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7 Benefits of Playing Video games that You Don’t Know



Like everything in excess, playing video games can also have unintended consequences. However, several studies show that doing this activity in a moderate way can bring us other benefits besides having fun. We want to share with you the advantages of playing video games, without forgetting that it is important to do so without overdoing it.

Playing video games has positive consequences in many aspects. At least, this has been defended by multiple studies in recent times. Proper Gaming setup is important to improve your gaming skill and long hours gaming. You have to choose right gaming desk, ergonomic gaming chair and other gaming accessories for ensuring best game playability. In TechStoryNews we want to share some benefits of playing video games. Let’s Go!

1. More intelligence and creativity

A study by researchers from the Queen Mary University of London and the College of London agreed that strategic games such as Age of Empires helps to increase the flexibility of the brain, which is essential for human intelligence. The volunteers who played between 40 hours over 6 to 8 weeks improved their performance in cognitive tasks with greater precision and speed.

In turn, an investigation carried out by the University of Michigan, led by psychologist Linda Jackson, affirms that children who play in consoles tend to be more original when it comes to creating.

2. They reduce pain

Several studies have shown that video games with an emphasis on virtual reality have been effective in reducing anxiety and pain caused by chronic diseases or a medical procedure.

People with cancer demonstrate less stress and fear when induced in a virtual reality video game; likewise, people treated for burns noticed a reduction in their pain from 30% to 50%. For their part, children with dyslexia can improve their ability to read.

This is caused because the brain is occupied in other senses instead of focusing on the pain. In addition, when playing the brain releases endorphins, a chemical generally associated with happiness and that helps reduce discomfort.

3. They stimulate the development of creativity

Not only has it been shown that playing video games improves performance, speed, and accuracy to perform daily activities, but also encourages creativity, which is often necessary to achieve certain objectives within the game.

4. They help in making decisions and improve the alert capacity

It has been proven that video games improve the skills of children with dyslexia and increase attention span.

In addition, they help in making decisions, as they promote a quick analysis to choose the best option and overcome each mission.

5. Help to reduce stress

Video games help us to free ourselves from stress, allowing us to release the tensions of our day to day and making us leaves aside all the problems to concentrate on the playful.

According to a study conducted by psychology professor Christopher Fergunson, people who play a violent videogame reach a final state of calm and relaxation, with better mood, because these simulators help to express anger and negativity through a fictional character.

6. Help to solve a serious problem

Many video games have difficulties that make us think about different ways of solving a situation, thus stimulating the development of different strategies.

7. They allow us to socialize in a different way

Video games can bring together people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and geographic areas. It has also been shown that this effect of union occurs in families, as parents share the same interests as their children.

Thanks for being with us. You may share this article with your friends who loves to play for long hours and don’t know the benefits of video gaming. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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1 Comment

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Latest Gaming News and Updates

5 Types Of Gaming Apps We Expect To See Soon



Needless to say, video games are always changing and evolving, and this may be truer in the mobile medium than anywhere else. Because of the sheer number of developers and the relatively small size of most games, there’s always something new, and seemingly with each passing month a new trend makes itself apparent. This can make the world of mobile gaming somewhat dizzying, but it also makes it all the more fun to look to the future. Doing just that, we believe these are some of the types of games we’ll be seeing more of before long.

1. Franchise Battle Royales

“Battle Royale” games like PUBG are all the rage in the mobile category – even though there are really only a few of them. The prediction we’re making though is that this general style of gaming will be picked up by popular franchises and twisted into different experiences. For example, imagine a Super Smash Bros. mobile game, but in a Battle Royale format, such that you could choose a character and be dropped into a map to brawl with other characters from the game. Think of the same thing with Pokémon, or popular Marvel heroes. There’s a ton of potential across the board.

2. Dating-Quiz Hybrids

This may be more of a reach, but there’s a natural connection to be made between ever-popular dating apps and the resurgent quiz game genre. When you think about it, filling out personal information to match with others on dating programs is almost like a personal quiz of sorts, and with these games so popular these days, it makes sense that the two concepts will eventually be paired. It’s hard to say exactly what that might look like, but imagine designing quizzes for potential partners to take in order to “qualify” to chat with you. It would be a new, game-like way of setting up a profile, such that members of the app could consistently take each other’s quizzes to match with one another.

3. Gamified Betting

This is something we view as particularly likely in the American market, where mobile betting is only just beginning to take off. As state legislatures around the country move toward legalizing real-money gambling, various bookmakers are making themselves heard: FanDuel and DraftKings quickly added sportsbooks to their daily fantasy platforms, a BetAmerica mobile app emerged, and some of the big European providers are easing into the market as well. But given that the vast U.S. market is largely transitioning from free-to-play, betting-like games (from daily fantasy to ESPN’s Streak For The Cash), it may be in these betting companies’ best interests to gamify things a bit. Thus, we expect to see betting/gaming hybrids becoming the norm.

4. AR Fighting Games

In a very limited way, Pokémon GO already introduced the idea of battling characters in augmented reality space. As AR improves though (possibly through smart glasses), it’s likely that we’ll see more in the way of AR fighting games. Imagine it in the simplest terms and you’ll start to see the appeal: Ryu and Ken of Street Fighter could do battle right in front of you, in your own front yard, with you controlling one character and either a live multiplayer opponent or the app itself controlling the other.

5. Zen VR Games

Virtual reality has already produced its share of zen-like experiences, even as mobile app games meant to relax and soothe us have gotten popular. Marrying the two concepts seems like a no-brainer that will almost assuredly happen in due time. This could happen in any number of ways, but basically we’re imagining smartphone-fueled VR games that surround us in peaceful environments and challenge us in minor, methodical ways, such that we play through games while enjoying trance-like relaxation.

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