Top 7 Anilinkz Alternatives to Watch HD Anime for Free in 2020


If you are a fan of the anime shows you might be wondering where you can watch them online. Anilinkz is a hearty home for varieties of anime shows. A lot of people are strangers to the fact that Anilinkz is a website that allows its users to watch anime shows online and that too free of charge.

Succeeding its beginning, Anilinkz did not take much time to explode into acceptance as it permitted anime lovers to watch their preferred anime from anyplace in the world, minus having to expend a buck. It was a win-win condition for both the owners of Anilinkz and the users.

Though, it didn’t take a long time for the Anilinkz website to go down the order as a result of so many advertisements that usually disturb the users’ viewing experience. Whether if this was a fault of the poor management or greediness from the proprietors, no one knows.

However, the fact that, as of 2019, is not as good as it once used to be. It is a result of the drawbacks that this website has lost many of its viewers, have felt that it was no longer successful in delivering an outstanding watching experience. As of now, the Anilinkz website is rather swamped with irritating advertisements that interject watching experiences.

There are numerous better websites than Anilinkz tv, and we have the technological development to be grateful to for this. If you are one of those people who think that Anilinkz is not respecting their viewing needs, you might want to consider switching to another website.

There are numerous websites that enable the users to watch anime online but you might also wanna make sure that you don’t land upon another one of such websites that shows more ads than the shows you want to watch.

This article thus has a list of the top 7 Anilinkz TV alternatives where you can watch your favorite anime shows this year. These websites are the best alternatives and promise a very good experience of watching anime.

Anilinkz Alternatives to Watch HD Anime for Free

1. AnimeFreak.TV


One of the very best anime streaming websites that you can refer to if you want an Anilinkz TV alternative is a website named AnimeFreak. This website might just also be the best choice. This website has a collection of the most popular and the latest anime shows which are available for free and that too in HD.

The webpage is very well designed and is very organized and neat. It runs not only on computers but very smoothly on smartphones too; meaning you can simply enjoy the shows even on the fly. For any kind of anime, be it the older ones or the latest ones, AnimeFreaks has the collection of all of them.

There are a few advertisements on this website too but they are nowhere close to the numbers shown on the Anilinkz website. The website is also very easy to navigate.

2. AnimeTake


AnimeTake is another one of the alternatives that you can use for watching animes. This website has made a huge name for itself in the industry. Even though the looks of the website might be a little dull, the title is extremely good.

The website is free of any advertisements and enables the users to watch their favorite anime shows without any interruption. The website keeps itself up to date with the latest shows and they are uploaded almost as soon as they are broadcasted.

3. Chia-Anime


The website named Chia-Anime is a little less popular compared to the other websites; however, it has very good and reasonable management. The website has more than one server for the ease of the viewers and it also enables the users to download the anime shows directly from the server and save it so that you can also watch it later.

Another added and loved feature of this website is that it allows the users to get access to the videos without registering or providing any other personal details. All the viewer has to do is to visit the page, search for their favorite show and start watching them.

There is also a feature called the ‘advanced search’ function that allows the viewers to find the shows based on what they are looking for. 

4. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is a website that is available only to the users of Australia and New Zealand. AnimeLab, when it comes to quality, can be considered as one of the premium websites. 

The servers of AnimeLab are super fast and they have a large variety of anime contents to choose from. Users can watch their favorite anime in their native language and their preferred resolution.

5. GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime is another one of the popular websites which can serve as an alternative for Anilinkz and which you can go to in order to watch anime shows from Japan free of cost on your smartphones or computers.

There are tons of anime shows here, varying in genre. The genres include action, thriller, supernatural, magical, comedy, romance, etcetera. GoGo Anime has the most extensive database and can always offer something to watch to its users.

There are also suggestions made to you from the website based on the shows that you have searched and watched. The simple video player along with the autoplay feature and the automatic suggestions are the features that make GoGo Anime one of the best websites to watch online anime. 

6. 9Anime


Another one of the alternatives for Anilinkz is the website named 9Anime. It has a neat and clean interface and a dark theme which is very eye-catching. This website also has some advertisements, but you can take the help of an ad blocker to keep them away.

This website has a video player that contains a lot of features, including autoplay. There is also the automated suggestions feature, which serves easy for more shows of your interest. The large collection they have at the website makes 9Anime a people’s favorite. 

7. Anime Planet


Anime-Planet is another website that allows watching anime online and that too for free. This is a highly ranked website, available to people all over the world. The website has a huge collection of anime and they are also accompanied by their reviews and other essential information too.

The interface of Anime-Planet is very user-friendly and comes with a lot of options to explore. Plus, they always make sure to keep the content updated as and when some new stuff arrives.


So, these are the top 7 best alternatives for Anilinkz TV that help anime lovers to watch free anime online without much of a problem and that too in high-quality resolution. What’s more! Explore these sites and find out which one works best for you.

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