Top 6 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 to use in 2020



Taking photographs is not only a trend but has become a very essential part of our daily lives. Be it any event in our family or just a get together with friends, or a long holiday vacation, or just a visit to your favorite restaurant; taking pictures is absolutely mandatory to capture the moments and make them memorable forever.

Everyone has a huge collection of pictures in their mobiles and laptops, which one feels like revisiting again to refresh one’s memory of those amazing moments. But to get the correct feel of the picture, you need to have the best windows 10 photo viewer which does not destroy the essence of your photo, rather enhances it by its clarity and resolution.

If you are using Windows 10 on your device, you might not be satisfied with the default photo app it provides and might want another image viewer windows 10 to get the right feel of your pictures.

If you are looking for windows photo viewer to view your photos, you have landed at the right place! Here is a list of the best picture viewer for windows 10.

Top 6 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 in 2020

Windows Photo Viewer used to come as a default photo viewer in all previous versions of Windows. However, in Windows 10, Microsoft replaced it with another app named Photo for viewing the pictures as the default program.

Users still prefer the old Windows Photo Viewer due to its overall outlook and feel. There is no need to worry, Microsoft has not completely uninstalled the program of Windows Photo Viewer from the system files of Windows 10 and hence it can still be accessed just by making a few changes to your system in the registry.

If you upgraded to Window 10 on a device which previously used lower versions of Windows like Window 7 or Windows 8.1, you will need to enable the photo viewer by selecting ‘activate option’ from the registry with the same entry which was used while the original Windows were installed and then later set it as your default photo viewer from the system settings.

However, if you bought a new device that already came with Windows 10 installed in it, you will have to download a Photo Registry file, install and run it on your Windows 10 device. After installation, you can set it as your default photo viewer program and you will be able to enjoy your old Windows Photo Viewer.

HoneyView Photo Viewer is an amazing windows photo viewer which has a really high fast speed of opening and shifting between different photo images. It supports almost all types of photo formats for photos such as jpeg, jpg, png, BMP, PSD, jxr, j2k, DDS, jp2, bpg, tiff, PCX, webp, pnm, TGA, and ppm.

The image processing of this viewer is highly optimized as a result of which it provides clear and crisp images in a time span of milliseconds. It provides many add-on control features displayed on the toolbar present at the top of its user platform where one can choose amongst the various modes of viewing the pictures.

One may also apply different types of effects e.g., automatic photo switch after a selected regular interval of time. There is an option which you can choose to even bookmark a special photo which you may have easy access to later. Other options such as highlighting tools and editing options are also available in this viewer, making it the best windows 10 photo viewer.

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XnView is an all-in-one photo tool best image viewer windows 10 with the means of which you can do multiple things with your photos apart from just viewing them. Although its viewing options are also amazing, and it provides crystal clear screening of the pictures, its highlight is its other special features which include file organization and managing, converting pictures from one format to another, and its amazing editing tools.

It allows you with photo correction options too, such as red-eye correction, resizing and re-cropping of the images, focus control, light adjustments, and many other related things. It is one of the best photo viewers for Windows 10.

IrfanView is the best photo viewer windows 10 available for all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10. Apart from providing the normal photo viewing options, it additionally has a feature by which it also allows the playing of audio, video files and even images containing animations.

It is really fast and has a very user-friendly interface. It provides you with a lot of options to view and manipulate the images. This photo viewer can be downloaded on your Window 10 devices free of cost. With the help of this photo viewer, you can convert one form of the picture format into another and save it on your device.

The slideshow feature of this photo viewer is quite appreciable with all the customization options available in its settings. You can even take a screenshot during a slideshow going on. You can do various other types of creative stuff with your images like cropping them and more.

FastStone Image Viewer indeed does justice to its name and, is the best picture viewer for windows 10. It is incredibly fast as compared to its other competitor image viewers available online. It is very easy to use and you do not need to be very tech savvy to be able to use this image viewer.

Even editing and modifying your images is very easy and can be used by almost anyone. You can also crop, edit or resize your photos by using its basic editing tools. More advanced ones include red-eye correction, color adjustment, and light and brightness shifting. You can even add music and other effects on your images and create a slideshow.

FastStone Image Viewer can also convert files from one format to another. It has an amazing drag and drop tool which you can use while editing your photos. It is portable and can also be transferred by means of a USB flash drive.

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Nomacs Image Lounge is an open and freely available best photo viewer Windows 10 which can be used on multiple platforms. Nomacs provides very good quality of pictures due to its high-resolution screenplay. It can even be used to open heavy image files very easily without any lag and at great speed.

Its interface is very nice which provides the view of the whole folder through which you can easily navigate to the image which you want to view. Its viewing panel allows you to customize the view according to your needs and likings. It also provides all the basic functions commonly used for editing and modifying images such as cropping, resizing, rotation and auto adjustments of features like brightness and sharpness.

In fact, a fun feature in this image viewer is that you can run two or more tabs of this image viewer at the same time and compare two or more images simultaneously at the same time.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best photo Viewers for Windows 10 that you can use and explore to the fullest. Now that you know about all the best picture viewer for windows 10 for viewing all your amazing pictures, choose the one that suits your needs the best! Have a look around them and relish your photos!

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