10 things that will help companies on their digital transformation journey


Digital transformation refers to the profound, accelerated transformation of a particular business in the modern world due to the rapid adoption of improving digital technology services. Due to the level of physical product innovation that has already taken place in the business landscape, it will be hard for firms to find new and unique ideas in such a cutthroat and competitive environment. This is where digital transformation solutions come into play – serving as a method for these modern businesses to innovate in a way that emphasises software changes over hardware ones (or anything physical, for that matter).

In order transform into one of the most effective digital transformation companies, the businesses should keep 10 things in mind that will help them immensely on this journey.

1.       Keep up with current digital trends: Without adequate knowledge about currently ongoing and finished digital trends, it will be virtually impossible for a business to capitalize on these advantageous innovations. By availing the services of digital transformation consulting a firm can take this first step to ease their entry into becoming a digital transformation company.

2.  Identify relevant digital innovations that’ll help your business: While modern digital innovations are certainly quite fascinating, all digital transformation services are not universal in nature. Depending on the industry in question, a company needs communicate extensively with their digital transformation consulting specialists and identify which ones will positively affect your business, and to what degree.

3.   Adopt an appropriate leadership mandate: Before going forward with the digital transformation process, the why, what and when of it should be explained in concise fashion to the leadership of the company. Without this transparency of information regarding digital transformation services, there’s always the possibility of the higher-ups losing confidence in the process and terminating it halfway.

4.   Keep the staff comfortable and acclimated during digital transformation: During the adoption of digital transformation solutions, there will be a number of changes – including some that the employees might not like. It’s imperative to discuss these changes with the employees beforehand, in order to ensure that the employee turnover rate doesn’t fluctuate too much.

5.   Facilitate the rapid transformation of your business: With adequate digital transformation consulting, the company will be able to anticipate the level of change in their business, and prepare accordingly so that they aren’t overwhelmed by the huge inflow of the digital transformation services.

6.   Setup a customer-first approach: Ultimately, the product you are making needs to gain approval from customers in order to be successful. Keeping this in mind, it’s necessary to utilize digital transformation solutions in a matter that will satisfy the needs of the demographic that your product will appeal to.

7.   Follow the Agile manifesto: The customer-first approach falls under this particular method, but the Agile philosophy is so much more than just that. This philosophy is used to provide certain guidelines to the various teams involved in the project and ensure that all members of a team work on the same wavelength. Adopting this manifesto will ultimately lead to a faster, smoother and better working environment in the company.

8.   Adopt the DevOps software development process: Communication between teams and automation of processes is a must for companies to rapidly experiment, identify and implement relevant digital transformation solutions. Using the DevOps system will go a long way in helping companies implement both these processes with relative ease in the business.

9.   Use an effective combination of an Internet of Things platform (IoT) and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP): For most digital transformation companies, it is easier to utilize an IoT platform to store consumer data from the products they’re using. In order to simplify this process, it would be easier to use a MVP and single out the core concepts that customers like.

10.  Don’t just use digital transformation services, innovate them as well: Simply identifying and implementing the digital transformation solutions discovered is not enough. By understanding the core concept and functioning of these connected services through extensive digital transformation counselling, a company can decide to instruct the appropriate team to innovate the digital transformation service being used and optimize it to further ease the development of future products.


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