10 Best Pranks to Have a Happy and Fun-filled 2020


If you are looking for new pranks that you pull on your friends, then you absolutely at the right place. No matter how much we all adore and love our friends, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy making them squirm every now and again. Pranking is one thing that we all will never get tired of. No matter how many memes and trolls we share with our friends on a daily basis, pranking is the next level of fun we all thrive for and love doing.

So, what does pranking actually means? It is an act of making hilarious videos. Done solely for the purpose of fun and to prove the foolishness of an individual, pranks totally drive us mad. Pranking may cause the victim to experience embarrassment, perplexity, discomfort or confusion depending upon the intensity and situation in which the prank is performed. 

Today, the internet is flooded with thousands of prank videos but do you know there are certain prank websites which have amazing prank and troll ideas?

We’ve collated a list just for you. Here are 10 top prank websites you can use to trick & prank your friends. 


Whether you agree or not we all had filled our copies with FLAMES in our school days.

Just in case, you don’t remember, each alphabet of the word stood for something- Friends Lover Affection Marriage Enemy Sibling. This was the easiest way to know who had a crush on whom! 

Now, we have the Love Calculator. 

How does it work?

You create your unique link and share it with the friends you want to trick. As soon as your friends click on the link, it will ask them to enter their crush’s name along with their name and when click on the calculate button, the prank will be played. And you will get to know the name of your friend’s secret crush. 

This is just the modern way of doing FLAMES!


If you are tired of your friend being on their phone or laptop all the time, then you should definitely try this prank. 

This website will show your friend a screen which reads something like, “We are installing the latest software or your phone is being updated.” 

Crazy, right?  But it will definitely keep your friend away from those screens. Play this prank and enjoy the attention you need from them. The attention may be short-lived because once they realized they’d been tricked, they’ll get back to their screens. 

3. NEWS OF 2020

Future is a fascination for everyone! Each one of us wants to know what’s going to happen in the future. It’s pure excitement.

When you are using this website, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to pick up fake news that has never been seen, heard, or read by your friend. The best part about this website is that – one won’t even have the slightest doubt about its credibility. Yes, it’s that real. 

Once your friends believe it, they are trolled. 


We all agree that farts and burps are extremely funny, and especially when you hear one in a public place or in a silent meeting room. Hence, Fart Scroll. 

This website provides you with a code that will help you make fart noises every time your friend is scrolling through your blog. Though it will be super embarrassing for him but for the rest of the people surrounding him, it will be super funny.

So, the next time you are sending your blog link to anyone, just make sure you use this website. And most importantly, don’t forget to capture the reactions. 


Google is the god of everything; it’s loaded with information and pranks. Yes, Google is the best place for pranks. It lets you play in numerous pranks. You can prank people by bringing down the search engine, calling the snow, terminating the web browser and much more. 

The secret Google terminal gives you a cool and geeky look to prank someone online, or you can also share your own code. It’s a cool geeky creative way to prank your friends. 


This prank is like Eve’s forbidden apple! It’s a fact when something is forbidden, your inquisitiveness takes over. Working on the same insight, this website compels and urges you to press the button by clicking. 

When you send your friend a link which tells them not to press the button, it’s the curiosity that takes over and eventually, they end up pushing the red button. And once they press the button, they are trolled. 


 Birthday greeting cards are not meant to be boring, that’s why Joker Greeting. This joker greeting is extremely annoying and funny. 

Usually, in a boring greeting card, the music starts playing when someone opens it and stops when they shut the card, but with this card, it doesn’t stop. Yes, it continues straight for three hours. 

The non-stop music doesn’t stop unless you burn the card or hit it with a hammer. 

There are plenty of websites out there on the internet where you can find such greeting cards. So, now you exactly know what to gift your best buddy on his birthday. 


If you want to scare the hell out of your friends, then this is the best website for you. Imagine how terrified someone would be when they see a scary Facebook profile on their timeline.

All you need to do is just send a link, and once they click on it, a scary profile opens up. Boom! And it’s not just the profile picture or cover image, the content of the profile is equally frightening and terrifying. 

This website is a gem for people whose friends even avoid talking about ghosts and spirits. This one-second scroll will have an equal impact like that of a 2-hour horror movie. 


It is an uber-cool way to fool your friends. With Geek Typer, you can easily pretend to be a hacker in front of your friends. It allows you to type like a hacker with some added graphics for its detailing. 

This is the best website to fool anyone into believing that you are a professional hacker, and you are working on someone’s personal data. The high graphic look of this website is compelling. 


Do you find poop emoji on WhatsApp cute? Is it the most used emoji by you? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s this website that lets you send shit to anyone at any location. Moreover, you get to choose which animal’s shit you want to send to your friend. 

It’s hilarious and disgusting at the same time. 

So, now that you know the best prank website. Get started. Don’t forget to share some of the hilarious videos with all of us. We’d love watching that. And you might get famous if it’s able to make the internet go LMAO and ROFL.

 All the best & happy trolling!


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