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6 Reasons Why Companies Need IoT solutions



The Internet of Things services is – in layman’s terms – the concept of connecting every device, service, and any other relevant ‘thing’ to the internet. All these things are connected to a universal IoT solution that filters and collects any and all applicable data to improve and optimize IoT services and devices that are connected to the relevant IoT platform. This can subsequently be used to find different Internet of Things solutions that can improve the overall quality of their IoT services and products.

There are five critical uses of the Internet of Things services in a business, which are as follows:

Common IoT platform for a large-scale product: For a product or service that is being produced on a large scale (for example, a specific consumer product being produced in different factories across the country/world), having a common IoT platform is beneficial to collect sufficient data about their product. This is especially true if said product has been newly introduced and the company wishes to gather its relevant information through real-world application.

Improving and optimizing said product through Internet of Things solutions: By collecting the usage data of various IoT services over time, companies can figure out the multiple inconveniences, problems, bugs, glitches and a host of other issues that can arise over time. One of the primary Internet of Things solutions is to figure out common problems occurring for various customers and locating the source of this problem. This can be faulty software, production errors or a simple human mistake among others.

Streamlined inventory tracking and management: Figuring out the source of a defective unit in a product is just one of the many ways that IoT solutions can streamline a company’s inventory tracking and management. The overall productivity of a particular factory, the overall satisfaction of a product from said factory, the number of workers employed in this factory – these are just a few of the many variables that can be figured out and correlated with different production units of the same company. This will ultimately help them find the best method to optimize and streamline inventory tracking and management.

Increased speed and efficiency: With the integration of IoT platforms and solutions in a business, a company can drastically improve the speed and efficiency of its work. By avoiding errors and streamlining inventory management (among others), it is pretty much evident that the working of the business will see a steady increase due to the constant optimization of the various individual cogs that collectively run a business.

Increased pressure to improve overall security: Utilizing and enhancing the Internet of Things solutions is the obvious way for growing businesses to expand their overall scope. However, the question of security becomes quite significant when one discusses the connection of consumer information to a standard IoT platform. This can be a negative or a positive thing based on the attitude of the business. If this is seen as a challenge, then the company must devote some of its resources to increase the overall security of this platform, and ensure that the private data of their customers remain anonymous to the public eye.

Improved automotive solutions: The automotive industry will see a ton of benefits with the advent of IoT technology since it will primarily enable this industry to incorporate automotive IoT solutions and improve the overall services that they can provide to customers. This will allow them to make sure that there are little to no problems that will adversely affect them in the grand scheme of things, by integrating the technology of the future like a connected car system, V2X technology, and self-driving technology, to name a few.

It is pretty evident that IoT solutions will become the societal norm in a short while, and the points mentioned above detail out the significant implications of this shift in the digital landscape through the widespread adoption of this revolutionary technology.

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8 examples of technology that utilizes the Internet of Things



The Internet of Things is quickly evolving to become one of the biggest technological innovations of the 20th century. The possibilities and benefits that arise from the interconnection of various elements of technology to a common IoT platform are way too much to simply ignore. By targeting and streamlining relevant information through the effective application of the Internet of Things technologies, a business can optimize their products and/or services to remove as many defects as possible and attain near-perfection.

There are a ton of technologies in the modern world that are utilizing IoT technology in order to enjoy the various benefits mentioned above. Here are eight examples of products and services that utilize IoT solutions and services.

1. Nest Smart Thermostat:

The Nest Smart Thermostat is a perfect example of how useful and productive an Internet of Things technology can be. The thermostat stays connected to the internet and studies your daily routine, in order to optimize and adjust the tomperature based on several factors it studies by filtering data through a common IoT platform. There a mobile app as well that utilizes these IoT solutions and services in order to provide a greater degree of control to the user.

2. August Smart Lock:

There are various forms of IoT technology that augment the security of your house, and one of the most well-known forms of this technology is the August Smart Lock. By detecting your phone, this device automatically unlocks when you near it and locks behind you once you close the door. If for some reason you don’t carry your smartphone outside, it’s still possible to set a door code in order to open the lock as well.

3. Apple Watch:

One of the most popular devices to effectively utilize IoT solutions and services, the Apple Watch has quickly evolved into one of the most useful wearables a person can own in order to enjoy the benefits of effectively utilizing IoT solutions and services. Functioning as a smartphone of sorts, the Apple Watch provides the services of phone calls, text messaging, e-mails, and so much more.

4. Cisco Connected Factory:

IoT technology has contributed immensely in the various business sectors by improving the overall functioning of these industries. A great example of this is Cisco, who have welcomed the change brought over by implementing IoT solutions and services to full effect. Streamlined inventory management, optimization of goods and/or services, increased speed and improved efficiency are just a few of the many advantages obtained through the adoption of Internet of Things technology in the business.

5. Connected Car Services:

The age of self-driven cars is slowly dawning upon us, showcasing just how powerful IoT technology actually is. Cars are already being connected to a common IoT platform through services like AT&T, who has a total of 9.5 million connected through its service. It’s only a matter of time before self-driven cars become the norm in society.

6. Petnet Smart Pet Feeder:

Internet of Things technology is so powerful that it can help your pet’s life as well. The Petnet Smart Pet Feeder is a great example of this, as it allows you to monitor your pet’s feeding schedule through the comfort of your smartphone. The smart feeder can look online for the best feeding schedule for your pet, monitor their food levels and even set up a delivery system when your pet food runs out.

7. Amazon Echo:

Easily the most well-known application of IoT technology on this list, the Amazon Echo is one of the most popular and useful smart home hubs one can use to enjoy seamless integration of various home appliances and gadgets. From ordering an Uber to playing music to checking sports scored; there’s a huge wealth of options that can be accessed through the Amazon Echo, showcasing just how effecting IoT solutions and services can be if used in the right way.

8. Barcelona (Smart City):

Barcelona holds the honor of being the first city to be classified as a ‘Smart City’ in Spain. Through the application of effective IoT solutions and services, various aspects of Barcelona have been augmented to serve the needs of its residents as efficiently as possible. A stellar bus transit system, the innovative bike-sharing system (called ‘bicing’), smart parking spaces and an effective waste disposal system are just a few of the many benefits enjoyed by citizens in this glorious city.

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