10 Best Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM Solutions) Of 2020


Mobile Device Management is a type of security software that is widely utilized in various institutes and companies to secure and monitor employees’ mobile devices. This software is especially prevalent in the IT industry, where Mobile Device Management Solutions are essential to ensure a company’s success.

There are a number of MDM solutions that are available in the market, but only a few are actually reliable. Keeping this in mind, here are 10 of the best MDM Solutions available in the market, 2020.

1. Cisco Meraki Systems Manager


Cisco is used to be a fairly decent (if not forgettable) Mobile Device Management Solution. It’s the overhaul that it received in March 2019 which completely revamped the entire system, making it one of the most user-friendly systems one can use for enterprise mobility management.

The various features added in this system (Android for Work, per-app VPN, additional user authentication, customizable app configuration, and cellular app tracking among others) make Cisco Meraki Systems Manager one of the best Mobile Device Management Solutions of 2019.

2. SOTI MobiControl v13


The 13.3 version of SOTI MobiControl’s system, released on April 18th of 2019 took a lot of strides in implementing and improving certain features that improved the overall functionality of the program.

This particular MDM solution works as a form of enterprise mobility management for companies related to healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics among others.

3. VMware AirWatch


One of the most popular MDM system that is available right now. It’s easy to see why VMware AirWatch is so prevalent in the industry for enterprise mobility management.

It’s ability to handle a tonne of devices at once, the relative ease to set up and the intuitive interface is just a few of the many reasons as to why this particular MDM solution enjoys such a huge share of its market.

4. Citrix XenMobile


One of the major selling points of Citrix XenMobile is its impressive compatibility with a host of mobile devices. While Blackberry might not enjoy this seamless compatibility, users can still perform some basic actions through XenMobile’s mail manager.

Its extensive management and security features make Citrix XenMobile, one of the most useful Mobile Device Management Solutions for a company to use in 2019.

5. Jamf Pro


It’s hard to find any other MDM solution for the Apple OS that’s as intuitive as Jamf Pro. The software previously known as Casper Suite is the greatest enterprise mobility management tool a company can use to connect all its Apple devices to one secure network.

The high quality of automated device management, end-user productivity and creativity truly make this software an absolute necessity for companies with a large number of Apple devices.

6. IBM MaaS360


IBM’s MaaS360 Cloud received an update to 10.61 on March 5th, which included a number of improvements that cemented this system’s place as one of the most effective enterprise mobility management tools out there.

This update has improved functionality for some major mobile devices, such as VPN enhancements and tighter security protocols. While its multi-OS functionality requires some work, IBM’s MaaS360 is still a reliable MDM solution for anyone who’s seeking it.

7. BlackBerry UEM


Blackberry might not have the lion’s share of the smartphone industry as they did before, but it’s still trusted – and used – by a sizeable percentage of people, which is especially true in large companies. It’s here where BlackBerry UEM shines with its unrivalled support for BlackBerry phones.

In this particular MDM solution, multi-platform support is quite impressive. It might not have the cleanest UI, but it’s still a great system – especially if BlackBerry mobile devices dominates your particular business.

8. SimplySecure


While it’s not the cheapest alternative, SimplySecure boasts one of the most user-friendly systems one can use for enterprise mobility management, with support for a large number of operating systems across businesses of any size.

If you want an easy MDM system to set up and manage, SimplySecure is a great option once you get over the price tag.

9. SAP Afaria


One of the oldest MDM’s in this list, SAP Afaria, infact the most trusted one. It has continued to evolve as a technology that has progressed over time with ease of use which has been praised extensively.

It’s also one of the most secure systems one can place, giving it an edge over some of the systems on this list.

10. MobileIron


We’ve discussed a number of Mobile Device Management Solutions on this list, but not many of these can seamlessly integrate the addition of new mobile devices in its system quite like MobileIron.

Multiple OS compatibilities, secure VPN connections and a large number of third-party applications make this a great enterprise mobility management tool to have.


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