How to Clean Up Windows: Best Ways and Tips in 2019

how to clean up your computer


Working on a laptop or computer device which is full of materials choking its hard drives can make it very slow and lag, thereby hindering all types of activities that you may normally do on it.

Everyone faces this problem when their laptop or computer gets filled with loads of files and programs, thereby making it difficult to save newer files or programs.

Ways to Clean Up Windows

Here are a few ways on how to clean up your computer and how to make the laptop faster:

1. Deleting the programs, you do not use

You might be thinking about how to clean up your computer. Deleting or uninstalling the programs that you do not use can actually create a lot of free space on the hard drive of your computer or laptop device. For doing this, you simply need to press the windows icon. In the start menu bar, you have to choose ‘Control Panel’.

Once the window of control panel opens, you have to choose ‘Programs and Features’, or in some cases, just the ‘Programs’ options available.  In this menu, a whole list of applications and programs installed in your device will be displayed.

how to clean pc junk files


You have to choose the programs you wish to keep or the ones you wish to remove. Once you decide which programs you do not need in your device any longer, right click on that particular program or application and select ‘uninstall’ or simply press ‘uninstall’ present at the top pane while having selected the program you wish to remove.

Similarly, uninstall all those programs or applications which you do not need and you will see a lot of free space created in your hard drive.

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2. Organizing one’s desktop

The desktop is one of the components of the C drive of your computer or laptop device. Anything that you put on the desktop will automatically be reflected in Disk C. Hence it is very important to keep one’s desktop organized and learn how to clean junk files on a laptop in order from refraining unnecessary loading or filling up of your C drive.

Generally, we tend to save all the urgent files on the desktop in case we need them to access them very fast during emergency, but if this kind of files start bulking up your laptop, you need to stop this practices and start a habit of organizing your files into a folder through which you can search and easily find your files, instead of saving them on the desktop.

You may also make use of advanced search tools such as Copernic for this purpose. This is a very healthy habit that will keep your laptop or computer device free from bulk on its desktop and hence preventing it from slowing down.

3. Cleaning your hard drive

This is probably one of the most commonly advised and used methods for how to clean up your computer and how to make the laptop faster that you will hear around you if you ask for help regarding this purpose for how to clean junk files on the laptop. Hard drive cleanup can be easily done using the disk cleanup tool available in your computer or laptop device.

You can find it in the start menu, or if you do not, type ‘Disk Cleanup’ in the search menu once you click on the Windows icon. From the search results, choose ‘Disk Cleanup’ option. It would ask you which drive (C, D or E or any other if you have) you wish to clean up. Select the one you wish to clean and press OK. The system will automatically start cleaning the disk you chose.

Once completed, if you still wish to clean to furthermore, you can repeat it or choose any other disk for cleanup or you can even delete several programs or type of files completely if you do not require them.

4. Reducing the Windows folder size

Since Windows is an integral part of your computer or laptop, you cannot delete any file or folder containing its components, then how to clean up your computer? One may even lose access to their computer if any system files get deleted by mistake or intentionally from these folders.

So, one must be very careful with these files. However, they take up a lot of space of your device. But worry not! You cannot delete these files but can definitely compress them. This can be done with the help of Task Scheduler.

how to make your laptop faster

For doing this, you need to click on the windows icon. From the start menu, select the option of ‘Control Panel’. Once the window of the control panel is open, you have to choose the ‘System and Security’ option. After choosing this option, you will see various tabs. Amongst them, choose ‘Administrative Tools’. Under administrative tools, choose ‘Schedule Tasks’ option.

Under this select the option of ‘Task Scheduler Library’, and then choose ‘Windows’ or ‘WinSXS’ folder option and then click on ‘Services’. Amongst the various services that pop up, choose ‘Start Component Cleanup’. After selecting this option, click on ‘Run’ in the confirmation window that pops up.

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5. Change settings to stop the automatic boot of programs

If a particular program you know is making your computer or laptop slow, but you cannot fully delete or uninstall that program because you need it for important work or other purposes, here is a solution. You simply have to stop it from automatically booting when you start your device.

There are certain programs which keep running in the background even without your knowledge. Stopping this would free a lot of space on your device while running and make it perform better and faster.

You can do this by going to the Windows icon and selecting it. On the start menu, you have to type Windows ‘X’ type msconfig, where x stands for the type of Windows your device has, e.g., if you have Windows 10 installed on your device, simply type ‘Windows 10 type msconfig’ and choose it from the search results.

After the system configuration window opens, select the ‘Startup’ tab. Deselect all those programs whom you do not want to start automatically when you log on to your laptop or computer and apply the changes.

Wrapping Up

With all of these methods, now you know how to keep your computer clean. So, get started with one of these methods for cleaning and fastening your computer and work effortlessly.

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