Top 10 Best Android Bike Racing Games 2020 That You Will Love to Play        

Bike Racing Games

Most of us just love playing games on the screens. Before the advent of smartphones, it was videos games that got us addicted and we would play day and night with the same fervor. Now, as the internet has simplified and augmented the range of games at our disposal, it has become all the more thrilling to play the myriad games.

We are driving on the rage of downloading super crazy games on our phones. One such category of games that are loved by people is Bike Racing Games. So, if you are one such Bike racing buff, then take a look at these best bike racing games for PC and Android.

Top Best Android Bike Racing Games

  • Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Gaming aficionados who want to have a realistic bike racing experience will never get their hands off from their phones with Drag racing. This is a super cool game which is developed by a coveted name in the gaming industry – Creative Mobile. Amazing graphics will enhance your racing effects even more.

Key Features:

  • You can get FairPlay bonus
  • The game provides you with a real challenge where you can compete with the players of the online community of gamers.
  • The game offers you epic upgrades which will keep on enhancing the level of the game
  • Users can choose the paint colors and play it in the manner they like
  • You can also connect with the other players of Drag racing and celebrate your DRBE frenzy

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This is one of the best bike racing games for PC. The players will enjoy some amazing views while you race your bike. Players can also choose their bike. You will come across several views such as forests, snow, mountains, deserts, cities etc. So, if you want to race in a real 3D set up, this must be your pick.

Key Features:

  • Players can choose different kinds of motos
  • Moto direction is easy to control by a simple swap
  • You can just tap the screen to accelerate the moto
  • 8 SBK15 Official Mobile Game

Are you looking for the best bike games for android? The reason that this game has made it into top 10 bike racing games for pc is its astonishing interface.  SBK 15 is developed by Digital Tales S.R.l and is touted as one of the best games to enjoy a pragmatic gaming interface on your smartphone.

The surge in its popularity is by the dent of its astounding graphics. Players will have gone gaga over its 3D game graphics coupled with dynamic lighting effects.

Key features:

  • You get 24 riders across 14 racing games
  • The game has three levels viz. Championship, Quick Race and Time Attack
  • You also get to play on an enhanced physics engine
  • It lets you enjoy great flexibility with as many as 9 configurations such as a gyroscope and virtual controls

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Traffic Rider is one of the top bike racing games for Android. It beats the whole of racing genre and uplifts to altogether level. It allows the users to have a full career mode where the player can perceive gaming perspectives, excellent graphics, and realistic bike sounds.

Key Features:

  • The gaming interface enables a first-person camera view
  • Players can choose from 24 motorbikes to choose
  • The career mode is rife with more than 60 missions
  • Realism is taken to next level with real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
  • Racing environments with the variations of day and night
  • You can have online leaderboards and 30+ achievements
  • Real Bike Racing

This game has become the world best bike games.  Get ready for some adrenaline rushing racing experience with top 10 bike racing games for pc. Real Bike Racing is another most loved bike racing game. Motorbike riders will start the engine, hit the gas, and zoom past the road on a 200 HP beast.

Players will have to race neck to neck against the elite riders if they want to grab the world championship. So, if you are looking for the best bike games for Android, don’t forget to play this.

Key Features:

  • You can drive the wheel of 10+ types of unique superbikes
  • You will enjoy the realistic functioning of rear-view mirrors
  • The game offers realistic 3D graphics and lighting effects
  • The VR mode supports Google Cardboard & etc
  • Bike Race Free

This is one of the top bike racing games for Android and is cherished by the players for its freestyle bike racing experience. Players have 13 different motorcycles which be raced across 96 freestyle racing tracks. The game also supports multiplayer.

Key Features:

  • There is a horde of zig-zagging tracks and crazy worlds
  • Frantic biking stunts
  • Different bikes to choose
  • Free updates on the new content
  • Highway Rider 

Highway Rider has made it into top bike racing games for Android. This is another quality bike racing game that been appreciated by players for its graphics. As you unlock the features of this game, bit by bit you get addicted to it. Players can customize their vehicle and equipment and ready a bespoke bike for themselves.

Key Features:

  • There are complete In-Game Challenges
  • There are several city highways to ride your bike
  • Players can abscond in Fugitive mode!

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Bike Rivals is considered to be one of the world best bike games. Bike Rivals is a fun-packed game developed by Mini-clip. The game lets you enjoy this physics-based racing game in the most intense and competitive gaming ambiance. You can keep on breaking your own records and compare it with your friends.

Key Features:

  • Players can race their bike on realistic physics
  • It lets you have a tilt and touch control
  • The game has different levels
  • Users can choose bikes with different physics for a great gameplay experience
  • The game is played with some amazing characters


Are looking for bike racing games HD delight? Bike Mayhem Free offers an experience exactly what is evocative of its name- total mayhem. You will enjoy the crazy chaos by riding your bike downhill, on beautiful trails, and bumping over rocks, roots, jumping off from great heights, and making scores of trick combos. You can unlock some amazing bikes and gear and boast them as if you are the King of the Mountain.

Key Features:

  • There are more than 100 picturesque mountain trails across all styles of riding
  • Players can choose and wear more than 80 gear items
  • There are frame and wheel upgrades that will change your gameplay
  • Players expect a lot of fun by rolling bike crashes, fun ragdoll physics, and active bike suspension
  • Players can enjoy quirky tricks, bunny hops, and flips
  • Bike Racing 3D

This is another insane bike racing games HD which has prolific stunts and nerve-wracking racing experience. Avid players of racing games would love the roll-out of stunts in this game.

It has very fast gameplay and once you to get your hands on your bike, nothing can stop you. So, get ready for best bike racing games for Android with Bike Racing 3D.

Key Features:

  •  It offers 60 routes in Career mode, ranging from easy to very technical
  •  Players can enjoy amazing 3D physics and graphics
  •  Players can select from 5 unique bikes


Once you have read the top 10 bike games, you will be spoilt for choice. So, peruse their features and decide what features attract you the most and what racing experience do you want to have. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your sprint with crazy grooves.

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