Best Smart Home Devices You Should Know About


With the advent of IoT technology, the concept of having a house with automated services has become less of a possibility and more of a reality. Through the integration of an IoT platform, one can enjoy the benefits of smart home solutions and attain an unprecedented level of control over their home. However, before facilitating this change in your lifestyle, you need to be completely sure about the devices that you want to purchase in order to enable the proper usage of this technology. In order to help guide you through this purchasing process, here are the best smart home devices that you should definitely know about.

1. Amazon Alexa:

There’s no doubt that the Amazon Alexa is the most popular smart home hub on this list – in fact, it’s probably one of the most popular examples of smart home technology. It might seem like a simple Bluetooth speaker, but with the added functionality of Amazon’s assistant Alexa, it’s simply the go-to hub for most people when it comes to enabling smart home solutions in their home due to the high level of functionality offered by this assistant.

2. Google Home:

The Google Home might seem somewhat similar to the Amazon Alexa, but it has a different AI governing your house in the form of Google Assistant, which makes this hub an extremely powerful tool for all your automation needs. One of the biggest positives of the Google Home is that it’s actually cheaper that the Amazon Alexa, making it a more affordable option that you can avail.

3. Samsung SmartThings Hub:

Here’s the option of a third smart home hub that you can choose to buy as well. However, keep in mind that connecting your home devices and appliances to this device can get somewhat complicated. While this might seem like a turn-off, the fact of the matter is that the SmartThings Hub is one of the most powerful devices, since almost 200 devices can be connected to this particular device.

4. Canary Smart Security System:

The need for increased security levels has become a huge concern in today’s day-and-age, and with the advent of smart home solutions one can utilise innovative security measures to make sure that their home stays safe from any and all security threats. One of the best examples of this is the Canary Smart Security System, that combines video, audio, motion detection, night vision, and sensors to measure air quality, temperature, and humidity sensors into a single device that you can control from your phone.

If you wish to utilise this innovative technology to augment your living experience, then we can assure you that these devices will help immensely when it comes to improving the level of comfort and functionality in your home.


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