Where Automotive Cybersecurity is Headed in 2020


The automotive industry is now adopting this trend and transforming their cars with IoT ecosystem incorporated which will make things way easier for their consumers. If we connect our vehicles to the internet, it will then help people control the cars with the help of their smartphones and handle more things some of them being; remotely starting it, taking it out of the garage and using the free features.

As we all know that with the development made in the spectrum of IOT the use of technology has spread like wildfire as most of us use some device which is connected to the internet or cloud.

Technology is ever evolving, and there are more connected cars than ever, many manufacturers are keeping up with the increasing demand and generating more cars than ever which means that more and more hackers will try to get in.

One of the most significant concern currently is Automotive cybersecurity due to them being connected to the internet twenty-four seven, a lot of cyber-attacks take place on these systems, and the biggest issue is that they are not protected. Car cybersecurity has become a real issue which needs to be addressed as soon as possible, hacking is not a new thing when knowing that all of us are familiar with the world of internet, but is now becoming an issue with cars also

Nowadays companies are taking vehicle cybersecurity much more seriously due to the risks of hacking, and there are a lot of problems that can be caused by hacking some of them are:

1. Vulnerabilities in an external communications protocol

The communication protocols in cars are required for the functioning of the car’s systems and is a frequent target by hackers, so to protect these systems it is necessary to install some kind of security systems which can help in protecting them. The most common communications protocols found in cars are 3G/LTE and V2x.

2. Vehicle Theft 

Vehicle theft is a common problem that can be caused because of a compromised communications protocol of the car; hackers usually keep track of the car and find the right time and location to steal it.

3. Data Theft 

Data theft has been a problem for a long time in this world of new technologies, and for decades it has haunted firms. Previously it was just a problem faced by computers and smartphones but, now cars can also be affected by data theft, you see cars are also connected to the internet all the time.

Many companies are now offering a cyber-security analysis center which helps the car user to keep track of the vehicle’s security 24/7 and keeps sending the data to the security company. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have also begun using intrusion detection and prevention systems built into the vehicle‘s systems.

This system will help you examine the activity in a vehicle‘s system, and if anything does not match its profile, alerts can be sent out that the system as promised by them. Moreover, if the activity in the navigation system does not match the expected pattern, it could be an indication that there is an adversary actor at work that needs to be dealt with.


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