbuds are designed to tune out all the unwanted noise in your environment so that you can enjoy your music. These earbuds are always handy on the daily commute, especially for people who want to drown out the noise on the subway or on traffic. 

But that’s not all. The earbuds also make music sound way better. There are so many different earbuds that cancel noise available right now. Knowing which ones to go for may be harder than you think, but don’t worry. In this guide, we are going to help you pick the most ideal product.

How Do Noise Cancelling Earbuds Work?

Before we give you a guide on how to pick out a good pair of noise-canceling earbuds, it is important too, first of all, explain how these gadgets work. As the name suggests, noise-canceling earbuds are supposed to cancel environmental noise. However, these gadgets achieve this in two ways. First, the earbuds will prevent environmental noise from reaching your ear. They are designed to perfectly fit inside the ear, creating a tight seal that prevents any noise from entering. This process is called passive noise cancellation.  

Secondly, noise cancellation earbuds may also utilize additional technology to get rid of any ambient noise. The gadgets come with inbuilt microphones that detect and analyze environmental noise. The microphone then develops anti-noise frequencies, which are in turn mixed up with the playback in your music. This process is often referred to as active noise cancellation and will effectively drown out any noise that somehow manages to bypass the airtight earplugs.

What to Look For Before Buying Noise Cancelling Earbuds 

Picking the right noise cancellation earbuds will determine the kind of experience you have with these gadgets. You may want to take your time and peruse through some of the brands available before making the final choice. Here are a few factors to look out for as you begin shopping;

1. Wireless vs. Wired 

It’s safe to say that wireless noise cancelling earbuds are very popular with most people. They are also probably the best choice over wired earbuds since they are far more convenient and easy to use. Despite this, wireless earbuds will cost relatively more.  So, if you don’t mind the little discomfort that comes with wires, you can save yourself some money by picking wired earplugs. However, if you are looking for a truly excellent experience, going for wireless earbuds is highly advised. Even if it means spending a few extra bucks, they are worth it.

2. Sound Quality 

Noise-cancelling earbuds are not just supposed to cancel ambient noise. They should also come with proper sound quality that allows you to enjoy your music in a clear sound. The sound quality will vary depending on the earbuds you are using. You should, therefore, decide what type of sound you’d prefer.  For instance, are you one of those people who enjoy warm and well-rounded sound? Or perhaps you’d prefer the intimacy of classical sounds with ultra-high fidelity? Whichever choice you decide, always go for earbuds that can deliver the perfect sound.

3. Comfort 

You may be wearing noise-canceling earbuds for a very long period of your day. The last thing you want is something that feels uncomfortable.  The comfort of earbuds is determined by many factors. 

First, you may want to make sure the gadgets fit perfectly into your ears. If they are too small or too big, they may cause unnecessary discomfort. The sound quality may also have an effect on comfort. Naturally, you want earbuds that offer excellent volume control features so that you can pick just the right amount of sound.  It may also be a good idea to go for breathable earplugs, especially if you are going to be wearing them for a long time.

4. Battery Life

Battery life applies only to wireless earplugs. Each noise cancelling earbud will have a battery life rating. The rating is often denoted in terms of the hours the gadgets can work on a full charge. For example, most standard units on the market can offer up to 20 hours of noise cancellation when fully charged. This essentially means they will last for the entire day.  A good rule would be to select noise cancelling earbuds that offer the longest battery life. However, something that offers more than 20 hours of noise cancellation on a full charge should do.

5. Price 

Price is probably the last thing you should consider when buying noise cancelling earbuds but it’s still very important. After all, you can only buy something you can afford. The cost of earphones is generally determined by the kind of features they have. High-end brands with more advanced features will cost relatively more. The most important thing is to decide how much you want to spend and pick earbuds that fall within that budget. However, do not settle for low quality just because you don’t want to spend extra. 

6. Design

Finally, noise cancellation earbuds should also feature a sleek design that appeals to your overall style. These earbuds are not just here to cancel ambient noise. They can also be a great fashion accessory. Picking something that looks stylish is therefore recommended.

Final Thoughts

Noise cancellation earbuds can be a lifesaver for people who deal with lots of environmental noise on a day to day basis. However, with the massive variety of brands available in the market, it is important to take your time and pick earplugs that actually work for you.  While the factors above should help you narrow down your search, don’t forget to pay attention to any extra features the products may have. For example, earbuds that have a high-quality microphone can be very handy when you need to answer a phone call in the middle of your commute. The charging time too is another important feature. Ideally, you want earbuds that take as little time to charge as possible. Finally, check the weight specifications of earbuds before buying and pick the lightest product you can find.

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