6 Examples Of Smart Home Devices That Utilize IoT Technology


1. Nest Smart Thermostat:

With the advent of the Internet of Things, the prominence of smart home devices has been slowly but steadily gaining traction in the modern world. It’s pretty obvious that in a few years (maybe decades), smart home solutions will become the norm in society. In fact, IoT technology is already being adopted right now in order to transform residences into a smart home. Here are six examples of modern technology that are effectively utilizing IoT services in order to facilitate the advent of smart of technology.

The Nest is a smart thermostat that analyses your data and stores in on an IoT platform, drawing from this data pool whenever required and adjusting the temperature accordingly in order to make sure that the automated temperature is suitably set according to the behaviour and needs of the individual/family. It’s one of the most popular applications of smart home technology.

2. WeMo Switch Smart Plug:

Instead of the usual plug-it-in-and-switch-it-on way in which most power outlets function, the WeMo Switch Smart Plug is an ingenious product that can be programmed through a smartphone to switch on and off (whether instantaneously or at set intervals). Upgraded models also have the added functionality of being able to inform you about the total power consumption as well, allowing for a great smart home experience.

3. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs:

There are a ton of features incorporated in this form of smart home technology, making it quite the useful product to conserve energy. This smart bulb can change colours, adjust its hue according to the photo uploaded to its smartphone app, can be programmed according to a particular schedule and can even sync with the music you play to provide an authentic sound-and-light experience.

4. August Smart Lock:

Never worry about keys again with the August Smart Lock. With this handy smart home device, you can upload virtual keys to your device and others (with the option to expire whenever you wish). With an optional keypad, you can set a code as well if you don’t have your smartphone with you for some reason.

5. Canary Smart Security System:

One of the most ingenious utilizations of smart home technology, the Canary Smart Security System is a great security measure that combines video, audio, motion detection, night vision, and sensors to measure air quality, temperature, and humidity sensors into a single device that you can control from your phone.

6. Samsung SmartThings Hub:

Some smart home devices don’t control a single aspect of a home, some are major automation hubs that control and micro-manage each and every aspect of a business. This is the function of the Samsung SmartThings Hub, which shows the heights that smart home technology can reach with its impressive range of functionalities, all of which are enabled and augmented by IoT technology.


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